Dozens of community outreach & fundraising ideas

we had a guy on our church I was coming out of my office one day and he was walking down the hall and I never seen this guy he was about 64 250 pound white guy go t hat on backwards a backpack cutoff sweatshirt cutoff shorts tattoos all over his body y'all got the picture yes okay so he's walking down the hall like this and I bump into I say hey what's up man he's a how you doing fast mouth I said we go he says I'm going to my first ministry meeting I'm nervous it's not you nervous he's yeah you always tell us do something and and I've been praying and I'm going to go to my first ministry meeting big ole do I go what minister you going to he said uh it's the Knitting ministry you know I don't want to judge the brother but I'm like how do you get it in the minute ministry I mean I've praise the Lord more power to you but how did you get in that he says well I don't knit I crochet I saw explains I get that now I see that he looked like the crochet type he says well I learned how to crochet in prison I was with the Hells Angels for 12 years I was like oh yeah I heard they do crochet so we're standing there talking a few minutes and the the poster child of the crochet ministry comes down the hall 50-something year-old lady about this tall you know saying are you Johnny or whatever his neck can't remember what his name was is he's like yes and she took him by the hand he's like this big he's like this and they walk down the hall here's a deal they make hats for little kids that have cancer you have people in your church just some of you on here there's something you want to do your church doesn't offer it make it up do it we have ladies in our church that make dolls they make little dolls they have you know little dolls like that and they have little tags on them and says jesus loves you they give the dolls to the police and the firemen when you take a kid out of the house they'd given the dog simple we're letting out charge you they recycle bottles and cans they raised over 150,000 dollars recycling bottles and cans and they use a lot of money to sponsor kids in Africa to building the whole orphanage now I used to do the World Vision now they're doing through the church and the building a whole little orphanage school and everything from bottles and cans recycle you throw it out no no God can use that he can use that matter of fact if y'all have that website I got only put a website up for you because we have videos that can teach you how to do this today let's see if they got that websites called do something world boom there they go right there do something world if you want to write that address down do something world do something world org and on this website there are videos to teach you how to do a lot of these things we have sixty videos or 60 10 minute ministries 20 of them have PDF instructions how to step by step by step do something world it also has a vision video to motivate you tell you about what I'm talking about now it also has ways for you to raise money for your projects right you can raise money for your going to go out and paint at school helps you raise money all kind of stuff on there it's a great great do something world dog I can encourage you to do that we've been collecting videos from people all around the world about what they do what we want to do is get the best practices of churches or what they're doing in the community and then share it with you so you say I want to reach homeless here's all these homeless options I want to reach the elderly we have a guy who takes 250 people to 49 convalescent homes every week convalescent home they sit there 60% of people in convalescent homes never get a visitor think about how active yo we are and wor when you were young just imagine one day you're sitting in the commonest home and nobody's coming to see you and all you got in your head is your memories what you used to do go visit them they ain't going anywhere every day there were 52 49 convalescent homes and you have all these people that are out there doing stuff and you can say mister convalescent home an activity manager there's a guy or girl who AG who manages activities for common kin how can we help don't play cards go talk to them etcetera matter of fact we had a we had fires in San Diego and all of San Diego is on fire and we open up that building to be a Melissa no I mean to be a evacuation center and we had a convalescent home bringing like 150 elderly people they were from sixty-seven to 92 and we don't have a at the time we don't have a lot of elderly people in our church I was like I just want to see what it looks like to have elderly people in the building they had their oxygen tanks they had to hit wheelchairs they had their own shaft and so we they would have with like two nights and I got to know them and so I was in a meeting with one of them and I said what is what do y'all do for fun there's a weird shuffleboard so who's the best shuffleboard player this lady she was like 87 I'm the best shuffle I said I'm coming to your convalescent home and I'm gonna whoop you no you're not

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