1. hello can anybody tell that can i promote someone else's YouTube channel from my Facebook id through advertising.
    i did it, link clicks on watch were increasing but views on video were not increasing

  2. Hi there,

    Cool Video.

    What other hacks have you got?

    Right now i'm looking at other methods


    Have a great week

  3. How can I target for high ticket audience using this method. I am a realtor and want to understand the same.

  4. hey I have a video that has reached 10,000 views not sure what to do with it as of now it's just reach more people and gaining reactions.
    how do I continue to grow or advertising other content to grow in the same manner

  5. Hi,

    Very good Video.

    What other tips have you got?

    Currently I am looking at other good tip videos


  6. Some questions:
    1) facebook does not allowed to advertise a page using 'like and share' as far as i case someone reports the page is being closed by facebook
    2) how you choose the winner? How you know if someone done all that 'like,share and tag a friend'?

  7. TIP: Get sales on ur website via YouTube comments just like this one. Go to the site Automarketer.Pro

  8. Zac here. My post don't get as much likes (it's a reach objective) and my relevance score is 3.

    Engagement is all likes, not anything else.

  9. Hello,

    Nice Video.

    What other hacks have you got?

    Right now i'm looking at other good tip videos

    Look forward to your reply

  10. Facebook doesn't not allow you to bait engagement. They will shut your ad account down. Don't hand out false advise.

  11. Wonderful video, I learnt a lot. My ads keep getting the not approved message.what could be wrong.?

  12. Business owners demand a lot more advertising and marketing alternatives. The marketplace is so saturated. Don't you think?

  13. Sir your video is very informative
    I shared my post in a group but i received a message that YOU GO AGAINST OUR COMMUNITY RULES ONLY YOU CAN SEE THIS POST….kindly guide..what is the solution

  14. Hi, i just watched this video and my manager is set out differently, do you know why this is? i do not have power editor on my drop down. Keep doing what your doing your the only person i have watched and you can follow and make scene so thank you.

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