Florida Supreme Court Says Republican Poll Tax Is Legal

Last week, former felons in the state of Florida,
as well as voters in the state of Florida, suffered a major blow as the highly conservative
Florida Supreme Court ruled that the poll tax put in place by our Republican led government
in this state is absolutely okay. This means according to the Florida Supreme
Court’s ruling that former felons, instead of immediately getting their right to vote
back once they leave prison, now have to pay back all of the court fines, all the restitution,
any fee at all associated with their imprisonment. And Florida notoriously has a very high court
cost fee compared to other States. Part of the reason for that, little aside
here, is because Florida has no state income tax. So they make up for it by putting in these
high court fees, tag renewal fees, all kinds of governmental fees that other States do
for dollars compared to hundreds of dollars here in the state of Florida. So we’ve already put this unnecessary burden
on former felons and anyone who goes to court even to argue a traffic ticket, that’s $250
out of your pocket to argue a traffic ticket, whether you win or lose. That’s how insane the court costs here are,
can’t imagine what they are for a real criminal trial. So that’s bad, right? And unfortunately the Florida Supreme Court
latched onto a part of the amendment four that was passed with 65% of the vote here
in 2018 that gave felons the right to vote back. In that amendment, which as we know amendments
on ballots, they’re super short, but it included the phrase all terms of sentence. And based on that, the Supreme Court said
that yes, these court fees, these fines and restitution and all that are considered all
terms of sentence. Problem is they’re not. See, like I said, court fees here in the state
of Florida, you pay that just to go to court even if you win. So that cannot legally be considered a part
of the sentence. It can’t be. I know, I have gone to court to argue against
a traffic ticket. I won and then I had to pay $250 for the court
fee. I wasn’t sentenced. So that fee wasn’t a part of my sentencing,
that fee, because I wasn’t sentenced, that fee is just to be able to use the courtroom. So no, the Supreme Court’s argument right
there on its face is wrong, unethical, but again appointed by Republicans. So of course they’re not going to go against
this Republican poll tax. Don’t lose hope. Every now and then it is nice to be able to
offer a little bit of optimism and guess what, we do have optimism with this story. Because the way the Republicans wrote this
law that puts these poll taxes in place for the former felons also allows for a city or
County to waive fees and we’re already seeing it happen in solidly blue, highly populated
areas of the state. Dade County, lots of other places down there
in South Florida have decided we’re just going to waive the fees so you don’t have to pay
them. Your sentence is done. Please go register to vote now. And it’s not happening in any Republican controlled
counties, only in Democratic controlled counties. So we could see in 2020 this little poll tax
that Republicans put in place could backfire on them in a way that we have not seen a policy
backfire on Republicans in decades. And by God, I hope
it does.

  1. Half the people in Florida are too old to be voting and the other half is too drugged up. The south is a f'ng cesspool. They will be the death of democracy.

  2. If Florida had enough income tax, than the state might have enough to fight climate change, or repercussions from climate change. Oh well. Florida won't be around for very long.

  3. The Gerrymandering Obstructionist Plutocrats once again stop to cheat. But unlike Dick Dastardly, they do it because there is absolutely no way that they could ever win if they tried winning any race fair and square.

  4. That violates the 24th Amendment. This needs to be appealed. That said, let the Democratic counties waive the fees. It’s just one more proof that Republicans must cheat and steal to win.

  5. Amendment 24: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax.” This violates that.

  6. That's EFFING bullshit American citizens are starting to get our votes blocked already there should be nothing that keep a legal American from voting!!! But this is what you get when Trump and Republicans runs shit and way to go YOU IDIOT TRUMP VOTERS AND BACKERS!!!!

  7. Washington state also does not have income tax. That's why Jeff Bezos and Gates lives here. The state never has enough money while my sales tax pennies subsidize the riches men in the world

  8. Desantis is gonna rig Florida for Trump, just as Rick Scott rigged it for Sesantis. So Democrats should fix their eyes on other battle ground states.

  9. We needs more Dragons and Dungeons Good: Chaotic Good, when you know the law is wrong and some resistance is called for. Or massive protests so that the dictatorship has to either show it true face (barbarians in ties) or double back.

  10. why does the government have the right to take away a basic right just because someone is put in prison or convicted of a crime? Voting has nothing to do with the crime on most cases. Look, if you abuse your right to own a gun, then your right is limited because you abuse that right. But how is smoking a joint or stealing a tv an abuse of voting? This is taking away basic rights for no good reason, and is unconstitutional to begin with.

  11. The rich getting richer on the back of working class. You know why? Because at least half of the working class are bunch of morons. They are being brainwashed by talking points of the rich and powerful and by using "divide and conquer " doctrine. These elites injects anything from hate to different ideologue to make sure the working class is never united . Because if it is united, that would pose the biggest threat to their wealth and status. Also, they keep sending boys and girls of working class to fight wars buy the powerful ones are not too eager to send in their boys to die or suffer traumas.

  12. Republicans deserve to go the way of the dinosaur, I just hope we make them obsolete before they drag the rest of us to hell in a handbasket with them.

  13. The Florida Supreme Court also took away a tenant’s right to sue a landlord for moldy apartments. They’ve made malpractice suits all but impossible as well.

  14. Someone should set up a "halfway house" in a Democratic area for all ex-felons to register as their address so they can all get their fines waived, then they can move back to wherever they like in the state to vote

  15. If we're going to restore voting rights to felons (which I have no problem with), we should restore all of their rights, including 2A. As long as they weren't convicted for a violent crime, why not? If this is really about human rights and justice, and not just a ploy to gain votes or attack Republicans, then everyone should be good with that, right?

  16. As a Scot, i would love to headbutt Ron De Santos right into the middle of next week,then just a broken bottle up his arse,that is all.


  18. Welcome to our new breed of judges whose loyalty is no longer to our constitution or laws, but to those who got them into office. This ruling is in direct violation of the 15th and 24th amendments to the Constitution. (Read them, if you doubt it).

    If judges have the hubris to ignore the law as it is so plainly written, what recourse will the citizens have? These are dark times, and this ham-fisted approach to election rigging is just another blatant show of power to intimidate the electorate, and suppress the vote.

  19. What is the bet when republicans see what is happening with Democratic areas waving the fee that they don’t think “this is a bad idea and we should also waive the fees” but choose the approach of “how can we change the law to make sure no fees can ever be waived”.

  20. This is wrong for what they are doing. We voted for this and now they want to take away the rights for the felons?? What about trump?? How about spend all this energy on the administration

  21. American elections are just a complete and utter shit show. Elections are a national issue, not just state. Elections are held to determine govts – state and federal. So why the fuck aren't the laws the same across the board for every state in the Un-united States??? Election legislation should be a one stop federal law to stop this gerrymandering bullshit. Fair elections just don't exist in the U.S. You'll never be a country – rather 50 little countries with different laws and systems that can and are manipulated everytime the state govt changes hands.

    And you have the audacity to call yourselves a democracy! You're not even close.

  22. The five idiots that disliked this video clip that informed you that you are being ripped off .. they are obviously either stupid .. or REPUBLICAN supporters. Well, I shouldn't say 'either' coz being a REPUBLICAN supporter and being stupid are practically the same.

  23. They're too smart for their own good. Giving the cities themselves the opportunity to wave fees defeats the purpose of the sham. I guess they didn't see this one all the way through. Now they're only hurting the cuntservative criminals in cuntservative districts. Votes that they won't be getting if those cities don't follow suit. I hope they continue to play stupid and beat themselves at their own game.

  24. It would be cool if one of the billionaires running in the Democratic primary would pay these fees. Pay every fucking dime.

  25. I wish you posted longer uploads. Cant get these as a member n they are too short to get all the little clips you post.

  26. what do the 1%? — Even if you don't know – KNOW this Your Kids are Hungry

    what do the 1%? — Even if you don't know – KNOW this Fewer People own Homes

    what do the 1%? — Even if you don't know – KNOW this You are going to die Younger

    what do the 1%? — Even if you don't know – KNOW this 1% don't Want 'BERNIE2020

    BERNIE is the MESSAGE….. and the RICH and POWERFUL are Scared

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  27. If your found innocent wouldn't court costs be the burden of the accuser for dragging you to court at a cost already.( time off,lawyer etc.)

  28. Let’s hope the Trumpanzee cult finally opens their eyes and sees what Trump and the GOP are really doing and NOT the LIES they have been trying to pass off as the TRUTH!

  29. Something to keep in mind, Republican voters of Florida: Not only did the republican-led legislature take your voter referendum and doctor it to suit their needs, but they're also infringing on the rights of all Floridians affected by this ruling, regardless of party. Remember that when you go to the voting booth, cause even if you're Republican, I'm sure you wouldn't want the same apparatus turned against you.

  30. This needs to go to the Scotus. This poll tax violates the 24th amendment of the constitution, that prohibits the use of a poll tax in federal elections. However, it could be argued that the reason you have such an amendment is to state unequivocally that voting is a right, and not a privilege as this Florida court has stated. You could challenge the validity of the ruling as it violates the spirit of the 24th amendment, but also you could argue that the supremacy clause of the constitution dictates that federal law cannot be superseded by state law. If the federal government recognizes that voting is a right and not a privilege, then so should all states under this clause.

  31. Republicans can't even be honest about their policies on taxes. They say they're conservative but they're out of control on running up the deficit and they have to pay for it so they find new ways to tax us.

  32. A poll tax… America going bananas and well on its way to become a 🍌 republic 😐
    How on earth do you legitimize a flipping poll tax???

  33. If this doesn't prove when Gilliam said "the racists think he's a racist" I don't know what does. Poll taxes are the remnants of an apartheid state brought back to life. The cheat is on.

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