Food Diplomacy: Kim’s Pecan Pie

KIM: Hi, I’m Kim. Welcome back to my kitchen. It’s Thanksgiving time, and
I’m super excited to share my pecan pie with you. So let’s get started baking. Can’t forget the traditional
Thanksgiving apron. The ingredients for
pecan pie include pecan halves, which in
Slovene are called [SLOVENE].. I’ve also heard them
called [SLOVENE].. Three eggs, a pie
crust, some Karo corn syrup, but you can also
use molasses, or simply melt down some brown sugar,
regular sugar, butter, which I melt. And
then add some salt and a little bit of vanilla. The melted butter
mixes a lot better. This recipe is really easy. And it’s my absolute favorite
Thanksgiving dessert. I’ve had it since I was a kid. And I always had to be careful,
because my mom would catch me picking the nuts out of
the pie after it was done, which may happen again today. So the first thing I
do is really simple. I beat the eggs a little bit. And then I add all
the other ingredients and just mix them up nicely. So I add 1 American cup of
sugar, 1 cup of Karo syrup. This is what makes it
super delicious and gooey. I melt the butter a little bit. And then a teaspoon
of vanilla extract. About a good pinch
of salt is good. I guess you need
a little something to balance out the sweetness. And mix that up really well. And last but not
least, the pecans. OK. Now that we have our
super delicious mixture, the last step is to simply
pour it in the pie shell. I bake it at 400
degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes. Then I lower the
temperature to 350, and bake it for about
another 30 to 35 minutes. There’s always time for baking. Mm. I think just a few more minutes. And if you want a little extra
sweetness on an already sweet treat, you can always make some
homemade, fresh whipped cream. Now you’ll know it’s done when
the edges are pretty firm, but the middle still
jiggles a little bit. Now we just have to
wait a little bit for it to cool off so we
don’t burn ourselves. I can steal one. It’s a very gooey pie. But that’s OK, it’ll
taste delicious. And the longer it cools,
the more it will settle. Just want to make
sure it tastes right. Mm. That is Thanksgiving.

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