First semester, CBCS Political Science (General),  imp questions for End Semester Exam

How far is behaviouralism successful as a scientific approach in the study of Political Science? Discuss feministic approach as an autonomous field of study in Political Science? Discuss Marxist approach in the study of Political Science. Assess Gandhian perspective in the analysis of the nature of the state. Analyse pluralist critique on monestic approach of sovereignty. Define law and analyse its nature. Discuss the relation between liberty and equality. Define nationalism. Is nationalism hostile to internationalism? Give your own reasons. Discuss Marx’s theory of class and class struggle. Write Lenin’s theory of imperialism. Define Political Party. Differentiate Political Party from interest groups. What do you understand by ‘fascism’? Discuss the reasons of the emergence of fascism. What do you understand by ‘proportionate representation’? Give your reasons in favour of and against ‘proportionate representation’. What do you understand by ‘politics’? Show the relation between Political science and Politics. Write about the nature and state of neo-liberal state. Discuss post behaviouralism theory in political science? Write an essay on popular sovereignty. Define rights. Show the relation between right and duty. Analyse relative Marxist approach regarding state. Write about Lenin’s theory of imperialism. Discuss the protective measures of liberty. What are the sources of law? Write about participated democracy? Show the differences between democracy and autocracy.

  1. Sir i request u to make video on important questions for general elective pol sci in english bcoz i have my exam on four december plzzz sir

  2. Plz provide English version also every student is not a Bengali version even I m not so plz make the video in English also

  3. Sir kono karon a jodi ami kono ak sem exam puro tai dite parlam na tahole oi sem exam ar porer sem exam deoya jbe ki na ???r j sem exam ta dilam na seta ki vhabe deoya jbe pore????

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