Election Fraud Pt 1: Never Before Seen Evidence

And one of the most interesting things
we did was we interviewed a white hat hacker named Jykll. He’s come back to us with
some additional information that he’s uncovered that we think
you should see. I’ve also invited back our friend Russ
Ramsland, and Russ is a voter fraud expert, but he is also an
Internet and cyber expert as well. So I want Russ to
join in seeing this story. He’s followed it for a while and
he’s followed Jykll for a while. So welcome to THE WAR ROOM, Russ. Great. Thank you. Pleasure
to be here. Great. So we’ve got Jykll is an off
site location and he’s going to be showing on this monitor some
of the things he’s uncovered. Jykll. Can you hear me? Yes, I can. Kevin, good morning. Good morning. What have you got to show for us? I guess after our last conversation,
we got into it explaining how vulnerable the hacking and
how vulnerable the voting systems and the voting machines are
within the United States and globally. Me and some of the guys
that I work with decided to start delving further in so we can
actually catalog and show exactly how vulnerable it was. Ok. I’ve got I’ve got Russ Ramsland
here and we’re going to be watching. Go ahead and demonstrate. Alright, so first off, we look at
one company, sort of a minor company. So this first one is going to
be a company called Tenex Software Solutions. Now, what I’m going
to show you first here is I used an open source
piece of software called Burp Suite can be able to
do what’s called web crawling. So this isn’t hacking or anything. This is just out there doing it. Correct Russ. So what this is
this is just utilizing a program operating system called Linux
and using a few tools, especially one that’s known
as a web crawler. I can look at a Web site
and I can enumerate every link that is on that site and
then start looking for vulnerabilities. Start looking for programming
that’s set up incorrectly or information that’s not secured. Ok, so Tenex Solutions is
a voting machine company? Yes. And recently they just did
won a contract with Dallas. So now they’re going to be
running and the voter check in systems in Dallas County. So when you go in to
register to vote for that morning, you put your I.D. down
and Tenex runs the software for the i-Pad
or the Samsung that’s sitting there that you
put your your idea. Ok. So I see a series
of links here, starting with mail.tenexsolutions.com. And what you’re telling
me and what you just said to Russ, this wasn’t hacked. This is just something anybody that
crawls the Internet can find this without trying to do anything. Going in and looking at Tenex
inside the company, you’re just looking at what’s publicly available,
is that correct? That’s correct. And the information that
we found is quite staggering, because if you look at
links that are on the site, it looks like the person who
set it up is leaving the keys before the door. So every time you have a door you
have to go through that requires a password. We’re finding text
files that have those passwords in them were finding areas that are supposed to have
security, to have absolutely no security whatsoever. It’s like leaving the key under
the mat to your house. And more than that what I think
you’re suggesting in that this even looks purposeful. It asked to the guy who runs Tenex’s software. He is listed as a
C I S S P, so he should know all of the
current protocols and setting up passwords and securing a system. The problem is, is you can see
you look down on this list precinctcentral.com and download, which
is for installing their software on to a tablet. The passwords to be able
to get into it were super123 just to be able to log in. So now I have a location where I
can go in and see where their software is. Well, if I can
find someone’s software, then what that means is I can take that
software and start finding vulnerabilities that I can exploit.

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