English News Bulletin – July 27, 2019 (9 pm)

  1. 4:00, I think this Prime Minister will again repeat the same what he had done in the previous 5 year rule, just diverting people mind towards Nationalism, Emotional blackmail by indulging our defence forces to play with sentiments of people. Nothing gonna change, When economy is almost dead now, he doesn’t speaks about that…no jobs and if some one asks then another guy known as Vice President says…”Education is not just meant for employment but for empowerment and enlightenment” and the other fellow who is now holding the Home Ministry portfolio will call guys like me who questions such way as anti nationals, urban naxalites and what not.

    I don’t think this government even with such a huge majority will be able to complete its 5 year term and it will be mostly the intolerance among the people especially the youths who will be playing a major role to uproot this govt which is moving towards dictatorship. You will make RTI toothless, pass all the bills without referring to the standing committee. Do u think all are fools here? I will just say “start counting your days…”

  2. Paki Military uses puppet Imran to " Trump " India on Kashmir ! But we see through you. Very bold move my MoF to reduce GST rates this is what electric needed to "drive" it forward ! & Mufti & gang will say terrorist was son of Indian soil ! More like the " bastard " son of Abraham & the slave girl ! Islam did not come to Kashmir in peace ! In fact is chopped hindu's into pieces & mass raped women & converted them – that's how these creatures came to exist ! We lost Afghanistan, Pakistan & Bangladesh no more shall a grain of Bharat be given anymore. When we had strong central empires no nation could enter india .Now the Union Govt. serves that role hence you now get the muslim nations except Pakistan talking peace with India but many still hold firm to the idea to convert India & are trying tactics from outside to break us up by promoting a fake narrative based on fear !

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