Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA War on Musicians and Activists,Trailer(2018)

the CIA was in effect acting as America's hidden Ministry of Culture the hearing coincides with the release of sixteen thousand pages of declassified CIA documents about the agency's project MKULTRA while this document shows the CIA was working on the use of LSD and other drugs for unconventional warfare evidence supports that the battlefield would include whoever opposed their racist pro-war agenda undercover FBI agent George dem early was a leader of the crazies at one of their New York parties the crazies spiked the New York weatherman's punch with acid the Weathermen disavowed their stance against acid stark was the biggest source of underground acid at one time in the world the judge says Ronald stark that evidence shows has been an agent of the US Secret Service's from the 1960s on therefore we cannot keep him in jail cabott house at Harvard I discovered that's opium flying in arms to our allies flying back out with the heroin the first target being US GIS during the Vietnam War the second target being the United States itself the infiltration of cocaine into the Black Panther Party is leadership he repeating it and being able to main target the head of the DEA at the time Robert Bonner said that a ton of pure cocaine worth hundreds of millions of dollars had been smuggled into the United States and he blamed the CIA saying the agency had joined the Venezuelan National Guard in drug smuggling so there's a little known about his activities with mi6 he actually confessed to a jazz producer by the name of Alan Douglas and you know the FBI had a 300 page file online much of it remains classified for national security reasons the dormant of the Dakota that night was Jose Perdomo a veteran of the CIA's botched Bay of Pigs invasion a professional hitman who worked closely with convicted Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis on the CIA's panel I cannot think of a case in which I have had someone inject himself with a large amount of heroin and then proceeded to kill himself it just doesn't make sense yeah 50 grand a whack kurt cobain I mean he was openly told you that he worked for the CIA but later on after he retired he told me he wrote me a letter and I have a letter my daughter came along Steve took care reform now we speaking with brother Tupac Shakur Green was the national chairman of the new African Panthers the cult of thug life is a revolutionary document he began to broker the peace between these gangs I provided the chief with enough information and evidence ex-detective Poole resigned after 18 years on the force when he was prevented from investigating fellow police officers whom he believed to be involved in the murders of biggie smalls and 2pac Shakur son-of-a-gun


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