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By the power she’s driven to get the power that is the driving force in her life. She does not answer questions Straight out. She is the expert of not saying what she believes She will run on attacking Republicans and and being the first woman president and always not amazing To woman she can walk and talk the thought here is it’s all politics Parcel out favors to individual groups whether it’s unions here or the farm block. There. She is steeped in controversy Steeped in sleaze. That’s why they don’t want us to look at her record I would recommend that Hillary Clinton appreciate that she’s not going to be by any means the candidate of American women American women have diverse views on politics just like men at the core of almost every one of the investigations we did for eight years Where there were problems and I mean major problems with the Clinton administration. She was at the core of them It’s part of the Clinton method which is say what you need to say at any given moment and Rely on the lack of memory of the American public in the support of the mainstream media to support that lack of memory the 20-year Plan really is that the Clintons share power one would be President eight years one will be president another any years over span Economies with a little Republican in between perhaps. So in essence what happened? Is that Bill and Hillary in their mid-20s before they ever took their marital vows? They took their political vote, you know A lot of people ask me do we have to go through all these old Clinton scandals again? Well, I have good news for you You don’t because he can look at the new ones cuz Hillary Clinton scandals are a gift that keeps on giving Ruthless vindictive mendacious venal sneaky ideological Intolerant liar is a good one scares the hell out of me looks good in a pantsuit I Announced today that I’m forming a presidential exploratory committee. I’m not just starting a campaign though. I’m beginning a conversation With you with America So let’s talk, let’s chat let’s start a dialogue about your ideas and mine And while I can’t visit everyone’s living room I can try So let the conversation begin. I have a feeling it’s going to be very interesting the Challenge for Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail is she has to pretend to be something she’s not She’s far more liberal than she’s going to want to let on that means you have to be very controlled. You can’t be too spontaneous You’re pretending to be something and I think that’s going to be a potential problem for her on a couple of grounds. Its inauthentic and people spot that I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration Somehow you’re not patriotic and we should stand up and say we are America that we have a right to the Bayhead disagree with any administration She’s a person who’s struggling herself with figuring out who she is or more importantly how she wants to present herself To the American public because her own advisers told us her sir authenticity and who she is Is issue one issue two and issue three for her. I Don’t feel no ways tired From where I started from She’s continually trying to redefine herself and figure out who she is and project an authenticity To voters who are of course wondering who is the real Hillary? Hillary Rodham Clinton Could she become the first female president in the history of the United States? Her name is known by nearly every American But who she really is remains largely a mystery Hillary Clinton points to her time in the White House as a large part of her qualification for the job as president But most of the news media has conveniently forgotten That her time as first lady was mired in controversy The core of the controversy is how truthful mrs. Clinton has been in answering questions Sometimes under oath about whitewater and other matters. She was the first first lady to come under criminal investigation In both Little Rock and Washington DC. She was plagued by numerous scandals Senator Clinton Extraordinary ability to obfuscate refuse to answer questions avoid Confrontations and up until now has been given a pass on a story in The New York Times talking about why senator Clinton voted this way because I think some people were surprised by and her adviser said that she voted yes because she was moving from primary mode to general election, but Primary mode versus general election mode. How about tell the truth mode? How about we say the same thing in the primary? They we say the general walks We know that Hillary is an insecure person secure people. Don’t lie. They don’t lie inveterately the way she does What drives Hillary now is power? She very much is interested in gaining power. She considers herself to be a special person she has a lot of arrogance a spirit of superiority about her and This is the driving force in her life is to gain and acquire and maintain power and Her husband got to the top end see she saw it she felt it and she wants there herself over the past 16 years Hillary Clinton has undoubtedly become one of the most divisive figures in America How this makes her suited to unite the country as the next president is troubling to many and recall Hillary speaking in a black church on Martin Luther King Day What a coincidence when you look at the way the House of Representatives has been run It has been run like a plantation and you know what I’m talking about. You know what I’m talking about girlfriend That’s how there she’s gonna get to power by accusing the Republicans of running a plantation at a black church on Martin Luther King Day That’s it. Okay After announcing her bid for the presidency fellow Democrats including former Clinton confidant and Hollywood mogul David Geffen publicly questioned Hillary’s integrity and truthfulness Such breaks within the Clinton inner circle beg the question What is the truth about Hillary Rodham Clinton her recklessness that’s born of arrogance that goes back to her? 1960s roots in it their narcissism. They believe they are a rule unto themselves. I mean every time Hillary’s been caught in a scandal she really did it. No one made it up. She’s deceitful she’ll make up any story lie about anything as long as it serves her purpose of the moment and The American people are going to catch on to it. So who is the real Hillary Clinton? Is she a brilliant trailblazer poised to make history as the first female president? or issue ruthless cunning Dishonest willing to do anything for power Because of your position your husband might have given you some kind of unfavorable or you know a favorite advantage There isn’t any evidence that anybody Gave me any favorable treatment Yes Question, I’d like a follow-up to first one has to do with Susan mcdougal She said that she brought the document the white water over to you at the government mansion. Did you receive all the documents and If so, what became often? Every document that we have obtained has been turned over to Special Counsel no matter where it came from You tell us what Story about shredding of white water documents in Arkansas. Nothing No mansion oh that didn’t happen and I know nothing about any other such stories In water ever struck anybody, you know about or authorised Absolutely not when you look at all the skullduggery in the Clinton administration All roads lead back to Hillary. It also tells us something about the character of the American media I mean they they they they carry these people Republican with that with those numbers of character flaws with that sort of behavioral problem and and and psychopathic psychology could not run or be elected to dog catcher if it were a Republican the politics of personal destruction Was a phrase popularized by the Clintons in the 90s to describe the attacks by what Hillary called the vast right-wing conspiracy But is she actually more familiar with? Practicing that fine art than being its victim They have been the masters of the politics of personal destruction. And then they use the well-known trick of accusing your opponents of your own malfeasance, so they accused conservatives of speaking honestly about the ethical shortcomings of the Clintons while they in fact feed Dishonestly about the integrity of their opponents and that has been a bellwether and it has done destruction to people who they’ve encountered Even people in the Democratic Party will acknowledge. The Clintons are particularly ruthless and Particularly aggressive when it comes to campaigns they war room This is a military metaphor for the campaign the Clintons invented regarding instant Responses that no matter what the validity of a charge you don’t explain the charge. You don’t apologize for the charge You don’t admit any error you automatically attack the integrity or the motivations of the other side There are any number of things in the Clinton’s political history that is worth recalling before you go in to? vote for potential for a Clinton in this case a Hillary Clinton and it’s a small example but a telling one when they Turned on the travel office where you had career civil servants doing a great job providing the travel service for the president and his staff And they wanted to get a lackey friend n they could have fired the guy in charge But they accused him of a crime. They tried to ruin his life in order to be able to get him out and get that lackeys in when the Clintons moved to 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue in 1993 White House veteran Billy Dale was the director of the travel office Dale had faithfully served seven previous presidents starting with John F Kennedy in 1961 But Dale who had actually voted for Clinton for president would soon discover that business under the Clintons Would not be business as usual We knew that we were in for a Rougher transition because we had heard stories from Secret Service agents who had gone to lower rock for a two-week Stay down there and the stories that some of the agents would come back and tell us that We just knew that it was going to be different. We didn’t realize how different it was going to be the new administration is free to fire anybody that they want to but Traditionally that does not happen on the day of Clinton’s inauguration Wednesday January 20th 1993 Billy Dale got a call from an unknown woman Indicating that Katherine Cornelius the 24 year old third cousin of President Clinton would soon be working in the travel office I got to know who Katherine Cornelius was she went to work and David Watkins office answering phones But she never let up and her demands to take over the travel office. In the meantime. I get a telephone call From a gentleman in Ohio and he wants to know how he can get in on some of the White House Charter business and I said, that’s what I do I arrange the charters and he said I know but he says we can make some money here if I had made Arrangements with that gentleman. I Speculate that things would have been very different to as they turned out That call was from Darnell Martin’s a partner of Clinton’s close friends and Hollywood producers Harry and Linda bloodworth-thomason In a travel agency called TR em when Congress investigated they learned Harry Thomason had multiple conversations With First Lady Hillary Clinton about taking over the White House charters at that time I didn’t even know who Harry Thomason was but we have since learned that Kathryn was reporting to him and he was recording to the First Lady Hillary Clinton as Dale says Every new president has the right to hire new travel office staff, even though no president had done so for over 30 years But not only was Billy Dale fired along with six other travel office staff members He was also locked out of his office But that was only the beginning and I got accused of embezzling fourteen thousand dollars that I couldn’t Account for because the logs were missing at the same time DD Meyers is in the press room briefing the White House press corps Telling them that we were being fired for criminal misconduct and the FBI was being called in to conduct a criminal Investigation, I think that they wanted to make it look like they were doing it because it was corruption over there So nobody would criticize them because the media like Billy Dale and the people there Gary Aldridge was an FBI agent for 26 years the last five as an agent responsible for background checks on White House staff Recall that the FBI had conducted investigations Of all of these men and had determined that they were qualified to work in the White House and that they were honest individuals I conducted some of those investigations billy dale was humiliated and was accused of serious wrongdoing to the degree that they conduct a federal grand jury investigation and Of him I had dedicated 32 years of my life to this job and Served faithfully the Democrats and Republicans alike The experience was a major event in my career because it taught me that powerful politicians can misuse Law enforcement authority almost whimsically and because it was the first lady ordering the investigation Well, then charges have to be found that scared me that was different from my experience in the FBI of 26 years I thought if we have reached the level, where a Politician can get irritated with somebody and caused them to maybe end up in federal prison. We’ve got a serious problem The White House travel office affair became known as travelgate when Dale’s legal bills to defend himself were estimated to run as much as 750 thousand dollars He considered a plea deal a fine of 69 thousand dollars and a brief jail sentence Blanche and I had been married for 38 years At that time I decided that I would have to sell my home Could I ask her to give up everything that we had worked for? The plea bargain seems just that a bargain in order to save himself and his family from the unending ordeal But when Dale was informed he would not be able to proclaim his innocence He realized he couldn’t bargain with the truth in the meantime there this year I got a notice from the IRS that I was being audited for the next 30 months Dale was Investigated his son and daughter were also subpoenaed. I remember Vicky our oldest daughter Telling her mother that If I was found guilty And maybe better start over I Remembered there in my child Vicki Moses daughter telling her mother that If I was feeling guilty and had to go to jail for something that I did not do that She didn’t know if she could live in this country any longer when the government Would be responsible for doing something like that to her father When the case went to trial in the fall of 1995 a procession of white house journalists volunteered to serve as character witnesses for Dale Including britt hume and sam donaldson the press at the time I think ought to remind people that I testified at billy Dale’s trial as a character witness for him The jury needed less than two hours to reach a verdict and the jury came in and they found me not guilty on all counts I laid my head down on the desk in front of me and cried Ultimately the office of the independent counsels final report on the travel office firings found that mrs Clinton sworn testimony was factually inaccurate Hillary Clinton was more powerful as a first lady and then the first lady that been in the White House that I knew of Until I have learned that she was involved with it more than bill was they’ll just wiped his hands over this Would let her Handley that’s an example of the cynicism and the ruthlessness of the Clintons and at the time I think a lot of people thought that Hillary had at least as Much to do with that as build it what she did to the travel office I mean in a way that is the most a Western of scandal because it was such an embedded perón Act of maliciousness toward toward these ordinary people whose God willing to travel office all these years I’m getting them out getting my rich Hollywood friends in It’s not even it’s not even the most the most illegal thing they did but it is the most contemptible thing they do Billy dale wasn’t the only victim of what some would allege to be hillary clinton’s brutal and corrupt political machine I Would say the most important thing I would Study is her conduct as first lady that is senator and the her lack of sensitivity to civil liberties of privacy using the Internal Revenue Service or hostility to Opponents or hardness or meanness? The Clinton administration almost from his first day Started using the the IRS as a threat I know a lot of tax lawyers and they said the odds of someone like Paula Jones with her income being audited by the IRS Is like being struck by lightning twice? Others would claim that using the IRS to harass political enemies was a Clinton White House specialty One reminiscent of the strong arm of Richard Nixon that both very smart very politically ruthless. Very hard-working great work habits Some of them not complimentary very cynical willing to do things that are beyond the pale of proper conduct Proper conduct would not include using private investigators to intimidate Those allegations come from several women involved with Bill Clinton including Jennifer flowers Elizabeth Ward, Grayson, Paula, Jones and Kathleen Willey scare tastic, you know being followed Being audited by the IRS their homes broken into I Mean where does it in? Clinton supporter and campaign worker Kathleen Willey was a White House volunteer who alleges that President Clinton Sexually assaulted her during a meeting in the private study off the Oval Office in November of 1993 I kept thinking to myself. What in the hell is he doing? I just that’s what I kept thinking and Which sounds silly at the time but I was I was getting embarrassed for him with that Does it just you know, it’s just not proper You have to remember this was at the time when there was a lot of speculation about his womanizing and I was the loyal Democrat and I would not allow myself to believe that that was true. I just I just thought it was all just rumor Willy believes that Hillary Clinton was well aware of the tactics used by the Clinton White House to intimidate perceived enemies Willy says two days before she was set to testify against President Clinton in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case a Stranger confronted her we passed Hey Kathleen, did you ever find your cat and then he said rather ominously? Yeah, that bullseye was a really nice guy and that’s what I thought that something else was going on here He stood back, and he said you’re just not getting the message Are you the Clinton attack machine immediately targeted Willy? However, there are corroborating witnesses Jared Stern a former Marine later told congressional investigators. He was hired to investigate Kathleen Willey during a clandestine nighttime meeting late at night. He called me asked me to meet him here in this parking garage I Met him said he had something very important to discuss. I talked to him about it Discussed the tasking and then I left to carry it out Stern declines to discuss what he was hired to do But Stern has admitted he was so uneasy about it that he called Willy using an alias I made a telephone call to Miss Willy I left a message on her answering service indicating that I’d try again the next day and he left a message for me Saying be careful That there were people out to get me Jared Stern is a first-hand witness to what? The Clintons are doing have done and are doing to these look the Clintons are a unit They share a zeal for power and a willingness to engage in any and all threat neutralizing strategies Legality be damned No one will ever say what happened to Kathleen. Willey was an anomaly That mo Can be seen throughout the Clinton’s political lives It is consistent Willie says her car was vandalized her house broken into and a cat skull was left on her porch Today she still lives in fear, and I don’t understand how any woman in this country could vote for a woman Who does that to other people who sets out to destroy and ruin? These women who have crossed paths with Bo Clinton, they’re power-hungry. They stop at nothing They stop at nothing If you put me to work for you I’ll work to lift people up not push them down. I Finally parted company with Hillary Clinton when I saw how she was using Private detectives to investigate the women who were linked to her husband Not to change him not to reform him not to make him a better person But to cow the women into silence so that he could get elected president. I do not want that woman Controlling the IRS or the DEA or the NSA or the FBI or the CIA? not in a democracy item I mean think of what it says about about Hillary Clinton that she was willing to put up with with his open Philandering with with anything in a skirt who wanders before his eyesight all for the power? At least with Bill Clinton He was just in a good time Charlie Hillary has got an agenda and she’s willing to put up with that to be President of the United States She’s got a to-do list when she gets to the White House Hillary Clinton’s Machiavellian behavior her tendency to manipulate deceive and destroy For personal gain is nothing new this woman now a hero to feminists gained much of her power During the Clinton presidency from her ability to deal with her husband’s infidelities Bill was always heavily involved in the policies of his administration, but he left chasing down his women and silencing them Pursuing the scandals and lying about them Escaping culpability for any of the things in their past to Hillary. She was his Nixon she was his evil Equivalent. She was the one who made sure that nothing got to him because she was so good at it and she was Hilary’s mastery of the black arts of attack politics is often skillfully cloaked in layers of deniability But when she needs money as all candidates do her imprudence bewilders, even her most loyal supporters the pattern is a familiar one huge amounts of money are raised from political insiders lobbyists and special interest groups and questions follow in the summer of 2007 Hillary was forced to return nearly $900,000 from fundraiser Norman Shue who is now under indictment for running a Ponzi scheme? During the White House years it was the dirty money of a cast of characters that included Johnny Chun and Charlie trie Both convicted of illegal campaign fundraising think it was Johnny Chun that said the white house was like a subway Turnstile you put the money in and you got in and if his tokens were very large, of course There’s evidence that he collected money from a Chinese intelligence officer and they were trying to influence our elections to gain access to decision-making Powers in the United States so they would bend US policy towards China the campaign finance scandals were so extensive 120 people either fled the country to avoid being interrogated by investigators pled the Fifth Amendment or otherwise avoided questions 14 guilty pleas came out of that this is really stunning and It’s stunning to me how the media will give her a pass and how the media Pretends none of these things happen and they accept the the Hillary operatives line, which is well, let’s that’s that’s old news Everybody knows about it. Let’s move on. Okay, we move on now. They’re laundering money through Chinese dishwashers in Chinatown in New York I’m a little surprised somebody in the campaign didn’t flag that down and say dishwashers maximum $1000 Let’s look into that a little bit The Los Angeles Times looked into it and found that they couldn’t find something like a third of these Chinatown contributors and that they found other people who Said they had no idea that they had made contributions it looks like a clear case that somebody committed fundraising law violations and The Clinton campaign at the least did not do due diligence to try and track that down one case in particular Highlights Hillary’s hypocrisy and startling recklessness when it comes to raising illegal campaign contributions Though most of the news media has ignored it Hillary was directly involved in what has been called the biggest campaign finance fraud in the history of the United States it is a story with all the elements of a best-seller cache cons and Hollywood stars and It was all caught on tape Few businessmen have seen the career Heights and depths of Peter F Paul I’ve been fortunate to spend time with some of the world’s most celebrated Figures of the 20th century one of my idols was Salvador Dali He had a big influence on the way that I directed my life in the early 1980s Paul a Miami lawyer with a past criminal record Including convictions for cocaine possession and fraud headed to Hollywood for a fresh start as a promoter and producer after Doing various projects in Hollywood. I decided after meeting a fellow who was a out-of-work model that There was an opportunity for me to prove that I could cultivate a media icon But in 18 months I had him on the cover of People magazine. Ultimately it led to my first meeting with the Clintons with Hillary Clinton actually In February of 2000 Peter Paul met with Hollywood charity fundraiser Aaron Tonkin Tonkin was a celebrity obsessed con man who in just a few years went from being homeless to one of the clinton’s top money Contacts in hollywood like more than a few clinton associates from the past Tonkin ended up in federal prison for unrelated fundraising scams Aaron, it’s Hillary Clinton. I just wanted to call and wish you well for this evening It was a growing new relationship I don’t know where ultimate would lead But they both In a good place because all the people that I met around them that they dealt with in different events have all gone to prison And these are very close people mainly to the president through talking’s connections to the Clintons came an interesting offer in exchange for donations To Hillary’s 2000 Senate campaign Paul would gain access to Bill Clinton for business Opportunities once Clinton left the White House. I had become a very close friend of the creator of spider-man Stanley and We had started a company together in late 1998. I Embarked on this effort to try to hire Bill Clinton when he left the White House as a Rainmaker for the company Stanley meeting We had a luncheon at a Spago’s for 12 people who are influenced from the community and we also raised some money for Hilary and at that point I indicated that my plans were to hire Bill when he left the White House she Responded by saying that she would help if I became a major supporter of her campaign in June of 2000 Paul agreed to finance What would be the largest and most? lavish political fundraiser ever staged in Hollywood it consisted of a concert a dinner and a reception in my office on July 17th I got a phone call from Hillary Clinton Paul who had a habit of videotaping many of his encounters with Hollywood or DC power Players says this tape is evidence of two criminal offenses committed by Senator Hillary Clinton The tape seems to indicate Clinton’s participation in the planning of the event violating federal election statutes Except whatever it is you’re doing I said, okay. Thank you. I think it’s tremendous No, we know what we’re having a good time trying to help out I’m very appreciative that sounds fabulous. I got a full report from Kelly today we Says she’s not sure about what she can or cannot say Is she admitting that her input on the event could be illegal? Yes insisted whatever it is you’re doing I heard it Okay. Thank you Hillary Clinton refers to Kelly Kelly is Kelly Craig hit Hillary’s senior staff assistant at the White House Hillary’s confirmation that she had been fully briefed on my progress and that she would be involved on a personal basis whenever needed Committing a violation of the federal election law. I know I talked with Sarah She was just great just that. You know, she really was excited and I had coq dors But you had them really done a good job selling it to her and her reference to share being induced to contribute her singing services all of them colluded to hide this from every investigation all of the expenses that I paid for entertainment and Costs of various fundraisers for Hillary were never legally reported. But what I discovered was because Hillary was involved directly and indirectly through her agent Kelly Craighead in conceiving the event in soliciting the money to pay for the event and then Coordinating the expenditures for the event Clearly the two of them were violating federal law Ladies and gentlemen The chairman of Stanley media Stanley. I just want to welcome you all To the Hollywood salute to president William, Jefferson Clinton It was the biggest event ever produced in Hollywood for a president Muhammad Ali John Travolta Brad Pitt Shirley MacLaine the Steenburgen the Gregory Peck shared Diana Ross Patti LaBelle Toni Braxton, Melissa Etheridge, Sugar Ray Michael, Bolton Paul Anka He had over a hundred stars the entire leadership of the Democratic Party was there And it was at a magical evening But just two days later the magic was gone the Monday after the event I got a phone call from Ed Rendell Telling me that the Washington Post Was asking questions the position that Hillary Clinton would take was that she hardly knew me and that I didn’t give any money and that if I was smart in order to maintain my deal that I Would go along with that The Washington Post bombshell questioned Hillary’s decision to associate with Paul given his criminal past The Clinton camp implied they weren’t aware of it. I had been vetted six times My house had been prepared for a presidential Sleepover and the president allowed me to put my name on 25 thousand invitations it’s impossible to think that they didn’t know that I had federal convictions, which Anybody that uses the Internet can find with within four clicks? For the entire event he was He wasn’t invited to the White House and they did not really want to interact with him It never really dawned on me because I really didn’t understand those part of politic network, but they do a vetting process Amazingly the Clintons continued to solicit money from Paul even after publicly distancing themselves from their newfound friend on August 24th A fax was sent to my office on Hillary’s letterhead the Hillary Clinton for Senate letterhead By her finance director David Rosen asking me to transfer a hundred thousand dollars in stock And here you have a smoking gun document Which is on her letterhead fax to my controller With the wiring instructions to send a hundred thousand dollars worth of stock that’s illegal When I became Hilary’s biggest donor No one made any reference to? concerns about my bed ability my truthfulness or My my ability to honestly do business, you know Hilary has no problems with me as long as I’m writing checks from there The pawl case takes twists and turns no screenwriter could imagine Stan Lee Media collapses? Paul is indicted on two felonies in connection with trading of Stan Lee Media stock He’s arrested in Brazil by Interpol and languishes two-and-a-half years in a Brazilian hellhole of a prison awaiting extradition She’s never called me a liar and she’s never said that my allegations are false Which she has sworn to is that she can’t remember some conversations that we had in detail I’m not asking anybody to like me or to trust me or even to believe me I’m asking people to look at the record that is undisputed and to come to their own Conclusions regarding the suitability of Hillary Clinton to acquire the highest office in this country June night mm – discussed with Hillary Clinton Supporting her campaign in exchange for President Clinton helping you in your business and concerns. Yes – Hillary Clinton pledged President Clinton’s support for your business interest. Yes August 13 2008 Barbara Streisand’s home Did you talk to Killary Clinton about supporting her campaign provided President Clinton helped you with your business interests. Yes I’ve been analyzing polygraphs since 1995 I Attended the Department of Defense polygraph Institute. I would say mr Paul has been truthful in his answering the questions concerning the issues administered in the polygraph It was the most lavish affair of all but her campaign said that it cost 400,000 not 1.1 million so that they could use the other 700,000 for the campaign and use it to buy advertisements. Now the question is Did Hillary know it was a mistake? Of course, she did number when she was there and she knew it couldn’t of only cost 400 number two She frequently urged peterpaul to hold down the expenditures for number three after the forms were filed with the FEC peterpaul told her they were inaccurate and Hillary continued to file inaccurate forms and Finally the FEC investigated it and concluded it did cost 1.1 million I want to thank Stanley and Peter Paul and Erin Tonkin for their extraordinary hard work and leadership on this The Clinton campaign ultimately paid $35,000 in fines for having underreported the cost of the gala Erin Tonkin says both senator Clinton and her finance director David Rosen knew of his illegal financing schemes Including how he reimbursed celebrities who donated to Hillary’s Senate campaign they wrote a check where I told him to write at the 7 mm from the invitation they received and then I Reimbursement either 1 or 2 thousand depending of one or two people came. I Told her national finance director David Rosen and he just said don’t tell me anything like that and Tom I told the FBI Is it possible that the senator from New York and former first lady the most? Experienced of all the candidates was completely unaware of her finance directors dealings Peter Paul awaits sentencing for securities fraud he vows to spend the rest of his life trying to expose what he Characterizes as Hillary’s chronic pattern of corruption. Well, I think that like William Safire said in the New York Times Hillary’s a congenital liar even David Geffen who was a supporter of hers commented on her facility was lying so she can do this as publicly and in such a gross and unvarnished way then Imagine if she got additional power in the White House and what she would do with that. I can’t think of any other politician in history who has shown such a disrespect and a contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law as Hillary and I represented Richard Nixon’s best friend and I Knew Richard Nixon and I’ll tell you some she’s no Richard Nixon. She’s worse One of her great claims Throughout the 90s and in her present careers Senator is that she’ll say oh, this is all old news. Well, it’s old news because the Clintons are repeat offenders They’ve been doing these things going right back to the 1980s As a senator Hillary Clinton has basically done nothing of note She’s not been a leader in national security. She’s not been a leader on economic issues She’s not been a leader on anything is Hillary really the most qualified to hit the ground running if elected president after all She was first lady for eight years and now a senator from New York Referring to her opponents. She said quote there is one job We can’t afford on-the-job training for that is the job of our next president first lady ever To be the first woman from the state of New York Hillary Rodham puddin Hillary says we should elect her president because of her tremendous accomplishments in the United States Senate Well, she’s passed roughly 20 bills. Let me tell you what some of them were to commemorate the two hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary of the American Revolution to express our appreciation to Alexander Hamilton to name the thurgood marshall courthouse in lower Manhattan to Honor the men’s and the women’s lacrosse high school team from Syracuse High School To express the sense of Congress that Harriet Tubman who died over a hundred years ago should have received a federal pension but is that the legislative gravitas and Qualifications on which to elect a president of the United States. Is she kidding? During her Senate campaign Hillary promised to create 200,000 jobs largely to benefit economically depressed upstate, New York And if you help me get elected on work day and night to put this plan in effect I’m Marshall Brown. I’m the owner/operator GMB farm I prepare with my father. We sold out 1985 and I started back up in 1987 I’m milk cows every day of my life for 20 years Agriculture is New York State’s largest industry I don’t know if Hillary was told that when she got off the plane or not Dairy farming is the largest segment of that three years ago. Hillary Clinton came to ass we go County She said she had a plan for the dairy industry like all her plans She never gives any specifics, but it’s going to make everything all wonderful course Two years after she gave her I got a plan speech the price of milk dropped to the same level It was in 1979 that loosen my ass I Decided to have a blowout fund raising sale in order to support this channel many of you know that I sell authentic 24 karat real gold banknotes I have those in $1,000,000 and 1000 dollar denominations, and I’ve been selling them for nearly a year Now these things are amazing in the real 24 karat gold banknotes with certificates and stamps of authenticity I’ve sold a lot of them and many of them to the same people who buy one to check it out then they get it and end up ordering more of them if you’ve been watching the news and specifically the x-22 report and other truther channels here on YouTube You’d know that the elites and many other savvy investors have been buying up gold Like it’s the last gold on earth and there’s a great reason for that in their near future and among other reasons president Trump’s going to get rid of the Federal Reserve and we’re gonna go back to the gold standard for our Currency and when that happens Gold is gonna skyrocket in price If you’ve been watching the news lately you’ve know that gold is going up in price But once the elites and these investors see the end of the Fed is drawing near it’s gonna go through the roof now Patriots I’m not an investment advisor. 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I Pray Patriots that you can find it in your heart to help make this fundraising sale at success It really can mean the difference between the life or death of this channel And as you can see, I have a number of great ways that you can help in this fight Senator Clinton’s promise of two thousand jobs for upstate New York was one of those irresponsible statements She ever made because a it proved to me that she had no clue of what was wrong with upstate New York and B There’s no way the federal government can deliver that should she have made the promise? Oh sure. That’s what politicians do That’s what God put them on the earth to do is make promises They can’t keep I don’t fault her for making the promise. I Fault her for making bad votes in the Senate against the very tax cuts That would have helped the state of New York The Bush tax cuts were the only hope upstate New York head of competing And if New York State wasn’t so burdened by heavy taxes heavy unionism heavy regulatory red tape Upstate New York could be doing dramatically better because I do have a plan I have an economic plan for Upstate New York to try to make sure that we keep our young people here that they can have jobs in this area They can stay and raise their children between 2000 and 2006 over 1 million New Yorkers Moved out of the state for economic or financial reasons today in the upstate town of Clinton New York many of Hillary’s Constituents aren’t pleased with their senator. Well, we certainly would like more support from her in this area I think every business would like to see more economic support. I think that She’s just a typical politician whatever the Survey shows she should be doing she’s doing she’s tend to spend most of her time downstate That’s where the votes are primarily and sometimes we feel forgotten up here She cares more about her consumers her food stamps or welfare programs and she does the American farmer that’s producing the food When the American farmer is eligible food stamps. There’s a problem Which I am As a presidential candidate Hillary has made other promises that may also prove difficult to keep my plan does not create a single new government Department agency or bureaucracy is Not a government takeover of health care It is a public-private partnership that provides more choices for sweeping health care reform proposal comes with a price tag of nearly 110 billion dollars per year And is going to pay more you are going to pay more people with jobs will pay more That’s why she’s so popular with women with needs but not so popular with women with jobs Hillary’s first effort to socialized health care came in 1993 during her husband’s first term widely perceived as a Disaster many say it provoked the Republican revolution I mean certainly you have to ask whether that she’s learned a lot from that experience. It was a failure She knows it was a failure. It was a very embarrassing failure for her Where have you seen the government make anything more efficient and less costly and more effective by its presence Where have you seen that as I’ve said on many occasions? I still have the scars to show from what we tried to do back in the first two years of Bill’s administration The effort to kill Hillary care was really good common American sense Americans Know a bad fish when they smelled one everything Hillary wants for America is what Canada does for all of its people any One of whom that has five extra bucks in their pocket comes across the border to the United States for health care services I think it’s worth remembering After her health care Fiasco the Clinton team put us decide. They gave us ceremonial duties thereafter She was more like a Pat Nixon and she was like an Eleanor Roosevelt from mid 94 Onward because the Bill Clinton’s professionals recognize she’s made a hash of the one big policy She’d been given she was essentially out of the White House in 95 96. I know because I was there most at that time She was visiting China. She went to 70 foreign countries. She wrote a best-selling book did book signings Then when the Lewinsky scandal Brook she came back to Washington and in 9899 Led the effort to keep her husband in office and in 99 and 2000 spent your time running for the Senate in New York Many Americans believe our health care system needs improvement. But what is Hillary’s solution? Hillary is really the closest thing we have in America to a European socialist she really believes that government should vastly expand its efforts in the areas of health care and Education and she wants to increase taxes to do it From 33% as it is now up into the mid 40s and high 40s as it is in France and Germany I’m going to take ten billion dollars away from a lot of these Industries starting with money from the HMOs that are getting too much out of Medicare starting with the no-bid contracts for Halliburton Starting with the defense industry that needs to be pared down and reined in I’ve been very clear about that and as she talks on the campaign trail Her purpose of government as she sees it is to remote Society for the common good the common good in this case means government. It means Washington. She wants government’s being in control She wants government to direct the economy the other day the oil companies reported the highest profits in the history of the world. I Want to take those profits and I want to put them into a strategic energy fund she expects to use the government To to become extremely involved with the lives of the people in this country because government knows best so when she talks about Nationalizing health care, she’s not kidding. She’s been at this now for ten years. She wants to take over the health care system What mine Hillary’s healthcare plan look like welcome to Yuma, Arizona In my practice about 70% of the cares is paid for by Medicare federal government, and another 20% is paid for by the state So essentially we’re a very socialized medical community here But with so much free health care available from the state and federal government abuses are inevitable One of my favorites is a patient of mine who was actually a drug runner His books didn’t tally and to teach him a lesson. They blew a hole in his foot with a shotgun down in Mexico Well, he went to the closest medical hospital in Mexico where medical care was free, and they were going to amputate his foot So he hopped up to the border literally and at that point Demanded an ambulance which by our emergency medical laws we have to supply so we got an ambulance to him We brought him to our emergency room. I asked him I said let me guess this guy is insured right and and my friend said actually he has Medicare This guy’s been wanted for years on for federal warrants We’re giving him his social security check Every two weeks critics say Hillary’s health care overhaul is not unlike what citizens of Canada or the UK now experience Yes much of it is free But is there a catch the waiting lists get longer and longer? You can wait six months to see a specialist that’s socialism when you’re standing in a line waiting and waiting that’s socialist I’m thrilled that the universal health care is back on the national agenda, you know as we Remember back in 93 and 94. We tried to come forward with the plan. We weren’t successful I have the scars to show for that experience Medicine should be between one physician and the patient not between an army of Bureaucrats and the patient if people give their health to the government What does the government not control the federal government from 3,000 miles away is not your doctor Hillary’s healthcare is one of the few Clinton campaign platforms that contains specifics but on other issues Important to Americans. What does she believe? But on specific issues, I’ve come out with very specific plans with respect to Social Security I do have a plan But personally I am NOT going to be advocating any specific fix until I am seriously Approaching fiscal responsibility. Do you the New York senator? Hillary Clinton support the New York governor plan to give illegal immigrants a driver’s license I did not say that it should be done. But I certainly recognize what governor Spitzer is trying to do it I don’t know. You said you said yes. No thought it made sense to do it. No, I did it first It makes a lot of sense. What is the governor supposed to do? Well, I think this is the best thing for any governor do know obviously, she hadn’t been coached on and if she’s not coached she’s Despite the fact that she’s intelligent. She is so insecure and so loathes the give-and-take of real politics that she just Seizes up and she sure seized up when those questions were asked her now finally for the first time everyone talks about well Hillary talks About how old they were so mean to her they were so mean to her all that happened in that debate One was that I think it was Tim Russert in that debate engaged in the old journalistic practice of the follow-up question that’s all that’s all it took and you know all Hell breaks loose because Hillary’s asked to actually tell us what your position is, you know, it raises the question Can you withstand the criticism of the way that any president has to? because there’s going to be a lot of it for any president and any time even the most propitious times and If you’re going to you’re going to whine about people complaining about you that doesn’t suggest Presidential statue or character? I can support the president I can support an action against Sodom insane because I think it’s in the long-term interests of our national security if I had been president in 2003 I never would have started this war and if it is going on when I am president in 2009 I will and I was one who supported giving President Bush the authority if Necessary to use force against the Dom Hussein. I believe that that was the right vote if I had been president in October of 2002 I would have never asked for authority to divert our attention from Afghanistan to Iraq and I certainly would never have started this war So it is with conviction that I support this resolution As being in the best interest of our nation and it is a boat that says clearly to Sodom Hussein This is your last chance disarm or be disarmed I Stand for ending the war in Iraq bringing our troops home we’re going to have troops remaining there guarding our embassy we may have a Continuing training mission and we may have a mission against al Qaeda in Iraq. There’s one Hillary who says I’m going to bring the troops home right away when I’m elected president another Hillary who says I’m going to keep troops in Iraq Indefinitely one of these two women is lying I think she did that as long as she thought that it was still politically advantageous to support the war effort once 2006 kicked in and the war became quite unpopular at least for a while then she started moving to the anti-war position Reversing her positions, which he held only months before not because her heart was full of Pacifistic of the leftist tendencies, of course. She thought was expedient way to go Flip-flopping on a driver’s license is one thing but words do matter Particularly when they impact the lives of our soldiers and their families He loved being a Marine He looked me square in the eye and he just said to me He said dad He said dad what could be better what could be more honorable than To serve your country it was at that point where uh, He became my hero in January of 2007 senator Clinton visited Iraq while there she did an interview with ABC News stating I don’t know that the American people or the Congress at this point believe this mission can work and in the absence of a commitment that is backed up by actions from the Iraqi government, why should we believe it because I was in Baghdad at that time and We talked about that I’m thinking what the heck goes through the minds of our military That are out on those front lines the Ramadi that Fallujah is out walking the streets of Baghdad Défis and throughout Iraq putting their life on the line every single day and hearing something like that It’s just it’s just so demoralizing Robert buz Patterson served as the president’s senior military aide in the Clinton White House distinguished service in the Air Force including Combat missions and his regular interaction with the first lady gave him unique insight about the potential future commander-in-chief They see that when mrs Clinton says something stupid about the war or Harry Reid says the war is lost or dick Durbin calls him war criminals That is plating merely on al-jazeera and al-arabiya overseas that does nothing to support the troops All it does is embolden the enemy to belief. They could hang out a little bit longer if they win It’s very hard to believe her because you don’t know what the next day. She’s going to say You know that Everybody from a four-star general to the to a private Understands what it means to be a leader what it means to have moral backbone and discipline and integrity and the military saw None of that during the 1990s and does not see that any of those attributes mrs. Clinton today If we do pull out and we do not complete this mission My son’s sacrifice Would have been in vain along with the other fallen heroes If if a legislature does not like the war and decides enough already with this war Then cut off the money They’re entitled to do that but above all it’s not up to a legislature To try to outguess the military strategist. That’s not their job. So you say again, okay Well, she’s flipping she flopping. No, she’s not flipping and flopping. She is lying She will not take responsibility for calling and asking our good brave soldiers to put their life on the line. She will not take responsibility Every Democratic candidate they all want to just get out of Iraq Just whatever it takes When the fact of the matter is that you can’t have good security in Iraq until you’ve dealt with at a minimum Syria and Iran Because they’re the ones who are arming training and running a lot of these terrorists The war on terror isn’t the only issue where Hillary is trying to have it both ways when it’s politically expedient Hillary campaigns on her husband’s presidency, but when the polls say Otherwise she abandons their record She can’t be a selective in terms of you know cherry-picking and making determinations that she’s now suddenly the face of foreign policy that she You know shaped economic policy except for the stuff that didn’t work out in which case that was somebody else’s problem or somebody else’s fault ladies and gentlemen, you have just heard of a stunning illustration of my real campaign slogan Buy-one-get-one-free This is as much about bill clinton as it is hillary clinton, I mean for purposes of this election It’s one of the same buzz Patterson carried the nuclear football for President Clinton While serving in the Clinton White House, he learned firsthand about the former First Lady’s qualifications But she was moving them around the White House hallways and corridors. The the edict was for us to avoid eye contact with her so as to preclude her from making Exchanges like good morning, good afternoon, and therefore those of us that worked in and around herself and her husband But oftentimes dive into Open Office office ways or ways to avoid her stare I saw her vent on her husband many many times in one particular situation We were at a fundraiser as we entered the elevator to go to the top floor of this hotel, sir. Mrs Clinton lit in to her husband with every profane four-letter word you’ve ever heard in your life and it’s a military guy I’ve heard them all anger really took me by surprise How vicious it was and how profane it was and then of course, we got to the top floor of the elevator of the hotel elevator open they were holding hands and smiling and waving like They could turn it on and off in a heartbeat. Both Clinton’s are well aware The war on terror could be the key issue in Hillary’s run for the presidency both have been quick to fault the Bush Administration for failing to prevent the 9/11 attacks while absolving the Clinton White House of any missed opportunities There were many times 8 to 10 that I’m aware of in the 1990s that we had a chance as a country to Capture bin Laden or to kill him 8 to 10 and every shot every time we had a viable opportunity Clinton chose not to pull the trigger, you know, and I’m certain that if my husband and his national security team Had been shown a classified report entitled bin Laden determined to attack inside the United States He would have taken it more seriously than history suggests. It was taken by our current president and his national security team Patterson says that laughable He says President Clinton was briefed by multiple US intelligence agencies of al-qaeda plans to attack the United States We knew about the potential for the mick specifically pointed to the possibility of using hijacked airliners into the pentagon CIA headquarters, and it also talked about New York City Cyrus nor hasta is the award-winning writer producer of the ABC miniseries the path to 9/11 though His movie takes aim at both the Clinton and Bush administration’s in the days and years prior to 9/11 Neurosis says he and his film were targeted by the Clinton machine There was a huge coordinated campaign To discredit the movie and me and get disney-abc To pull or recut the movie in the weeks just prior to air Nawroz days home address and email were posted on various pro-clinton websites. I got death threats at my house I got hate mail and they said about basically trying to destroy us and Stop this thing from airing intimidation included five senators led by Harry Reid sending a letter to Disney ABC threatening to revoke their station licenses if they didn’t pull or Recut the movie You got to understand these phone calls the threats on the Internet these bloggers all of these people out there none of them had seen The movie this was all political spin and it was generated by Ex President Clinton from his offices in Harlem where he met with all these bloggers to specifically discuss countermeasures Against the ABC broadcast the path to 9/11 and how they could get it pulled from the air Disney ended up cutting about three minutes from the over five hours of the broadcast. So I’m going to show that to you now They have the compound surrounded They know where bin Laden is and what they need to do is coordinate with Washington Alex. So they’re on satellite phone communication with Sandy Berger Richard Clarke George Tenet ed al from Washington To basically get the final green light appointing the pack go ahead with this operation the pack our people are in place Oh, it’s been confirmed that Osama. Bin Laden is in the building on the site. You are the national security adviser Can’t you give the order? Look George if you feel confident, you can present your recommendation to the president yourself So if it all goes bad, it comes down on my head like Jana Reno and Wako the buck stops down the hall Mr. Berger sir you Believe today abort us. Yes It’s shocking that ABC would win bow down to Bill Clinton on the path to 9/11 It’s shocking that Bill Clinton would ask if you can’t imagine Walter Mondale doing that. I Don’t even think you can imagine Jimmy Carter doing that President Clinton has said he never got that close to getting Osama bin Laden But national security experts have said on the record that the path to 9/11 was accurate the path to 9/11 Got it, right. That’s why they were upset We exposed the hot button truth that they’ve been trying to bury for years the 40 million dollar Project was a raiding smash with nearly 28 million viewers it later received seven Emmy nominations but if you want to catch the path to 9/11 on DVD, you can’t ABC Disney won’t release it Why would they pass up millions of dollars in DVD revenue? I think the initial attacks really about President Clinton’s legacy However now a year later With the DVD being suppressed. I think it has become about Hillary’s run for the White House. All I can say is What the executive EC told me which is if Hillary wasn’t running. This wouldn’t be a problem So everybody I have just agreed Last year when I was the archives Reviewing documents I made an honest mistake The one that I deeply Former Clinton National Security Advisor sandy Berger pled guilty to stealing and destroying highly classified Documents from the National Archives and lying to investigators. I might say it seems sandy walked out of the National Archives with some pvd’s in his BVDs And some classified Docs and it sucks I was surprised and astonished When I learned that he had taken documents out of the National Archive stuffed them in his socks I have written that the only reason Berger might have done this was at the behest of Bill Clinton or someone of similar stature Who wanted information? Or you know single copies of unique copies removed from the archives the papers Reportedly revealed Clinton’s response regarding the millenium bomb plot and Sudan’s offer to turn over bin Laden in 1996 but because sandy Berger destroyed these critical secret documents the American people may never know the Truth about these events or the Clinton administration and 9/11 the documents that he stole Pertains specifically to the sequence in the miniseries that they were upset about I believe they are criminally guilty of distorting history There was a smoking gun in there in terms of what the clinton ministration knew about Bin, Laden sandy burger had a mission that mission was to go in and clean up history clean up mistakes destroy any evidence of error or culpability two actions that led to 9/11 he accomplished that he Basically paved the way for her to move forward and give bill a free pass. I mean that’s that simple Sandy Berger was find lost his security clearance for three years and was disgraced especially in Washington But he has resurfaced reportedly burger is now an advisor to the presidential campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton it’s either that he’s really good at foreign policy, which I doubt or He knows something or they owe him. And I think that’s what it is. Do I think? He should be advising Hillary Clinton. I think he’s a perfect candidate to advise Hillary Clinton He’s sleazy he broke the law. He will do her bidding He should be her chief of staff as a matter of fact Hillary is tough on terror. As long as it’s popular. But once again the real Hillary Clinton remains a mystery We went through all the speeches that were posted on her website some 200 of them and There is no speech that’s about Counterterrorism or talks about the threat to the homeland whatever mrs. Clinton took away from the 9/11 experience is now slipping away Or perhaps she never meant it in the first place, but as far as I know senator Clinton Simply has not wanted to discuss with clarity and certainly with The kind of authority you would expect from a now senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee that We are at war with a totalitarian ideology. I’d like to see a president in either party Who is going to be honest about the nature of the danger and willing to stand up and say this is what needs to be? Done, even if it’s not popular at the moment, she doesn’t seem to have any instinct to be able to do that Whatever high intelligence might be Who is the real Hillary Clinton Clinton scholars and writers hoping for an answer were shocked to learn that despite Freedom of Information Act stipulations After three years the Clinton Library has only released 1/2 of 1% of its records This is the mentality of a tyranny and yet the media treats this as if it’s no big deal It is a very very big deal We paid for those documents at that library Much of our money goes into that library. It’s a federally run operation The Clinton Library is known locally as Little Rock’s Fort Knox Nearly 2 million pages of Records covering Hillary’s years in the White House are locked away Clouding her role in policymaking over 300 Freedom of Information. Act requests are pending well, that’s not my decision to make and I don’t believe that any president or first lady ever has but certainly will move as Quickly as our circumstances in the processes of the National Archives permits this idea they’re claiming now that that We’re trying to release and we’re trying to as fast as we can but but the library just won’t let us release them you want The papers released order the papers release. They’re your papers a Tendency of this administration from the top all the way to the bottom is to withhold information to resist legitimate requests for information to refuse to be forthcoming about information that is of significance and relevant to the job that all of you do and the interest of the American people I think the American people have a right to as much of the public record as Possible about Hillary Clinton those records should be released before the 2008 elections so we can learn a lot more but exactly how much influence she had in the White House what our positions were in the White House and how she acted in the White House Character is defined as what we do when we think no one is looking by that standard many critics Say the Clintons are sorely lacking On January 20th. 2001 President Clinton issued 140 pardons on his last day in office Those pardoned or receiving commuted sentences Included cocaine trafficker Carlos McNally and the biggest tax fugitive in US history Mark, rich as much as those pardons reveal about bill an earlier Pardon may have revealed even more about Hillary’s character and her willingness to do anything to get elected. I Remember first met game my dad took me to and we were sitting the very top of Shea Stadium was probably 1971 It was just a beautiful day out with with my dad. You know, he loved the Mets. He loved his sports That’s one thing that I’ll never forget Sort of being in the car with him and being at the game with him is enjoying his presence It was in a Dilek childhood. To be honest with you. I couldn’t have asked for a better childhood up until I was nine My dad was a very decent honest family man as a matter of fact on that day, January 24th He was looking forwards coming home that Friday celebrating my brother’s 11th and my ninth birthday It was going to be a big family event for us Fraunces Tavern Has an extraordinary place in American history It’s where the Sons of Liberty met. It’s where George Washington bid farewell to his officers at the end of the Revolutionary War And it’s also the place where Frank honor my father was murdered in 1975 On January 24th 1975 I was working as surveillance on the West Side of Manhattan and the Sirens started to go off just an endless stream of fire trucks police vehicles going down to the southern end of Manhattan short time Later turning out a radio easy to find out that had been a bombing at Frances tavern Nobody dreamt that this was a daytime bombing of a restaurant in New York City in the United States of America because it simply was Not the sort of thing that happened in America the senseless bombing had been perpetrated by what was arguably the most active terrorist organization in US history the FAL n but in 1975 the FAL n was a newly formed previously unheard-of organization that threw deadly violence advocated complete independence for Puerto Rico I Kept hoping and thinking That maybe he’s under rubble trying to get through and there’s a mistake. It really didn’t happen that he was okay My mom says now that all she wanted to do was run. She wanted to run out the door and keep running. I Remember I was a little tiny Nine-year-old and there was one of the guys that picked me up and I was sort of punching him in the back Not knowing what how to react to something like that Joe this is the Bissell dining room at Francis tavern and This is the room that suffered most of the damage in the bombing on January 24th 1975 The bomb was placed actually just on the opposite side of these doors Waiters and some of the other witnesses remember seeing somebody come through this door carrying a large duffel bag He looked around the room One of the waiters was about to approach him and tell him to that he had to leave when he stepped back out Apparently left the bomb outside. This was a typical F aln device. It was a quantity of dynamite included propane tanks Which was one of their trademarks and building their bombs in the early days and a simple timer a wristwatch Altering to serve as a timer to set off the device So he knew when he placed it that essentially the people that he was that he had seen we’re going to feel the impact Oh, absolutely. He knew that he was committing mass murder. No question about it Where would my dad have been sitting in relation to this table? I believe your dad was sitting at the end of the table here Joe And would have been one of the first people hit by the blast of the bomb Joe the bomb being just outside this door here When it functioned much of the blast came, of course through into this room knocking down this door and That shock wave would have taken everything in the room and just made missiles out of it So you have victims that have pieces of glassware pieces of silverware pushed into their bodies as a result of the blast Do we know why they chose the time the place the day the communicate that they left said that they were trying to kill capitalist imperialist pigs in France’s tavern and specifically sites Ponce’s as being targeted for Died and more than 50 were injured. It was a typical FAL and operation one of over 130 bombings between 1974 and 1983 but on that crisp winter day at Frances tavern no one could imagine what the future held for the murderous members of the FA Ln Hilary’s biggest problem running for the Senate was that she wasn’t a New Yorker and how is she going to appeal to the specific ethnic groups that make up the New York State electorate so In September 1999 right in the middle of her Senate campaign She was approached by City Councilman Jose Rivera who really is a spokesman for the Hispanic community in New York who gave her a packet? Urging the pardoning of the FAL n terrorists and included in the packet was a letter to Hillary asking her to use her influence on her husband to get these pardons granted and two days later they were Freedom came today for most of the 14 Porto Ricans who accepted President Clinton’s controversial gift of clemency Eleven of them describe themselves as nationalist some others describe them as terrorists were released from federal prisons around the country It made no sense Not one of the incarcerated FAL n terrorists had requested clemency or had expressed any remorse in fact prior to that action The Clinton administration had granted clemency in just three cases out of over three thousand applications According to the Office of the pardon attorney at the Justice Department it was putting a political agenda of The Clintons above my father’s life sandy Berger appeared on television a day or two after the pardons were granted or after the clemency was granted and Stated that these people were not personally involved in violence That’s simply not the fact in this case These people were convicted of planting 36 bombs in Chicago if that’s non-violence then mr Berger’s dictionary’s a little bit different than – Department of Justice received a memo from the FBI saying that under no circumstances should these people be released the president of the United States? Who had access to all this information? Ignored the facts of the matter we have to ask yourself who benefited from this besides terrorists themselves It’s my view that have concluded the only other person that could have benefited from this The Senate on a 95 to 2 vote later denounced President Clinton’s FAL and clemency candidate Clinton claims She is the most experienced her husband claimed She was intimately involved in his administration and yet Hillary said publicly She had quote no involvement in or prior knowledge of the decision Obviously she knew about it. Obviously she asked bill to do the pardons and obviously when she says she knows nothing about it She’s not telling the truth How dare they My father was a decent honest family, man and He was being forgotten or used as a political pawn For those people who didn’t have his decency didn’t have his family values and Wasn’t the kind of man that my father was? Had only two father-son presidencies in the history of our nation we May be on the verge of the first husband and wife commander-in-chief’s Historically Americans have never been keen on dynasties So it’s worth remembering that a vote for Hillary is a vote to continue 20 years of a bush or a Clinton in the White House American people deserve to know that their presidency is not for sale the Lincoln Bedroom is not for rent and Lobbyist money can no longer influence policy in the house or the Senate. The problem with nostalgia is what we tend to do is You only remember what you like and you’re right and you forget the parts that you didn’t like so what John Edwards is saying about outmoded thinking and nostalgia is really I think expressing a reluctance to turn American democracy, which is very I think meritocratic over to two families and Hillary Clinton would represent the past in that and a continuation of I think a dangerous trend to electing people because of How much recognition they have rather than their intrinsic qualities Finally before America decides on our next president Voters should need no reminders of what’s at stake The well-being and prosperity of our nation We uncovered a radio show that Eleanor Roosevelt heroine did in 1934 Eleanor Roosevelt was asked during the show when will a woman become president her answer when a Majority of the American people have trusted confidence in the integrity of her and that’s the challenge to Hillary Faces it’s been said and I agree with it that this is the most personal political choice in Americans make very nursing their personality traits They’re a person that they could trust that they wouldn’t like that’s where I think Hillary Clinton as a candidate has great defects She’s not accountable. She’ll never be accountable personally for anything that she does and Her personality is such that She believes that the end justifies the means no matter What those means are if she weren’t married to Bill Clinton? What is there that she has? Accomplished in her life that would lead you to believe that she should become the most powerful person in the country Which candidate is most likely to be able to be successful in protecting us from the threat from radical Islam That is the central crisis of our time if she reverts to form Hillary Clinton will likely be in the future what she has been in the past, which is a person a woman a politician of the left And I don’t think that’s going to be good for the security of the United States She can’t favor English as the official language of government has said she can’t favor 85 percent the American people favor English as the official language of government I think there are a number of big issues where you’d have a very clear contrast She favors liberal judges 91 percent the American people favor the right to say one nation under God the bigger This campaign is the bigger the choices the more trouble She’s in what will be important though And this some baggage she has to deal with is the idea of a co Presidency the idea that Bill Clinton will be back in the White House Because I think when he left the White House People had enough I can’t imagine that Americans want to go back to to the 90s and the country being dragged into this this ugly Dysfunctional family drama I certainly don’t see Hillary Clinton as someone who can unify the country President Bush didn’t I don’t think she would either You I think we’re at a very critical time in this country the requires leadership and I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary Clinton I know is not equipped not qualified to be our commander-in-chief This vote comes down to one thing Liberty Do you believe in Liberty or don’t you? economic Liberty free speech protecting our borders of protecting our country from terrorism The issue is Liberty You know on January 20th 2009 Someone will stand on the steps of the Capitol and raise His or her hand? To take the oath of office As the 44th President of the United States of America We must never underestimate this woman we must never understate her chances of winning We mustn’t be lulled into a state of security and complacency by the newfound moderation that she likes to talk about and we must never forget the Fundamental danger that this woman poses to every value that we hold dear You say I? know her You

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  2. Anyone who complains that this is all old news or an old documentary will sound exactly like Hillary Clinton. Thanks for posting this and spreading their history of criminality and corruption.

  3. Hillary Clinton said if you will hire me I will work for you. But really you will do what I say if you say things against me I will destroy you even if I don’t like you I will have you audited. I will destroy you. I believe she is mean enough to really hurt someone. Her lust for money and power will destroy her someday.

  4. Hillary says she is a Celtic Demon in reverse speech. Reverse speech is unconscious talk. Conscious speech is the words we hear out loud. But if you reverse speech, you get unconscious thoughts.

  5. It's astonishing to me that people who support abortion (up to moment of birth) over life, illegals over its own citizens, immigrants over its homeless veteran's could possibly have the nerve to lecture anyone on morality, or right and wrong.. it would be laughable if it weren't such a serious threat!!


  7. Pray for this people, eternity in hell is a very long time, never ending pain, Jesus Christ died and rose again for all sinners, pray for them

  8. Same old bs -> lies/deception/pay 4 play

    Tortured children, adrenochrome, ingests infants👿🤮👿🤮🤢🤮 EV I L‼️‼️‼️

    Speaks like she’s patriotic-> she is NOT

    E V E R Y O N E -> covers her 💩 up
    ARKANSCIDES…… distract, deceive.

  9. Why did Obama let Hillary Clinton sell us uranium to Russia? Why would the president of the United States and the Secretary of State sell uranium to your enemy?
    They lined their pockets with cash a 145 million dollars that went into the Clinton foundation paid by Russia. Why did China give Joe Biden son 1.5 billion dollars for what?
    Look the other way Joe, while we build the South China sea islands?

  10. The democratic socialist system is all about pay to play! Screw socialism! Remember everyone deployed. God-bless America.

  11. The most honest movie I have seen on that Bi*** !!!! SHE can never be Pres!!!!!!!!!! Can you say C_A??? This country didnt go to Sh*t until the Clinton's were around!!!! Can you say Soros???

  12. I can’t believe she hasn’t ruled out an attempted successful run against Trump. 🤣Mercy what Universe does Hilary live in?! Bill do America a favor & make sure she’s taking her psych meds!

  13. There are many things that she is involved in that this video does not mention. Witchcraft, Lucifarianism, satanism, pedophilia, murder, child abduction, child abuse, cannibalism, and much, much more. Not only paying to ruin innocent people's lives, but paying for lies to take out a President who truly loves America and wants the evil doers out of government. She is one if not the ,most evil woman who ever lived in America.

  14. We all need to pray for all the little children who have been abused, tortured and murdered by this evil being. And hope they are at peace and those who survived her evil, hope and pray they can be healed and live a life filled with love, only love. So many little Innocent souls..

  15. # JOE CONNOR my thoughts are with you & JAMES RED PILL ..
    THANK YOU for highlighting & showing the world the truth about HILLARY CLINTON & BILL CLINTONS UNDISPUTED LIES & CORRUPTION to the AMERICAN people & to the world .
    I live in London & i love America & love what all Americans stand for . GOD BLESS ALL THE TRUE PATRIOTS & ANGELS OF THE TRUTH & PEACE ON OUR BROTHERS & SISTERS 😘

  16. Her execution will never be sufficient to compensate for the pain, suffering and deaths she has caused, but it will end future issues.

  17. Dems are stupid to think the same failed tactic used in Travelgate will work against Pres Trump! How vacuous can they be? Rock stupid.

  18. Reptillary ~ a scaley, cold blooded, forked tongued, venomous predator nearing extinction, worshipped by SJW & MSM zombies, wears Frazzle Drip face while spirit cooking her victims

  19. Never be ready for a woman president let alone this evil killer ! Ive had 2 bosses an 2 managers that were female an there isn't anything fair with them at all , they are downrite rootless , unless u are a young muscle bound male ! Look at the women in power today , Pelosi, clinton are they not over the top ?!!!! No woman president !!!

  20. She needs to paraded naked in a cage around DC then hung on the great lawn in front of the WH till the Vultures eat her corpse and nothing but bones remain.

  21. Hillary has to be the worse of the very worse and she has no moral values for anyone. She’s a very evil person and she lies like whatever it takes to deceive whoever gets in her way. It seems that people who are her enemy just seem to disappears or committed some kind of Suicide , which seemed to be variously Suspicious!. Thank God that President Trump was elected!

  22. I saw this last night but waited till morning to watch, I didn't want thoughts of her in my sleep. Thank God she didn't win! Thank you JRP for an awesome reminder of the evil our POTUS is fighting.

  23. Pastor James, I understand many made-public videos are being made “private” by YouTub_ since the real recent past. Is there a way to circumvent that restraint—maybe by signing up everyone as private viewers? Just brainstorming.

  24. The Clinton's are Monsters both of them Bill Clinton is a rapist liar drug addict and a thief and Hillary Clinton is worse that woman is a criminally insane alcoholic and belongs in a mental institute for the criminally insane in fact the both of them do. All you Americans have been fooled by these two criminals!

  25. Shared on my Facebook page, I can see a little time in Facebook jail coming up, 🙏 I get a few views and shares before they censor me. I love you and your channel Brother, great job as always as 👍🙂

  26. Hillary the poster witch of toxic femmininity totally unchecked by any laws.Its obvious there are no laws for the wealthy as money is their God.

  27. Let's save this video for the day Hillary makes the announcement . I'll bet everything bad that happened from the moment Trump won, Hilly was behind it. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas she announces she's running. Here's the good news she can't win against Trump. When she loses 2020 it the end of Hillary Clinton. When she loses she becomes the most dangerous person in the country. She will make Murder Inc look like a street gang.

  28. Killarys a diabolical psychopathic tyrant!! She would destroy everything and everyone who crossed her path!! Women who follow her just proves that we don’t need emotional women in the highest office of this country!! They clearly don’t listen to the double speaking witch!! Thank God she’s not our POTUS!!

  29. Sociopaths and d(evil)s lie all the time. It is NOT because she is insecure. That is ignorance or apologetic disinformation.

  30. Well, I guess the one simple question is… why hasn't this c(r)unt been charged with anything ??? deep s(ch)tate would be my reply…. we're all forked….

  31. ….. great effort folks …peelin' back the layers….she needs to be R.I.C.O.'d …


  32. Absolute in every sense of the word , that woman should never be allowed anywhere there are political decisions being made . Brilliant accurate film , thank you.

  33. Watching from Canada..we have the same Devil in power here!! He needs to!! I hope Trump takes him down to!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦

  34. Even still half of the country voted for this thing just 3 years ago! Ignorance is no excuse anymore and should so be treated as tyranny.

  35. The two biggest Grifters in political history; the ultimate folie-a-deux! They still haven't figured out that they need to go away; or at least, Hillary hasn't figured it out! It's high time to bid good riddance to bad rubbish!!!

  36. The World's most prolific PROSTITUTE. HILLARY IS FOR SALE TO THE PLANET'S SECOND HIGHEST BIDDER. The Earth's highest bidder wanted her soul and she doesn't have one.

  37. The best thing that could be done to Hillary is that a boob like Bill Clinton surpassed her she will never become president that is the biggest joke on her what a loser!!!!😂

  38. This woman is possessed by the evil spirit of hate. I'm so grateful that she didn't succeed. Thank you for reminding about making the right choice.

  39. I'm into this video at 4:38. I stopped it there to write this. I don't respect this woman at all. The only thing that would make me happy about this woman would be knowing she was paying for all her crimes and not being aloud to create any more harm to others at all in any way shape or form. So with that said I'm not going to watch the rest of this video and be subjected to the sickness I know I would feel just knowing she is still being allowed to create more havoc in this 🌎.

  40. If Killary gets to be president, Bill Clinton will be Americas First man. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH WHAT A CRUEL JOKE TO PLAY ON AMERICANS.

  41. From the time she was 12 and ger Methodist Youth group leader got her activism booklets she lovingly still iwns,she has been a Communist Anti Establishment liberal Marxist…

  42. They left out John Kennefy Jrs death made her able to be Senetor. Witnesses have sworn they saw a projectile hit that small plane.
    Within the hour a clean up crew was sent in and all 3 who perished were quickly cremated. Caroline has yelled at the Clintons…you killed my brother…
    They are criminals…

  43. She is ruthless, cunning and dishonest. Always has been always will be. She is Bill Clintons Puppet Master. Money Hungry and Power Hungry. She wanted to be the Grand Puppet Master of the American people.

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