Ellen’s Hot Guys: Chris Hemsworth Speaks Some Strange Languages

– We have to hurry up. Chris Hemsworth is
the sexiest man alive. [coughs]
That’s all you need to know. [coughs] Congratulations on a title
that you have strived for your entire career. [cheers and applause] – Thank you.
– Good for you. – Ah, yeah.
[cheers and applause] – And your wife
is beautiful as well. – She is, thank you. – And you have
beautiful children, as a result of two beautiful
people having ch– You had, uh– – Science experiment.
– Two new children. – We did have two new kids,
yeah. We had two twin boys. – How old are they now?
– One. – Wow.
– Yeah, just turned one. – And the others? – My daughter’s three.
– Three? – Yeah.
– Three, and– (audience) Aw!
– Yeah. – And just, three and the twins? – [laughs] That’s the back
of their heads. – Well–[laughs]
[audience laughter] Well, they’re looking for food.
(audience) Aw! – Your wife is Spanish, right?
– Yeah. – So, do the–
does the three-year-old– Obviously the one-year-olds
don’t speak Spanish yet. – Yeah, I don’t know what’s
wrong with them. – No. [laughs]
[audience laughter] – They can’t even walk
properly, either. – Oh, no.
They can’t walk? – No, they–I have to dress
them, it’s really– They’re a bit lazy.
[audience laughter] But my daughter is bilingual.
Amazing, like– You walk in the room, and if someone’s not
authentically Spanish, she just won’t even have it,
you know. She’s like, “No,” and
will only answer in English. Even if, like, my mom or someone
attempts to speak in Spanish, she’s like, “That’s horrible. You’re butchering the language.
Get out.” – Wow, a snob.
– Yeah, a snob, very much. – So she speaks both Australian
and Spanish, then. – Yeah, and English.
– Yeah, and English? Three languages? Wow.
– I know, isn’t that amazing? – That’s really impressive.
– The Australian, she’s not quite there. – Does she have like a–a kind
of Australian Spanish accent? What’s her accent?
– She does, yeah. That’s all–
my wife’s other family now are kind of finding it quite
amusing that she’s, you know– [in an Australian accent]
“Hola! Como estas?” You know?
[audience laughter] With an Australian accent.
“Como estas, mate?” So–
[audience laughter] That doesn’t work.
– It’s adorable. That’s really adorable. Do I have photos of him? No, I don’t have photos of–
– Of me? – I’m not gonna–my
personal–from my dressing room? Really? All right, they want me to
show– – Oh, [laughs].
[cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] – I don’t know why. [cheers and applause] Okay, that’s good.
[cheers and applause] That’s good.
Those are just from my dressing room,
and I just, uh– – I’ve got similar ones of you
in mine, too. – Do you?
[audience laughter] Right now, it’s time to play
a game called “Score With Thor.” [dramatic music]
[cheers and applause] Here’s what’s going to happen:
I’m going to ask a question, and because Chris is wearing
a pair of pants with a whole bunch of pockets
in it– In one of those pockets
there’s a coin, so when you think you know
the answer, you run over, and you run your hands
all over his legs– [cheers and applause] Find the pocket that has
the coin in it, and when you come back with
the coin, you’re gonna answer
the question, but only after you have
the coin, okay? And whoever gets three out of
five answers correct is gonna win a great prize.
Okay, here we go. Other than Thor,
name three superheroes. [girls muttering excitedly]
– Oh! That is–
– She got it. All right, yes.
– Superman. – Uh huh.
– Batman. – Uh huh.
– Iron Man? Sure, yes, yes.
[bell dings] – Nice.
[cheers and applause] Well done.
[cheers and applause] – You can’t look, though.
– All right. – Turn–turn around so you don’t
see where that goes. Okay, Thor has
a magical hammer, but you can also get hammered by
drinking screwdrivers. What are the ingredients
in a screwdriver? – Oh, my gosh, I have no idea. – [squeals]
– [talking indistinctly] – Yes.
– Tequila? [audience laughter] I’m 19, I don’t drink. Um, um, rum.
No, um… What are other drinks?
Um, wine? No, um, vodka?
[audience laughter] Vod–vodka? – Sure.
– That’s it, that’s it. It’s tequila, rum and wine,
and vodka. [audience laughter]
You were so close. [audience laughter] If you were going to join
the Avengers, what would be your superhero
name and superpower? – [grunts] [audience laughter] – He has one?
[audience laughter] It’s, uh…
[audience laughter] – I found it!
[audience laughter] – Sorry! Sorry!
[audience laughter] I’m sorry!
[cheers and applause] – A few places that pockets
didn’t exist, there. [audience laughter] – No, you have to be thorough.
You really do. [audience laughter] Chris is in amazing shape,
he really is. Speaking of people
in amazing shape, what is the name of the guy who
trims my bushes? – Oh.
– What? – Ha ha!
– Yes. – The bush trimmer? [audience laughter]
– I know it! I know it! I know it! I know it!
[audience laughter] – Right?
[audience laughter] – I know it. – Yes.
– Nick the gardener. – That’s right,
Nick the gardener. [cheers and applause] Okay. Thor often works with
Captain America. Name someone who just announced
they’re running for president of the United States of America. – No idea… Oh–oh, crap. Obama. [audience laughter]
No, has he– [audience laughter]
Has he already gone? A long time? I don’t follow politics.
[laughs] – Just announced they’re running
for the president. – Um, Biden. No.
– Okay, all right. – I don’t know anyone.
– You should start drinking. [audience laughter] – I don’t know anyone’s names.
I’m sorry. – Well, Hillary Clinton just–
– Oh, Hillary Clinton! – Yeah, oh good?
You just thought of that? Okay. [all laugh] – All right.
– We make a good team. – You know what, it’s really
tough to say who won, I think you won.
I’m not sure, but you–I’ll say you both won,
so you’re gonna go to the “Avengers: Age of Ultron”
premiere tonight! – Oh my–
– Tonight! [girls scream]
[cheers and applause] All right.
– [laughs] [applause] I also–
[applause] I feel like if I would’ve called
anyone else down, they may have won also, so all
of you are also going– [screams and applause]

  1. There are like comments saying "the best thing about chris is his voice blablabla"

    and here I am thinking, the best thing about Chris is his e x i s t e n c e

  2. That's cute and fun
    But imagine if the roles are reversed, and two dudes have to go and touch all of the actress body, there gonna be a shitstorm

  3. now imagine that game in reverse… a woman celeb with that pants and 2 guys searching for the coin…

  4. Chris was really mature with that situation. I'm a girl myself and I'm disgusted by the women with the pink shirt. The fan screaming was also really embarrassing

  5. Try playing this game with two men and a woman………..would not be a second episode of the programme that did.

  6. Who else notice that the didn't answer one question {if you were a superhero what name and superpower you would choose}

  7. Ellen did not seem down for all this, so many eye rolls ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ seems more the producers idea

  8. I love how heโ€™s just embracing this awkwardly knowing in his head the wifeโ€™s probably going to shoot him with a lightning bolt when he gets home

  9. Thanks for disrespecting our portuguese culture and language by saying that portuguese is Spanish and also portuguese isn't strange its like saying English is strange which in fact is not so please review what you say ok

  10. i speak 11 languages urdu,hindi,punjabie,arabic,japanese,chinese,franch,korean,vietnamese,tamili and a little of espaniol

  11. Ok so I donโ€™t know if I should he mad at ellen for not stopping the situation or mad at the girl or mad at both I donโ€™t think Ellenโ€™s or the girl meant any harm but their definitely is a double standard here

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