English News Bulletin – July 04, 2019 (1 pm)

  1. Don't worry about regaining status of world's fastest economy or being obsessed about Guinness book of records – what is needed for a trustworthy comprehensive economic survey that is independent along with real job creation as well as forward looking plans to keep employment given the dramatic changes about to happen over the next 5-10 years. A lot has to be done before $ 5 trillion can be achieved.

  2. What i find amusing is Pakistan's so called crackdown on islamic terrorists ! How can we expect that a country which has lied for decades can turn over a new leaf ? Dawood & gand ares till running an empire from within a state which has a military that is owned 7 controlled by these rats ! To The Paki muslim they are hero's of Islam. Pakistan must learn that it has to heel to world laws & not partner as it is like a person that has a bad rep. in everything ! from credit to anti human activities – in a nutshell it's a creation of the devil himself !

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