Fact-Checking January’s Democratic Debate | NBC News NOW

  1. Andrew Yang had the best debate performance despite not even being there. That’s how horribly boring that debate was.

  2. We need focus on who is going to move us forward when they see with their own eyes or hear with their own ears the facts of what the White House, Nancy Pelosi, the Board Of Congress, and the DOJ's do to People who are not threats to this Country. The Public Officials cannot be in any high positions and place attempts on People's lives for being honest. Or uphold other Courts and Governments to give fake names, imprison People without just cause, and do not be removed from society. Those are threats to the Country.

  3. Medicare recipients spend “a litttle more” than non Medicare recipients? ? Did you know Medicare pays insurance companies $10k per year per Medicare recipient to take in insureds? It’s extremely expensive to take care of the elderly. Medicare for all would overwhelm the government. The government needs private health insurance companies. This country does.

  4. I disagree with this stream saying Bernie is wrong about workers spending 20 percent of pay on healthcare. He is right! Just to have coverage with most employers, works are having that amount or close to it just to have an insurance policy. Then in a lot of cases, they can't even utilize the coverage because they can't afford the deductible or out of pocket costs. I'm not saying Medicare for all is the answer. I actually believe regulation of the health care insurance companies is desperately needed! I have worked in a variety of medical industries for over 20 years, the standards that these companies practice and process people's claims is almost criminal.

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