Found Audio Threatens Civil War in Dem Party – ‘You Called Me a Liar!’

Audio of a tense moment between Sens. Elizabeth
Warren of Massachusetts and Bernie Sanders of Vermont was released Wednesday, and it’s
looking like the exchange is driving a major wedge between supporters of the two Democratic
presidential candidates. CNN conveniently “found” the post-debate
audio recording an entire day after the Democratic debate and broadcast it Wednesday night. “I think you called me a liar on national
TV,” Warren told Sanders. “What?” Sanders replied. “I think you called me a liar on national
TV,” she said, repeating herself. Sanders appeared to want to deal with the
issue a different time. “Let’s not do it right now,” he said. “You want to have that discussion, we’ll
have that discussion.” Warren responded: “Anytime.” But Sanders simply grew more upset. “You called me a liar, you told me — all
right, let’s not do it right now,” he said. The disagreement is over Sanders’ alleged
2018 comment to Warren that a woman could not win the presidency. While Sanders denies the claim, Warren is
using it as ammunition against the democratic socialist. Backers of the two presidential candidates
were thrown into a frenzy after the post-debate conversation went public. What was seen as just a tense moment before
the audio came out now has the context needed to create a nasty divide in the Democratic
Party. Supporters of Sanders see Warren and CNN as
part of a nefarious smear campaign to cannibalize the aging Vermont senator’s backers. At risk of sounding sympathetic to Sanders,
it does appear CNN shamelessly went after him in a supposedly unbiased debate. Even Rolling Stone slammed the network for
combining “a naked political hit with a cynical ploy for ratings.” Calls for unity, like one from Minnesota Democratic. Rep. Ilhan Omar, have been met with skepticism
from Democrats whose minds were decided by the found audio. Of course, there’s always two sides to a
story. Those who back Warren seem to see Sanders
as a misogynist pig who’s dismissing the female candidate and outright calling her
a liar. In the era after the #MeToo movement, how
can you not believe everything a (Democratic) woman says? With CNN seemingly throwing its weight behind
Warren, Sanders supporters still bitter over unfair treatment from the Democratic National
Committee in 2016 are not likely to let this shameless display go. Sanders and Warren are only a few percentage
points away from each other in the competition for the second-place spot in the national
polls. While Sanders has the edge now, fallout from
the post-debate audio could shake things up. If this feud explodes into a bigger war between
the two Democrats, it’s likely to cost whoever wins the party’s nomination dearly. After the DNC’s ugly behavior in 2016, many
Sanders fans turned on the DNC’s candidate, Hillary Clinton, and voted for then-candidate
Donald Trump instead. At this point, it’s unclear who exactly
is telling the truth in this whole matter. Although Warren has a spotty history with
the truth, all we have is her word against that of Sanders. One thing is for certain, however: If Democrats
can’t get their act together and decide on a candidate without resorting to high school-tier
antics and gossip, then President Trump is in for a good election season.

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