Edison Prague – I love the Czech Republic (G8MB, 2018)

(Indonesian flute) (Indonesian song) …and they… the garlic, the … …with more outside things. vitamine B1 In English we say: My name is Ali. Yea? But in Azerbaijanis it’s like that: My name Ali is. And “is” is a suffix. Do you know what’s a suffix? (Russian alphabet) (Chinese pronounciation) Yea! Let’s meet in Indonesia. And I will cook like this more for you! I want to try… (Chinese) – Happy New Year! Okay? …on behalf of the school I would like to thank your for coming here and making this project happen. So, thank you… My beautiful assistant. So, thank you, too. Dear Česká republic, love Azarbaijanis, ok? I came from Azerbaijan and… That’s it. Hi! I am Stella from China. Nice to meet you. I really enjoy and love here… I love Czech, I love Prague. Yeah, thank you. (Czech) – I love you! I wanna… I wanna thank you for you guys to just appreciate us and I really appreciate you and I will really miss this school. It’s my favourite place and the first time that I won’t want to go to Prague. And I love you so much and thank you for everything. Thank you! (Czech): I love the Czech Republic. The best place to live. Come here!

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