Election Security – Local

Elections don’t happen every day but your local officials work every day
to maintain and improve election security so you can feel confident that your vote
is accurately and securely recorded. That includes your officials
employing physical protections, cybersecurity techniques, and pre- and post-election examinations among other tools, to protect your vote. Did you know that before each election, your county election board physically inspects, tests, and seals each voting machine to prevent and detect
unauthorized access to the equipment? Did you know that no voting machine
or system in Pennsylvania is ever connected to or permitted
on internet-facing networks? Once the polls close on election day, official precinct election results are hand-delivered from each precinct to county officials, who check them and later certify the results. Your County Commissioners,
local election directors and IT staff are part of an election security workgroup
that studies security issues, shares training resources, provides
security assessments and intelligence to continuously improve election security. Like other levels of government, your local officials work every day
to ensure elections are secure.

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