Final Democrat Debate Will Be All White After Yang and Booker Miss Cut

In what may be a bit of a “PR Nightmare”
for the party that lives off the brand of “diversity” the final Democrat debate
will be “all white” after the only remaining minority candidates, Cory Booker and Jerry
Yang failed to make the polling criteria cut. Charlie Kirk mocked the result, writing: The next Democrat Debate by the numbers: 4 millionaires 1 billionaire 3 septuagenarians 6 white people 2 women 0 minorities Yet they’ll still spend the entire night
talking about how: Wealth is bad Diversity is good All while claiming to be the party of the
“youth” Several Democrats took to Twitter to blame
the DNC for their somewhat arbitrary qualification criteria. MSN reports Andrew Yang and Cory Booker are
irate with the Democratic Party after the pair failed to qualify for next week’s final
debate before the Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses. The absence of Yang, 44, who made the stage
last month in Los Angeles, means the cast of qualifying presidential candidates — Joe
Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, and Elizabeth Warren
— will take part in the first “all-white” debate of the 2020 primary. Yang, who met the donor threshold but had
only two of the four required polls, accused the Democratic National Committee of trying
to “dictate who they wish to see as the nominee and deny the will of the people.” “The issues that will decide this election,
and the future of our country, are too important to ignore for the sake of staged political
bickering. The DNC tried to run this same play in 2016,
and they paid for it with a loss in the general,” Yang campaign chief Nick Ryan said in a statement
Saturday after the DNC released the final list. The dearth of polling conducted over the holidays
had been a bone of contention for White House hopefuls. In December, Yang appealed to the DNC to put
its own surveys in the field and, when that request was rejected, paid for his own research
to demonstrate there was momentum behind the entrepreneur’s bid. Booker, 50, who hasn’t debated since the
November round in Atlanta, ripped the lack of diversity, arguing it didn’t reflect
the party. “I don’t doubt that the rules our party
set were well-intentioned, but the outcomes are undeniable: These thresholds have effectively
kept people of color from the national stage,” the New Jersey senator wrote. He added, “Meanwhile, the billionaires in
this race have been able to spend literally hundreds of millions on ads. This shouldn’t be about who has the most
money,” referring to Steyer, 62, a hedge-fund-manager-turned-Democratic-megadonor, who qualified one day before last week’s
deadline on the back of strong Nevada and South Carolina polls. Steyer spent $23 million advertising heavily
in those two early voting states.


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