Doug Ford offers $7.35M to cities and school boards to find savings | Power & Politics

  1. whichever way you put it . if you cut away something there will be less left over . that is basic arithmetic .

  2. 100% increase in ten years is closer to 7% growth per year, which considering the downloading that has happened in that time, and the infrastructure challenges that an older city like Toronto has faced, 7% is reasonable. It probably is in line with inflation if you consider the kinds of things cities have to pay for. Toronto City counsel that has been told for more than 10 years by one Ford or another, that they need to find efficiencies. Mayor Rob Ford and Premiere Doug Ford should admit that the differences between running complex social and political entities and a small family business are daunting: the two systems are not the same. Austerity leads to negative growth in cities, provinces and country, ask the Europeans. Forcing it on a city like Toronto that is not only growing every day, but lacks the financial tools to look after its most vulnerable is a irresponsible policy that will make life worse for thousands of people pressed by financial forces beyond their personal control.

  3. I have not had a pay raise in years. I have to make cut backs. I keep getting further behind because taxes are taking more of my income. These guys on the gravy train only care about themselves, they have no clue what they are doing. spend spend spend ,raise taxes is all they know. never trust a politician. I do work for a school board, but i am not a teacher

  4. Vassey was a massive disappointment during her interview of the Guelph mayor.
    She went at the conservative pretty hard.
    Vassey and the CBC bias was very obvious during this segment.

  5. AUDIT!!!!!!!!
    Listen to this libtarded reporter!
    She makes me SICK!!!!

  6. Mayor of Guelph how much do you make? Get hold of your unions. Quit using scare tactics. Stop relying on socialism. Pay your bills and tighten your belt like the people you've been gouging for years. You are one of many municipalities across the country facing the realities of your past overspending.

  7. London city council just gave themselves a hefty pay raise, doubt they are on board for saving 4%.

  8. It’s funny how polarized the comments are. Either you’re pissed off and going off on the MP, or you’re repeating conservative talking points from the election.

  9. The liberals destroyed Ontario financially! Even with huge cuts it'll be almost impossible to pull us out this hole.

  10. LOL… Ford wants to create less intelligent kids. Good luck, Ontario! You really need it with this leader! Conservatives don't care about the poor or middle class – it's all about the rich getting richer. Shame!

  11. Your problem is the definition of efficiencies? Look it up! If you think it means cuts than you are either not trying or not qualified.

  12. This lady is a partisan hack and is just terrible at her job. CBC is brutal to watch.

    I hope the federal government finds efficiencies in CBC News.

  13. We all see money wasted all over GTA every day.municipalities can find more then 4%per dollar they just throw money all over just not to cut taxes.question to everyone here:do you spend all your salary every month and borrow another 100$ to live? No you save.than why are you complaining go ask Kaitlyn Wayne why the got billions in debt? Good job Ford

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