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good morning you're watching the breakfast news on Rogers of our television this Saturday morning I have a soiree with you let us start with the headlines let your thoughts be heard from Red Fort Prime Minister Modi invites people to share inputs for his Independence Day speech open forum on namo app gets over 4,500 suggestions within minutes of tweet defense minister raj not saying to inaugurate to bridge project syndicate wa and summer districts of Jammu and Kashmir to lay wreaths at Kargil war memorial in troughs floods atoll touches 150 in Assam and be hard over 1.15 crore displaced in both the States administration praises against the livelihood to likelihood of epidemic in Bihar Prime Minister Shahs delegation of Assam MPs of help in the crisis cannot cos speaker announces the trust would on Monday Chief Minister Kumaraswamy moves Supreme Court against governor setting deadlines for confident sport PVC new beat search Japan Zoku Hara to set up semi-final clash with the China's the chamber in Indonesia open in the ISSF Junior World Cup Ashe Mortimer bags a junior three positions to set world record India tops medals tally kirochka political crisis continues to be our top focus and the fate of the Congress serious coalition government in the state remains uncertain as chief minister HT Kumaraswamy missed the second deadline set by Governor Vasu by bala to prove his majority on the floor of the house on Friday and with no decision on the trust war to the assembly was adjourned till Monday the house will now reconvene on Monday to continue with the discussion on no-confidence motion moved by chief minister sh t kumara Swamy and earlier in his second letter to kumara Swamy the governor expressed his a prima facie satisfaction that the government has lost its majority confidence of the house meanwhile the cannot Kashif Minister also moved the Supreme Court on Friday containing that the governor cannot dictate a speaker Kiara mesh to conduct the Proceedings of the assembly which is debating the confidence motion moved by him the cannot Congress also moved the epics court contending that it's the 17th of July order on the resignation of 15 rebel Congress Jarius emily's was coming in the way of party issuing whip to its legislators in the ongoing trust vote Monday cha-cha restart hoga or Church ichabod circa reply hoga busca bod y suit and if need be division turkey voting over your return related to governor and also speaker at least complete this confident motion and put it further you're demanding work for also today some old they are again postponed to Monday it waiter of the Monday I think Monday will be the last day for this kumara from it's cold thank you all right let's get a perspective mr. Kessler vasuki senior journalist is joining us on the phone line from Bangalore Bay good morning sir and thank you so much for joining us here or not rs TV so now cannot kappa little turmoil has take another turn you know with the assembly session adjourned till Monday in defiance of course of governor's deadline for chief minister kumara Swamy to seek a trust would how do you look at at the present developments thank you very much and good morning whatever has happened yesterday you know keenly analyze the ruling coalition is confrontation with the governor to misuse two liters now which was Swami called it a love letter they did not respect even speaker did not bother to you know take the cognizance of the letter he only made it very clear that I am following their rules I am recast ourian of the Constitution and the house so what will happen it is very clear that the coalition members including Chief Minister kawar Sami said there are minor and all these people leaders they are trying to drag the entire in all situation entire subject whatever it is it is basically they started discussing anything and you know accusation about a charge of 5 crore and you know an MLA who who said that BJP has offered me five crow and then other things it went on and went on and finally the floor leaders both BJP yet Europe are and Subramanya learned in the course of maybe I would read that it will be taken up on Monday and Monday they will finalize it and put it on oh whatever the division are working whatever it is happen on Monday but the entire drama meanwhile both the ruling coalition both the congressmen tedious they're more the Supreme PO questioning one governor's authority in instant giving instruction and orders to the chief minister have you seen us you know it never happened actually why should you fix 130 and why should you fix six of them is the question the Congress leaders are asking right the other the other thing the entire drama you know it is shifted to Monday and we have to see whether it will lead to keeping the house under suspension suspension or imposing the recommendation of imposition of President's rule in Europe ah BJP will take over we have to see watcher wait and watch absolutely wait in watch situation continuous political stalemate continues in Karnataka Assembly was adjourned without concluding or whether the JDS Congress tedious government enjoyed the majority Antron now the trust would will be held on Monday thank you so much sir for joining us and giving us that perspective on that big story and on to the other big story this morning Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited suggestions from people for his Independence Day speech on 15th of August saying that it will allow thoughts of the common man to be heard by the entire nation in a tweet a PM Modi asked people to contribute their thoughts on the specially created open forum on the namo app he said that their words will be heard by 130 crore Indians are from the ramparts of the red fort now this is an opportunity for the public to be part of the Independence Day celebrations and contributes towards nation-building he said and within a minutes of his the two weights over 4000 people reacted defense minister Raj not singer will be on a day-long visit to Jammu and Kashmir today on the occasion of Kargil Vijay Divis during his visit he will play pay tributes to the martyrs on the 20th anniversary of the Kargil war and will also interact with the troops he will also review the security situation along the line of control in the valley and also the line of actual control in Ladakh besides a hinterland operations that the Defense Minister will also inaugurate to bridge projects on the reverse which in cut water stripped and in samba district of Jammu division now these two bridges are significant from the border point of view as well as connectivity for the locals here the defense minister will be accompanied by Minister of State in PMO Jitendra Singh and Chief of Army Staff General weapon Robert and this is things a first visit to Jammu after taking over as the new Defense Minister an earlier army tree for general weapon Robert visited the draw sector in Jammu and Kashmir on Friday and during the visit he was briefed by the general officer commanding fire and fury co on the prevailing situation and operational preparedness in the sector general weapon Robert also interacted with the soldiers deployed on the line of control the army chief was accompanied by General Officer Commanding in chief for Northern Command as well around to noon news on a budget session of Parliament well the Lok Sabha passed a bill to expedite the process of appointment of chairperson and the members of the National Human Rights Commission on Friday while introducing the protection of human rights amendment bill 2019 Minister of State for Home linnethia and rice said that changes in the legislation will help in protecting human rights effectively the amendment provides for reduction in the tenure of chairpersons of national and state Human Rights bodies to three years from the current five years it also stipulates that besides a former Chief Justice of India a former Supreme Court judge can also become the NHRC chairperson similarly a former High Court judge can become a state Human Rights Commission chairperson besides a High Court chief the will will also give more administrative and financial powers to these bodies the new bill provides for including the chairpersons of the National Commission for Backward Classes the National Commission for the protection of child rights and the chief for Commissioner for persons with disability as the members of the NHRC members of several parties participated in the discussion on the bill yoak ahora te aho yeah raja kimono Adhikari aho awestruck only for the Vixen hill whoa isolates analytically to wanaka Lee or father Nixon la escuela politécnica de objectia scalia is Pravda honcho jana prostitute jia jia hey lie again Desmodus a cheaper car car it s HRT maybe a GT supercar Rajic a mono dakara I augment all tonality a multi-layered hiss a lava mutiny alayka ya GV is obnoxious for the kill a pastor who sat there the fact is that the post of DG investigations of the National Human Rights Commission was kept bacon for a period of three years since 2014 until the Supreme Court hold up the government for its failure to make an appointment the bills should have provided for time bound appointments but it does not do something Joby Amari a yoga mat Monday in bata bata and yoga as a guideline we start our own HIA as the rules we could historic are definitely your admission from buttercream this actually will open up a wide bracket of choices for the government which in turn will have a potential of resulting in an unhealthy competition among the members of the serving judiciary and more politicization of the same I am opposed to this reduction of terms of the human debt Commission Chairman I am all troubled that instead of Chief Justice of Supreme cook you are allowing any judge of the Supreme Court that we reduce the gravitas of the post of chairman please bring this bill again let's have a more detailed discussion on it and increase the ambit of it so that is strengthened so no citizens of India ever goes without his issues on the dresser meanwhile in the Rochester Bobby J PMP Vijay Pal Singh Tomar moved a private member's resolution for the welfare of farmers now Thomas water setting up hasanul co-come lager case elegant his key loggers come home or pee risky productivity case every parish do productivity homes case a hadam case a minute from Langguth heroscape productivity cabaret mechanic average extraneous about bulge on TV hanky am surplus or I'm here Amara he is an akuna he a glaze Alka record or car he shall enter a sprocket or Monson may Ethan above the law climate change key job area sir Raj escape Baba Jews be America anezka volka sub G qey savvy Woodford on key record shaper Childre ha Tomer sought to setting up of a national farmers commission with constitutional status to deal with the farmers issues he also sought a hike in funds provided to the farmers as the kiss on salmon with he from 6000 rupees to 10,000 rupees per year replying to the resolution mo ISA agriculture purshotham Rapala told the house that the government is planning a drive to bring around 7 crore remaining farmers under the kiss on credit card scheme which was even worse each a quesadilla why are you sweetie he's sector de la ville Dahlia rope icardi donkey Philippa dialog our case obviously we to worry Shailaja Tata Takara ya chuggabug yah he's in a kaha hey can we could pick up a holla for one ayah but Wiggly to her back Runa Basanti halep is correct Lisa K 1 Co sir Quecha he busily job is going to China Mandarin Chaya processing chai a marketing charge a Hassan I hope justice um Emily sonnett opening up a limb or Sami not an IOT report iov Mathematica steam-operated scope is assalaamu key is a sauna Grenada Skippy check constitutional back at all tacky is an abuse of my sawsan nucleus here and several members cutting across party lines participated in the discussion and supported the resolution on Veronica Sunoco German children or his kid shall take classes Rehana maharaja Halicki hamara sang with hunky hara a kiss me production of life and personal liberty mischief Giardia is Anoka chief decided samosa jessica from our ceiling entire was comatose immortal catharsis in agenda like a nato which beach by saga but not have taken his keyboard maybe sauce watching some money the apne tells arden Ichabod akia lake in Bacchus the millet tinkerer she cut this lock doors are Rebecca Pilates Tamila lake in acne deuce register meows for comic art a dokuro channel after da Ordo laughs at aragaki-san Job Bank Bureau or German Bureau may be Sangha T Catherine not on capella is the mill fire money on could do serratus the mill via land acquisition cool a Kirkeby I'm no kata karna hoga sign on the top Yahoo Tana exact Navi logical nominally local mclubbe nahi nahi telco maharaja who subtract is your garage a licking and there is some sadness fuck – Swami X and Estia kiss on Kisame Dalits adivasis una Casa Luker open kisi crony punji vodka tonic what I got Tabata he touches on our yogi mythology an orientation program was held for the newly elected members of the 17th looks up how on Friday officials of the looks of our secretariat interacted with the members and in form them about various kinds of services and amenities that will be provided to them queries are raised by the members on various issues were also addressed the orientation program which was inaugurated by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on 3rd of July in Parliament House and XE has been organized by the Bureau of parliamentary studies and training and the initiative of Lok Sabha Speaker embed La Union ministers armature Nitin Gadkari also addressed the newly elected members on 4th of July vo shazam bonded debate we a what we what why some rod one verse of a pope la hoja that cali groups a kissy video / bol na hey ya but ya t RT c GT o / OpCo debate may be ugly nahi dos under Becerra be how club there o sundar Pacifica Cassiopeia septa he or Kitaoka das act I ski John Kerry be a pool of the car I died on a semi Avenues now with the BJP gearing up for the organizational polls the party president Amit Shah pointed veteran party leader rather Mohan Singh as the in charge of panel to oversee the elections on Friday he will be assisted by looks of a member of annoyed them son card a former MP Hans Raj a hill and city Ravi Karnataka Emily the organizational polls are likely to begin next month after the party's the membership drive is over and now an update on the flood situation in Bihar and the northeast of the country well it showed little improvement on Friday even as over 1.15 crore people remain affected the death toll due to floods and rain-related incidents reached 150 the toll in Bihar floods climb to 92 with 14 deaths reported from different marooned areas of the state in the past 24 hours relief and rehabilitation measures were running in full swing over the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar launching a drive under which over 180 crore rupees the were disbursed among affected people through direct cash transfer altogether 6.76 lakh people spread over 12 districts have been hit by the calamity the chief minister also announced an excretion of 4 lakh rupees to the next of the kin of each deceased meanwhile 11 people were killed in Assam on Friday taking the death told you – floods in the state – forty seven forty eight point eight seven lakh people were affected in twenty seven offer the 33 districts of the state Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured a delegation of MPs are from Assam of providing the central assistance to the flood hits state where 28 of the 33 districts have been affected by the deluge in more monsoon updated the southwest monsoon advanced into the remaining parts of a western Rajasthan thereby covering the entire country on Friday now most regions in northern India except Delhi recorded a light to moderate rainfall the mercury and humidity levels arose in the national capital in the absence of rains on Friday the Weathermen said that not much rain is likely in the city in the next two to three days as well meanwhile heavy rain / to several parts of Kerala for the second consecutive day as the southwest monsoon intensified in the state after a period of lull where the southwest monsoon intensifying the IMD has the issued orange and yellow alerts across various districts in the state the meta Department has also forecast light to moderate rainfall in parts of Rajasthan in the next 24 hours the maximum temperatures in Haryana and Punjab however who were the below the normal limits on Friday autosum sports news now PV Sindhu has entered the women's singles semi finals of Indonesia open in badminton Indonesia open ace Indian schüttler PV Sindhu will apply now her semi-final match against a Chen why of China today Sindhu defeated japan's an OCO hara in straight games are 21 14 14 7 in the quarter-finals chen while earlier defeated Zhang B of the u.s. 21 14 21 17 16 21 in the quarterfinals and in more sports news in the is SF shooting Junior World Cup Ashwin Pratap Singh Tomar clinched the gold medal with the junior world record in the final of rifle three position event in Germany on Friday after qualifying in the fourth place with a total of four 1171 doma with a score of 450 9.3 beta Z peckler of hungry by 4.5 points to clinch the gold medal India in fact finish the ISSF tournament on the top of the table with the ten gold medals nine silver and five bronze and a total thereby of 24 medals and more good news India made a record by winning gold in men's and women's a category in the Commonwealth Table Tennis a championship in Qatar on Friday the Indian men who won the final match defeating England 3-2 and the Indian women team defeated England 3-0 in the final match the Indian women team won the gold for the first time in the history of the Commonwealth Games and well with that we wrap up this edition of breakfast news thanks for watching have a great day ahead

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