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Welcome everyone. Today we’re going to look at the difference between ‘few’ and ‘a few’. Have a look at these two sentences. Which sentence has a more negative feeling? 1.I have few friends. 2.I have a few friends who live in London. It was sentence number one right? When we use ‘few’, we’re saying that the total number of something is not as many as we would like – that the number is small. Here, I’m telling you that I don’t have many friends. When we use ‘a few’, we’re not talking about the total number, but a category of something. It has a similar meaning to ‘some’. Here, I’m telling you that some of my friends live in London. Just remember, we always use this with countable nouns only, so please be careful. See you next time!

  1. I really love those videos explain thing in 1 minutes. So nice and clear😄 I learned a few things in few minutes.

  2. Great, but I think that there is another difference between the two words, in terms of negative and positive meaning.
    "A few" has a positive meaning, so when we say: "I have a few friends", it means that I have friends, the number is small but I am satisfied and happy.
    But when I say: "I have few friends", it means that I almost have no friends and maybe l am lonely and sad.

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  4. Hi
    Thanks again
    1.A few of friends of mine came to my birthday party
    2. Few of my friends came to my birthday party.
    The first sentence means that enough friends came,on the other hand the second means that I was so gutted when roughly no one of my friends came to my birthday party.

  5. I didnt exactly understand but i guess you said that a few/ few for countable subcects..
    For example
    I have few credit cards but a rich man have a few credits cards.
    Could i guess correctly?

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