Election Fraud Pt 2: American Voting Machine Systems Exposed

Precinct Find and Poll Workers. Once you go in to look at the
web mail console for all of the poll workers within these counties look at
the password they used to get into it. Pink . Pink was the password to be able
to send email out to 7,000 poll workers just in Florida. You can cause extraordinary chaos. You could take control of thing. I mean, this is really scary. What other things could you do
if you have that password? Pink and know the user name. What? What problems can you cause if
you can send those e-mails on it? Pull up something else to
show you here real quick. So I come over here are of
the number of files that we found unsecured and open
on their site. So if I go in
to the files, first off. I pull up a screenshot. These are what are known
as as SQL databases. When you look at this database, that
is what is known as PII or personal information. So the first one that I
open down here that is PII every voter within these counties, this is their
personal information and their Social Security numbers, their home
address, their driver’s license number, all of it. So if someone and I’m
sure someone has gotten a hold of all of this, that means
every single one of those individuals has all of
their information compromised. So you’re talking credit
reports, you’re talking email, everything that we have to keep secure
on a daily basis, which just opened on this Web site and
they keep it all open. So when I go back through here. And this is all the
same voting machine company. Yes, this is all the
same voting machine company. We pulled all this information
from off of their page. This is on this portal. This portal is called a Univention. And so whenever I and whenever
a company is building a piece of software, they use programs
like this, which is called Univention. And this is how all
of those programmers talk together. So on here, I can see Web meetings. I can see their web
applications, how they’re communicating. Well, that was found. And I’ll show you here real quick. That was found right here. So here is the Web site link. That is if you have a
programmer who is writing a program. Here is the remote access into it. And you see the log in over here,
all of their logins have been kept in plain text files on the website. So if I want to log into this
and be able to change their information, I can. Now, one of the other things
that we found when we were looking through all of this is if
I go back through here, I go over to vote. Here is the software that Tenex puts on tablets. This is called ePollbook. Now, if you see these
files called storyboards, this explains how their software is made. So if a black hat hacker in another
country decides that he wants to be able to go into the system and say
he wants to add an exploit in, say, eternal blue, which is
a really black bad exploit that was leaked by the Snowden
leaks, that was an NSA tool and he infused eternal blue
into our voting system. Then he would have access
to every system that every voting company in the
United States had. And we have seen
that already happening. This is a massive
national security exposure. What you just said is that they’re
putting out there in in plain view basically a hacker manual, here’s
exactly how you compromise America. Correct. They’re showing everyone how to
be able to do it. They have not securing any of it. And this is all Tenex. Yes. This is just Tenex. The people that we’re paying to secure
our systems are the ones that are exposing us. For Dallas, Texas. I believe Dallas was given a
twenty two million dollar contract for securing the vote
and bringing in these pieces of equipment. This screenshot that I’m
showing right here. Here’s a listing of all of the Android files for putting
their programming on an Android tablet. So whether it’s Android or IOS,
we were able to find that information on the open web.

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