EFF - Ideology governing SABC rooted in 3rd Reich

thank it's become let me greet the leadership of the e FF in particular the TG and the DSG look speaker the problems of the SABC are symptomatic of a fascist and apartheid state that believes that the state must colonize and control national communications for purposes of sewing propaganda and for consolidating power it is an ideology that has its roots in Hitler's Third Reich with his minister Joseph Goebbels that's where it comes from so what happens is that the SABC has been used to control national journalistic practices to control programming and to control culture and entertainment for purposes of narrow propaganda we saw what happened at the Metro FM Awards with my pal annoys the corrupt mobile annoys so fundamentally at the heart of the problems of the SABC is that it's being used to undermine democracy and to fight internal battles of the sabc this is what we heard in the evidence given to the to the adult committee we heard that it was used to stifle election campaigns for opposition parties in particular the e FF we heard that it was used to elevate individuals within the SBA and see in order to fight for the soul of the ANC we heard that it was used as a tool of a much larger scheme of handing over state-owned entities to the corrupt family of the Guptas but the report fails to place the SABC saga at the at the heart of of the state capture the e FF made the point that the report must make the point that the SABC was at the heart of state capture however the report does make some key interventions first it identifies governance failures of the SABC including the fiasco caused by the incompetent Minister mutiny who failed to steer the entity in the interest of South African public it recommends that the Crim that criminal prosecutions of corrupt individuals and entity and most importantly the recommendation to the president to fire the incompetent Minister who is not here today we sincerely hope that the president will set aside his factional and self-enrichment interest and do the right thing for once in his life the FF suppose the report what is the point of order please take your seat or narubu marina according to rule 85 when the member is going to make allocations to the president of the member of this house must make it through the substantive motion so he cannot say the president is corrupt or is doing this thing without putting it on the table that point of order is sustained honourable when you of course notice that say I want to make I'm just on the floor not on the flow honourable machina I am addressing you would you like to withdraw what you said or submit what allocations you are making through a substantive motion say a substance of a substantive motion was tabled to this house no I'm talking about now I'm talking about right now in terms of what you've said right now could you please withdraw is the is the is the chair saying then I mean I must submit a substantive motion now no my submitter substantive motion now I'm saying withdraw what you said no you don't want to withdraw then the alternative you have is to then come back with a substantive motion but speaker no I don't want to interact with you I don't want us to have it a dialogue okay no that's right I would it recommends that criminal prosecutions of corrupt individuals in the entity most importantly it recommends that the minister must fire – add that the president was fired Minister matambi who is incompetent the FF supports the report in the interest of rebuilding the SABC in its governance we support the report and Esther in the interest of rebuilding and restoring our constitutional democracy I thank you very much you

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