Election 2019: CHP’s Vision for Canada

As Canadians go to the polls
this October voters will be asked to consider
various competing ideas. What kind of Canada do
we want for our children? What are the crucial aspects
of our democratic way of life? How can we ensure that our
children will enjoy safe streets
secure jobs
a clean environment and the freedom to pursue
their dreams? Well the Christian Heritage
Party has always defended innocent human life from
conception until natural death. We support traditional marriage
between one man and one woman as the centrepiece
of family life and the family itself as the
building block of society. We have always upheld the
importance of conscience and the rights of a free people
to speak their minds to worship according to their
own understanding and to live according
to conscience. We know of course that there
are many other issues about which Canadians are concerned:
economics, trade, jobs, aboriginal affairs,
national defence, environmental protection,
energy independence, resource development,
agriculture, and foreign affairs
to name just a few. The CHP has policies on these
and other matters all from a biblical world view
and we believe that these topics can only be handled
properly when the critical
issues of life, family and freedom
are addressed. For that reason life, family and freedom have
become our campaign theme. Without life we have nothing. How we treat the most
vulnerable is the best measure of our society. Families are the source
and training ground for every productive citizen and freedom then is essential to
the protection of life, the protection of families
and the protection of every single human right. I’m Rod Taylor National Leader
of the Christian Heritage Party and I invite you to join our
team support our candidates
and share our vision as we work to restore
righteousness and prosperity in a free and
democratic Canada. This election vote Christian
Heritage Party.

  1. CC for what would make a much more successful party:
    -How would you feel about a "Islamic Tradition Party"? Because that's what the name "Christian Heritage Party" sounds like to everyone else.
    -Your platform can have traditional Christian stances without making them front and center, otherwise it just comes across as wanting to enforce them onto everyone else. Libertarianism is appealing, not theocracy.
    – If your platform requires a majority of voters to be traditional Christians, then you should be investing your time into domestic evangelism first. Top-down is not the way to change hearts.

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