Dr Tim Haughton, Department of Political Science and International Studies

So my name is Tim Haughton, I’m reader in
European Politics at the University of Birmingham. My main research areas really cover three
fields. So firstly the domestic politics of central and eastern Europe particularly the
politics of Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Secondly I’ve done a lot of work
on the European Union particularly as part of my research I’m a co-editor of a publication
the Journal of Common World Studies Annual Review of the European Union and the Third
aspect of my research looks at political parties, elections voters and parties particularly
in the past I’ve focused a lot on the countries of central and eastern Europe but I’m currently
branching out and looking across the European continent. All three of those have fed into
and continue to feed into my teaching here in Birmingham. So if we take so example the
politics of central and eastern Europe, I teach final year undergraduate modules which
are focused on the politics of central and eastern Europe and the 20th century history
of central and eastern Europe in the communist times. So I also teach a second year module
Comparative European Government and my work particularly on political parties feeds into
that particular module when we’re looking for example at why some political parties
are much more successful than others and why certain party systems are much more stable
than others. And my work on the European Union feeds into my core first year module the Introduction
into the European Union where we cover the institutions the history and the politics,
so my work especially on issues to do with enlargement and issues to do with the preferences
of particular member states feeds into what we cover in the third term during that module.

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