Finland’s Super Young New Prime Minister | The Daily Show

Some international news
coming out of Finland. It’s the country
that’s usually known for lakes, snow
and not being Norway. But now, they’ve got
a pretty cool claim to fame. WOMAN:
Britain’s Guardian says 34-year-old Sanna Marin
of Finland will become the world’s youngest
sitting prime minister. Yesterday, Finland’s ruling
Social Democratic Party voted to name Marin
the next prime minister. She’s the country’s
transport minister, and the party’s vice chairwoman. She’s been a lawmaker
since 2015. Yes, Finland now has the
youngest leader in the world– a 34-year-old woman named
Sanna Marin. You know
what’s even more impressive? Look at the other leaders of
Finland’s coalition government. Huh? Look at that. Five women. -(cheers and applause)
-Killing the game. But I’m starting to think Finland is secretly that island
from Wonder Woman. That’s all this is. Also, you do realize
that’s an entire government that Mike Pence can’t be
in a room with, right? Even more impressive to me is that four of them
are under age 35, which is wild,
because, in America, you can’t even be president
until you turn 35. Yeah, and if
you’re in the government, you can just keep running
until you’re a thousand. I don’t understand
why there’s no old-age limit. Yeah, because, think about it. You have congressmen
who can’t stay awake. You have a senator who took off
glasses he wasn’t even wearing. (laughter, applause) And, like, we don’t even know
how old Mitch McConnell is. You’d have
to count the flaps of his neck like the rings of a tree. We don’t even know. You know what would be funny,
when you think about it, is, like, can you imagine
if that group of leaders from Finland met
with with the U.S. leaders? It’s gonna look like
they’re visiting their parents in an old age home. It’s like, “We want to talk
to you about trade.” And it’s like,
“And we want to talk to you “about fixing our VCR. “And don’t put us
in one of those Ticky Tocks. That happened to Gladys,
and now she’s viral.”

  1. Finland: top 5 members of government are women and they have the youngest prime minister, which is also one of those women. And what does Finland also have? Its consistently considered the happiest country on the planet and has the most efficient public school system in the world too. Compare that with the dumpster fire that the US government currently is due to electing a dumb, saggy old criminal wannabe and then educate yourself on the concept of correlation.

  2. These old guys that have been in politics too long are all chained in corporates money. They will stick there and impose corporates will on ordinary people forever.

  3. Technically Finland's official head of state is our president (currently Sauli Niinistö), though many would argue that the prime minister has equal or even more power

  4. There should be a mandatory retirement age for ALL branches of the government (at least the federal government) in the USA.

  5. They may look cute but these young women will be trampled all over by Xi, Putin, Erdogan, Irans Ayatollahs…
    Trump n Johnson will be another story..

  6. Love all the Nordic countries! Smart people who know how to create smart solutions for difficult issues. Wish America would take note some day….

  7. Young age means nothing… Austria's former prime minister is 33, he was even younger when he was elected. And he just was elected again, so as soon as the new coalition is formed he will be in office once more. He is the leader of the conservative party. They, amongst other things closed down social structures for women in need and abolished the non smoking law. So yeah young age doesn't make you innovative, your character and your ideas do. Young age may help.

  8. This covernment might seem cool and it definitely shows a good example for promoting equality and improving the position of women.

    However, most of the government's goals are based on taking debt and increasing taxes which is absolute nonsense.

  9. I don't mind having all female ministers but this government is a mess. We are LITERALLY going to bring ISIS into our country and pay for their flights and living. That is just absolutely insane.

  10. Greetings from Finland. If you think Finland is such a fabulous country, why don't you migrate there? Let me answer: because salaries for highly educated employees are 1/3 of the salaries in the USA and taxes the highest in the world. The most talented Finns (still) want to go to the USA because their living standard in Finland is relatively low.

  11. OMG so funny !! haha
    Sanna Marin is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL, too! The Finnish cabinet is HOT lol! ! Like a girl band !!! 🙂 Good for them !! & good for Finland, I'm sure WOMEN CAN RUN GOVERNMENTS BETTER THAN MEN, anyway ! 🙂 We're EFFICIENT, we EMPATHIZE, & SERVE THE PUBLIC W/THEIR INTEREST IN MIND; & NO CORRUPTION. Women adopt THOUGHTFUL SOCIAL POLICIES. I'm surprised the audience didn't burst out in happy applause when they heard the news. I studied Swedish women's political participation in the late 90s at Stockholm University, at which time Scandinavian parliaments ALREADY had highest rate of participation in the world. They use QUOTAS, proactively. They also have FULL SUPPORT as women & mothers from the Swedish welfare state – childcare, healthcare, what's called CRADLE-TO-GRAVE system of social welfare. SO ENLIGHTENED!!! Totally misunderstood, since America doesn't pay any attention to the rest of the world, & are CUT OFF by their isolationist un-government. Plus, our ARROGANCE prevents us from learning from ANYONE ELSE'S EXAMPLE IN THE WORLD. ie healthcare: MANY other countries do it better than we do ! But Bernie's RIGHT; the insurance CORPORATIONS have a STRANGLEHOLD on our 'leaders', OWNING them w/their lobbyists payoffs…. which I would argue are a form of BRIBERY.
    Everybody, #RUNWITHME for office ! All good people! Let's take back our country, for the GOOD !
    #trista4sheriff2020 #trista4guvna2022

  12. Americans are funny. What does being a woman have to do with leadership. Just cause they've got 5 women in positions doesnt necessarily mean that's the right thing for them. Women can be bad leaders too. In Nigeria, a petroleum minister stole 20 billion usd. And yes it was a she.

  13. Well.. I mean she was put there partly as a pr-stunt but hey it worked and the government program/plan is still awesome so you go, Sanna! ❤👍
    (32yo minister of education Li Andersson is my fave though, she is kickass! 💪)

  14. 0:25 Does she look like Amanda Bynes…? I'm face blind (prosopagnosia) and literally can't tell, but my brain is telling me they look the same.

  15. I tried to google who the oldest member of Congress was for a joke but it said it’s unknown until advancements in carbon dating technology.

  16. Badly researched.. Austria had a 31 year old leader until recently who is currently negotiating a new coalition and will be austria leader again soon.. He sucks though

  17. In other news, the Finnish government might bring back "ISIS-wives" and their children, these women happen to be terrorists and condone the actions of ISIS. Welcome to Finland, even if you kill innocent people, clap at that why don't you.

  18. Finland is doing what should be done here in USA young people in command and not 60+ yo personal 😂 😂😂,good for them 💪💪💪

  19. It's worthwhile to find out what kind of mess the Finnish government, which was appointed last spring, has been. Minister for Social Democratic Party Governance Sirpa Paatero was forced to resign. The parliament wanted to arrange a vote of confidence in the government. That was avoided by, arranging Prime Minister Rinne's nominal resignation. The Social Democratic Party said that it was about trusting Mr. Rinne as prime minister, well he is not anymore. Case closed. Then, former Prime Minister Rinne began a new government inquiry, which was then possible to continue with the same composition. Mrs. Paatero took over the role of new minister and former Prime Minister Rinne will continue to lead the Social Democratic Party. Sanna Marin was voted to be Prime Minister, by the Social Democratic party Congressmen. Tomorrow, Tuesday, 17.12.2019 the trust for the Parlament , will be voted again. Now the funny thing is that the ex Central party, Kepu, will do anything that the left side wants just to be able to be part of the Government. The trust from the Finns is gone, about the Government and democracy, at this moment. Two of the young ladies in the picture. PM Marin and Minister of Finance Katri Kulmuni. Not everything between them is as you can see from the picture. And government parties should be able to trust each other … 🙂

    蛤,,,,瓦瓷,没掉落宝物??,会不会塞错位置了?,试试尾巴哪部位有无缺口,,,??,胸前呢??,雪特,一定有藏在哪儿了??,佚们,雪特,喔哩喔 雪特,佚们,,,快过佳节,喔,雪特。

  21. USA has had a black president, Finland hasn't. I guess using this leftist logic that would mean that Finland is a racist country, right?
    I'm from Finland and I can assure you that this governmemt sucks and we will soon have communism here.

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