Energy-saving  research center won 1.59 MILLION YUAN of the Government support funds

Innovation is the first driving force was accompanied in recent years with the practical implementation of these innovations The efforts were intended to promote the talents in business projects, and implementing a policy of supporting and promoting industrial change and modernization leading advanced developments. On the Corporate Recognition and Promotion Policy Implementation Meeting 2018 the Energy and Environmental Research Center received more than 1.59 million yuan to support funds from the government Weihai And among them the leader of the Taisan Championship received a subsidy of 800,000 yuan. The company also receives extensive support. The company is one of the first companies that started its activities in the research center in Weihai Innovation Park. Existing electric vehicles at low speed on the market have a low motor efficiency and a small range. The joint venture with the German expert, Viktor Arestov a new high-performance AC motors developed. These motors meet customer requirements for speed and power consumption, and are recognized by many foreign customers. And we get a lot of orders from foreign companies and individuals. This engine is easy ustnanavlivaetsya in our car. Now we make a high-speed electric motorcycle. Our main goal is the efficiency of electric vehicles Especially for vehicles with a range of 100 kilometers, the used by many families, The aim is commanding km verifiable wide to 150 or to increase at least 25% ASPP is an innovative company whose developments have been awarded prizes of the Duma of the Russian Federation. And the work of Viktor Arestova and his companies have received state recognition of Weihai and the province For high-performance engines and engine control systems, he was personally awarded the 800,000 yuan price Viktor has about 20 patents in the field of energy saving All this enabled him to become a winner, he won the championship industry Taishan in Shandong Province. And also from the district Huanci the company received a government award All this has created the opportunity to organize their own production, And there was Viktor confidence in the development of the future. The development of this technology in China in recent years has made it possible to lower the production costs for engines and to increase their energy efficiency, which is at the level of city government highly appreciated. I believe that this technology has a great future in the market. I am the government very grateful for the opportunity and support. This opens up great opportunities for our entire team We are the regional government very grateful for this financial support. This allowed our team, in research and development to work successfully in electric vehicles on the introduction of more efficient engines We hope for a quick access to the European and world markets Currently, we certify our engines and vehicles for these markets. And soon we will launch a campaign to promote our products The financial support of innovation aims to support the development of innovation and the introduction of new technologies in the industry, the social and consumer services to improve for professionals and promoting talented professionals and their families Currently, the innovative parking and energy conservation center has 26 branches in the city The government has set up departments in the areas of environmental development. The direction of the electric mobility industry where many young professionals are involved. The energy-efficient lighting industry evolves Much work is being done to rid the seas and protect them from pollution The party district committee and the provincial government attach great importance on the promotion of talent The long experience of the Party Committee in assisting foreign professionals in innovative parks has led to good results In the field of social protection and services for professionals and their families large funding. Currently much attention to the solution of environmental problems is directed in the purification of water and soil pollution. The Center for research and development in the field of energy saving and environmental protection is for the government of great importance. All this allows us to make the internal management mechanism of research centers so and strengthen that we focus on an environment for fruitful work for specialists and to provide a comfortable living environment for their families and to create a fertile ground for entrepreneurial activity.

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