European Union vs The United States (EU vs USA) 2017 – Who Would Win – Army / Military Comparison

The world watched in wonder when, in 1993,
the European Union, known as the EU, was officially formed. Questions abounded! Would the UK and France finally be able to
live harmoniously in perpetuity? Would Germany and the rest of Europe finally form an unbreakable alliance? With a currency to rival that of the US, and
the combined military might of 28 different countries, the EU could easily be one of America’s greatest trading partners or one of its most menacing foes. Although the American and European Alliance is the strongest today than it’s ever been, we thought it would be interesting to compare the military might of these two powerhouses and determine who would most likely win in
a theoretical war, in this episode of the Infographics show; the European Union vs.
the United States of America. Although money isn’t everything, the first
major difference worth pointing out is military spending: the annual defense budget of the
European Union (which still includes the UK even though they recently voted to Brexit)
is $227 billion or 3 times smaller than United States annual defense budget of $664 billion. When it comes to manpower, the EU has a population
of 743 million people with 1.4 million being active military personnel and 1.7 million
being reserve personnel. The United States has a population of 324
million people with 1.4 million being active military personnel and 1.1 million being reserve
personnel. With programs such as Saber Strike, the 7th
Army Training Command, and the Atlantic Resolve, it is safe to assume that the close connection
between the US and the EU has resulted in reasonably similar training for the army personnel
of each country. In terms of land systems, the EU and the US
are also similarly matched. The EU has 6,700 tanks, 48,971 AFVs, 2,312
SPGs, 3,492 Towed-Artillery and 1,069 MLRSs. The US, on the other hand, has a fleet of
8,848 tanks, 41,000 AFVs, 1,934 SPGs, 1,300 Towed-Artillery, and 1,331 MLRSs. Despite the US having a larger number of ground
tanks, Germany makes one of the top-ranked tanks, the Leopard 2, which has been purchased
in the hundreds by countries all over Europe. It should be noted that while the US has troops
and missiles stationed in Europe, there are no European army bases in the US. This is an obvious advantage to the US who
could more easily bring the battle to European soil, keeping it away from the plants which
manufacture American weapons, and again turning Europe into a war-zone similar to World War
II. Of the US missiles on European soil, the Aegis
Ashore Missile Defense System located in Romania has recently gone online, and is manned by
130 US sailors. This defense system is currently run by NATO
but in the case of a US-EU war, it would become an ideal base for the US on European soil. With regard to air power, the US currently
has a larger and more modern Air Force, with 13,444 aircraft, the most popular being the
American made F-16 Fighting Falcon. EU has less than half that with 6,751 total
aircraft, the most popular being the Eurofighter Typhoon. Since the US and the European Union are on
two different continents, it is important to take a look at each country’s naval power. The EU has a total of 61 submarines, 102
frigates, 21 destroyers, 39 corvettes, 167 Mine Warfare Craft, and 210 patrol craft. The United States, on the other hand, has
75 submarines, 6 frigates, 62 destroyers, 0 corvettes, 11 mine warfare craft, and 13
patrol craft. The two seem pretty tied, however the EU only
has 8 aircraft carriers compared to the US’s 19. In the unlikely scenario that nuclear weapons
are used, the US has a stockpile of 6,800 nuclear warheads, with 150 nuclear warheads
located directly in Europe. Europe barely has 500 nuclear warheads of
its own, split nearly evenly between the UK and France. As we all know, a major component of this
military assessment is fuel, since almost every ground vehicle, aircraft, and naval
unit needs fuel in order to operate. The European Union produces only 1.7 million
barrels of oil a day, and consumes almost 8 times that each day. It also has 5.6 billion barrels of oil in
reserve. The United states produces 9 million barrels
of oil a day and consumes 19 million barrels, though it has 37 billion barrels of oil in
reserve. It is safe to say both countries would need
to rely on importing oil from other countries. The EU and the US share most of their allies,
and it would be very interesting to see who allies with whom. As many will point out, experience is also
a major factor when assessing military prowess. The EU and the US have been involved in the
same wars for the last decade. However, the US military exists as a unified
entity, and the EU runs much of their military on a country-by-country basis making communication
and tactical planning much more complicated. When it comes to the all seeing eyes from
space, both the European Union and the United States run their own Global Navigation Satellite
Systems. The US has GPS and the EU has Galileo. GPS used to have the capability to block civilian
signals called Selective Availability. One of the main reasons the EU developed Galileo
was due to its concern that the US could deny others access to GPS during political disagreements. The two came to a compromise and the US is
now in the process of replacing old GPS satellites with new ones that will not have selective
availability enabled. So, who do you think would win the war, the
US or the EU? Do you think there are factors we omitted
that would make a difference? Is war between the EU and the US even a possibility? Let us know in the comments! And if you want to get a daily comparison
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  2. If we got to a point where the US and the EU went to war, who knows what would happen. For all whe know the US and Russia could be strong allies by that point.

  3. America has enough private weapons to arm multiply countries populations…. i dont think they would come to America for a shooting war. lol

  4. I’d have to say the USA
    I’m not saying that the US can beat anything and everything,ahem,🇻🇳
    But the USA has all the advantages

  5. UK joins us nearly Germany gets nazis Japan helps us Russia and China wait then invade the world and destroy each otherWW3

  6. Happy Idependent Day. American Brothers.
    All my love in this day go for USA.
    Enjoy 4 July. Happy 243th year of Citizenship.

  7. Is it just me or do US and EU dudes look like they over-excited to see each other (mid section wise) while shaking hands :DDD

  8. Oh please Europe could never hope to beat the US. It's not a question of what the EU has, it's a question of how they could hope to coordinate and integrate those forces. Last I checked they have 19 languages. Plus they have no unified military. Also each one of the 28 member states retain independent control of their militaries.

  9. Eu and USA will be Allie's till the end of time. Let us destroy all who tries to destroy the great arsenal of democracy and freedom!!!

  10. Considering that Russia I’m in Europe and it’s the biggest enemy of the us I think they would support Europe and that changes the scale

  11. Lol USA is stronger than whole Europe , even I don't like them I must show some respect from Serbia 🇷🇸

  12. the American army trains alot of these European armies an we show them how we train than somewhere down the road we might end up having to fight them. thats what worries me

  13. USA and Europe start fighting!

    Russia and China: Lets spectate

    USA and Europe are almost destroyed

    Russia and China: Can we join plzzz

  14. EU stands no chance against US. They don’t even have a political agenda look how they weak inside. They cannot impose anything. Nobody gives a s***

  15. I think that they are both extremely powerful. I am biased as I live in the United States, but both sides are really powerful in a war.

  16. USA, EU, India, Canada, Australia, USAN, ASEAN, Turkey, Scanadavia, Israel,Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines are allies

  17. Russia, China, South Africa, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Palestine, Jordan, North Korea are Allies

  18. Russia would join EU China prob would aswell as they aer both fighting for economic power and india would have to join because the british ruled them once. Australia and New Zealand would also join but as for Canada… idk

  19. American people would gain advantage from being struck by multiple European nuclear weapons traveling at supersonic speed onto their capital metropolitan areas, resulting in catastrophic collapse of North America and retaliation thus collapsing Europe. Therefore, only winners in this scenario would be Chinese Communist Party and Russian Federation.

  20. Another important aspect is that us military relies on german goods. The m1 abrahams is like a new colored leopard 2. If the usa and the eu would fight each other germany would forbid to sell weapons and other gooda needed in war to the us

  21. The guy at the beginning who was on the EU flag side shaking hands with the American guy looks like Stalin.

  22. But if the usa and europe are allies, can fight all countries of the world at the same time and we would win, love USA from France 🇫🇷❤️🇺🇸

  23. I love how Americans know they couldn’t defeat the EU so you’re seeing a lot of “love from comments”

  24. I came here because I saw an advertisement for a video game depicting Russia attacking the North American west coast and the E.U. attacking the east coast. The absurdity was too tantalizing to ignore.

  25. The sad truth about the US. I am not white but i can see that in the near future when it becomes majority nonwhite all the rich white people will move back to and invest in Europe. America will lose its #1 position. There already more nonwhite one year olds.

  26. With ships displacing 3,415,893 tons, the mass of the U.S. Navy is larger than the next 8 largest navies combined. And currently, the air force it has approximately 14,000 planes and helicopters spread across the five services. That's more aircraft than the next 7 countries combined.

  27. i think the EU will win but witht eh help of russia and china and the uk will not fight the war due to the uk leave the eu and they have string ties with the us so this would be a win for both sides posabley

    plz no hate comments this is my opinion you can have yours as well but no hate comments plz

  28. I don't think this premise is a possibility, however, theoretically, the US could blockade Europe of oil which would quickly deem most, if not all of it's very advanced weaponry useless.

  29. The US has 14,000 planes, but those 14000 planes cannot operated from 11 aircraft carriers, those carriers are big though but even if we allow for a 100 planes per carrier that is still 1100 planes to take on all the air forces of the EU. The US bases in EU territory would be overrun in the first few days so you can forget about them. A United EU can field over 2000 aircraft enough to defend EU air space from US carrier strikes and this would buy the EU time to get their industry into full swing and war production and for them to forget about trying to save money. The EU would also buy itself time to mobilize its superior population numbers to a wartime footing in industry or in the military, this could be telling in a long drawn out war that could last 10 or even 20 years, that is providing of cause some nut does not press the red button.

  30. Before the video started I was like "the whole Europe? We may have a chance" and then military budget appeared and all my hopes were gone.
    This budget is nonsense, unless they're preparing a war against aliens. Oh wait. RUSH AREA 51 GUYS

  31. This is such an American made video lol.
    Who kind of person thinks about this
    How about you make a video how will US pay that debt back to China and EU countries.

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