1. The lyrics of this song really resonate with me. It's about PC culture and how they're trying to build a Utopia by forcing ideals down people's throats, thought policing and acting violently towards people with different ideas because it doesn't fit the rhetoric being peddled to them by paid shills aka a lot of University professors. These PC assholes claim to hate fascism yet don't seem to understand censorship and thought policing are key to fascism and control, they're simply puppets and sheep incapable of independent thought. The hypocrisy is astounding.

  2. A riff from this song looks very much like The Blood of Power. But this album is fucking amazing, best of 2017

  3. the intro sounds alot like slayer's angel of death intro starting at 2 sec from beginning (on 1st drum roll) but with a lower pitch.

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