Engineering Newswire 33: Boston Dynamics Tests Mustard Gas & Sarin on PETMAN

today on engineering newswire brought to you by PD MD TV we're building a bionic dragon fly fishing with the Franken drone and testing mustard gas on pet man to help test the durability of hazmat suits Boston Dynamics has unveiled its pet man or protection and sambal test mannequin robot which can perform rigorous tests like running jumping crouching and crawling wow that actually looks like a real person strapped to a treadmill doing things against its will fastening in a somewhat horrifying way although tethered by a power cable pet man's balance is more dynamic and natural than other bipeds and it out does other humanoid robots with its skin which has sensors embedded into it to help detect leaks in the suit that's not all the robot also artificially perspires to help maintain a microclimate inside the clothing Boston Dynamics says that pet man has been delivered to a testing facility where it is undergoing validation experiments soon the robot will be installed inside of an exposure chamber or will be tested against the likes of sarin and mustard gas talk about your fifty shades of Terminator and now van heck yeah yeah there's a new Kickstarter out there hoping to float your boat I'll be at a very small one inventor Larry freeze is hoping to manufacture a remote-controlled tube shaped vessel called the Frank and drone USV for unmanned surface vehicle it's mostly hollow so you can put cameras or other things inside of it and you can bolt things under the exterior frame as well like all boats the majority of the cost is the motor which drives a propeller like an airboat submerged propellers can become tangled which is enough of a pain on a large boat let alone one your remote controlling way over there Larry's Kickstarter still has a ways to go might we suggest some reward add-on such as crap I lost my hat retriever or a gizmo to get fishing lines out of trees that's what I'd like on murata boy the bike riding robot Murat Savoy showcased his innovative technologies at Chicago's museum of science and industry for national robotics week a mere 50 centimeters tall this bike pedaling biped is packed with high-performance electronic components including ultrasonic shock and gyro sensors Bluetooth modules in DC to DC converters the stuff typically found in cell phones cars televisions and computers nearly make this little man a real boy in addition to the hands-on demonstrations and in-depth presentations Narada electronics made a donation to the museum science minors program to support stem education science minors is a youth development program that helps teens learn about science meets science professionals and conduct experiments with museum guests while fulfilling service learning hours that's all and well but let's get to the heart of the story the public wants to know about the link between mirada boy and his cousin unicycle aficionado neurotic girl mulatto girl the pair who are built from similar stock have been seen traveling the world together of late and have grown suspiciously close you be careful mb her profile may say she's shy but I get the sense this six kilogram vixen was built to make me Radha's little Johnny 5 feel alive I feel the new Bionic copter from festo has managed to harness the power of dragonfly flight characteristics just like a real dragonfly the robot is incredibly light it can fly in all directions hover in midair and glide without beating its wings in addition to control of the shared flapping frequency and twisting of the individual wings each of the four wings also features an amplitude controller with a quick tilt of the wings the direction of the thrust has changed and the control allows the intensity of the thrust to be regulated sensors actuators and mechanical components as well as open and closed loop control systems are installed in a very tight space and adapted to one another for a precise system an arm microcontroller calculates all the parameters relating to mechanical adjustment based on input from the onboard inertia acceleration and position sensors together with pilot input they then translate these into movement by actuating the servo motors utilizing the wireless real-time communication the bionic copter manages to achieve the elegant flight of a dragonfly with the awesomeness of robotics however complex and impressive the engineering is behind this thing I just can't help but think about the Dinobots and the absolute necessity to transform a bipedal metal warrior into a robotic dinosaur nice they go good oh sweet i don't you step into the ice patient for blood pretty please pretty pretty pretty Julie's nice tie Go Go Dino wish your grunt I'm an attorney and somewhat green eyes I know good and sweet Daniel do you have story ideas comment below and we'll cover them in an upcoming episode for PD and DTV I'm Megan Zumba and this has been your engineering newswire

  1. This machine can climb stairs.

    We have officially built a robot that beats the daleks in one department!

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