Double Cash Mobile Operations Missions, Power Mad & More (GTA Online Live Stream)

Facebook Twitter YouTube welcome to the official Rockstar Games livestream and we are coming to you live from NY say yeah we're gonna be hitting up some salvations some MOC missions some power-mad and some killer jobs made by some very talented members of the creative community but first I want to give a huge shout out to longtime dedicated community member and a rockstar friend Josh GTA who's live and that rank is putting us all to shame that pull up that thing luckily – already had everything set up for us but know a bit a bit since we've been playing on a ps4 stream so of course we had it hit up the community members will have some of our committee members joining us later today when we have our 16 player playlists but for now we are you have your your group set up you got bubbles you got GTA man what's going on GTA Men what's going on dude not much that much just sitting here chillin some GTA canceled that's a bunker seven alright that's because we got it we gotta sell some stuff what how much stuff we got to sell – what do we got what do we got what do you have 56 grand alright whatever it's fine it's fine I think we can get gotta take we can get alright I think I invited everyone to the bunker okay we're here we don't have to go I mean bubbles bangers tries to drive on the right side here by they won't let me have it and won't let me do it I had to keep the old school of golf carts man there's so much nicer stick shift easier to get around the bunker we gain of salvation yeah would we get I mean you just got one of these who's driving fancy fancy you drive you drive get in there all right I'll squat up everyone getting somewhere good good GT man that's person I got a circle right Oh n gga men is wearing uh the crosswalk T we're gonna be raffling that off later look out to Monique robot well I thought that was gonna be smart and stunning on the trailer but I guess yeah the tree said now DJ man are you listening to music where am i hearing music that's what I won't listen to anything someone's music size bubbles one check your music yeah I'm hearing something yeah no come on come good doesn't sound like the game music now like some 90s rep it's alright we kind of got a job to do okay kind of make this 56 racks for the things are selling here excited I got some random dude well you'll get more force to hide them at the ash companies oh you mean like this guy is passive in the oppressor following me down the freeway so you'd really get a lot of that oh we got now we got people on the street we might need some protection you'll be doing a pretty good job already just saying nothing is completely decimating the traffic come on this yeah that guy speaking of destination what you decimate you I got decimated if you die at least you know it wasn't the driver of the truck yeah now this was I oh you want me to pick you up yeah I got an oppressor follow me ah that troubles were like upset that was that perfect delivery going oh well I got someone followed me in a fretsaw see what he wants to do but we're still tip it don't tip it I'm gonna try to kill this guy's we're on the way see if we can help out the sticky polish no I think you had a hider on you as well you know that's actually one of my favorite simply he's here back up smoke them yeah DJ's the homing he came through pipes yeah back I'm not sure you're going there we go Jonah sent me away quite that would be wonderful wouldn't it now he might walk how driving in circles the jet is friendly right reapers friendly Oh flip society that's what yeah this is yeah about that just as the destination that's all I'm worried about yeah point three miles yeah he's got it who is down in the bag oh they're gonna hold me up at TSA hold on come on oh there you go hey hey mean under the height in it it's easy they need us Stephen eaters and these alright compressors and give you at your backup yes we didn't have backgrounds in Polish we're still no that we haven't made it a year BG our phantom which but was died on the way there and he was drunk made this about so I sent me like a lemon in the passenger seat I would have been on my way had I not had to stop and pick somebody up I needed to write I bet you did it's nice when you guys argue like that why won't you call up your your moc and yeah and we'll uh we'll jump into a mission I'm sure her first kill that man yeah all right yeah I like wait looking at us we killed a man now this day he didn't like that I guess maybe that was his friend that we murder it is nearby but where it is for king good to see you dude long time what's up land the bunny we're always good to see the regulars lick my Mexicans your bar from a suitable Road better run to a suitable road all right guys Oh everything murder no mistakes I'm straining Vader action come on the gravy's dead I can't go out and see goes to cloaks hurt alright we're just still one of these unused vehicles yeah killed by that asshole again is that way putting that q it it's not know you want to our in a presser just up on to the other side real quick good cop nice much be great watch out that we think bangers drive will get you there like next year or something get me killed I'll pick you guys up people shoot me in the face DJ man hooked me up with the MSC strike it down okay I was really gonna check yes he is going on maybe now where's this things okay right over it I see 15 year-old Darren what's going on dude bazinga I don't but you today I'm gonna see if she's got anything less a good cut off by some trend stealing this thing I'm seeing that I mean you could have that one if you want no no I'll have this one please we're not gonna play this game not you still got a fighter jet lingering over there – man it's wild in here how we like you yeah gun running organization we get ya like that you're asking him listen not a great backseat driver me or fancy job I'm a better driver as Galica I'm a better driver okay see I forget go to the rock terminals okay the middle and I don't know hmm we'll do them on the mole hunt weaponized Tampa's pretty cool do it nice die beast gaming says I'm loving the double money on the MOC missions yeah man getting that money side you're digging it that's going through through Monday right bangers certainly is it is it is about to go because bubbles is broke as right now I censored myself you're gonna even accept that invite bubbles yeah weird invited everyone except like pulled everyone it makes the frame no joke of trade 3 you know welcome there we go there you go closed village but you should be coming in there haven't got it already you're stuck in and we're launching oh here we go we go for that double cash with that double cash and that double RP I don't think that – actually needs the extra rpm I think he's about gun gun gun running put me in the you know the and the money ready I want a gun run so hard bubbles use codeine what a dick curse thank you who was this how fast we're gonna be oh wait not me I was just wondering go to bed what's up – all right solution set or doing nothing we we have to split up really yeah this ABC only done this I know what I'll go oh I see all right I'll go forever I mean how deep I'll go be the boss you get your snide comments banners I swear keep it up see what happens later no at risk of physical violence punch him right in the face right now and I won't say I could it's a pretty fun game so far I want to risk it all so my job what's going on razor No thank God – GTA online news said what up what up Kyle Kyle boo-bear the whole squad who's that in the organization my news below Stockport led 86 must know what game-mode is that this is one of the MOC missions if you do enough cell missions you can unlock them and we are doing the weaponized Tampa one without double money put a double money's in the double our fees I'm gonna get there eventually gonna be fine yeah dad it's just a meeting a gun or any vehicle I don't know by boxing also wanted me to let you know to not send him corn like that in DMS mate I'm surprised even it's in there they're trying to kill the people in their traffic signal jammer there goes one I guess you have to jam so rough it up the signal jammer Paul show sometimes it's just hard to tell when GT men is jacking I'm almost at this meeting point where's everyone else coming in that coming into brah right around the corner point 30 miles stuff good stuff where's bubbles Como's there I don't believe you I don't believe it eat it eat it really busy doing badass food slides though you say so fine but I feel like to read what's going on the screen that's all I got that's it I could you play a by playing of you just driving and be like everything now it's kind of swerving a little left all right Oh big air and back out [Laughter] thank you bangers are you nearby so no it's closed I'd like to be you just got this big air yeah no yeah I was doing some sweet jobs puts live some big air exactly I see the GoPro on top with the crash helmet no you're one of these guys on your team you know I'm happy to be that guy play that role completely useless yes and rely on you guys to be to be easy see there's one of those moments was he joking was he serious he can't tell what this without this voice not that we don't love you and you'll get you're gonna do used to it so those that's the rogue box didn't to track down destructive no the raffle won't be for just ps4 players but it will only be for people who are which so make sure you guys are following us on switch and it's gonna be the raffle you'll have to be in the chat to get the shirt what's going on for you what's the plan I'm gonna follow you that I'm looking for surely I'll try to find you man and maybe GT amen I believe he's on the roof since I remember correctly i did this mission one shut down by these fuzzy I'll check out the group what did you do hit by a fire hydrant I'm on three there he is he's out in the tampon there he goes cop in art style well execute whoa we took her out there we go they know what a mint-condition you said on Craigslist someone will buy it someone up for it I'm not paying for anything this boy says you don't get stabbed for it yeah be very careful about these Craigslist purchases guys go in twos well-lit areas yeah yeah play it safe like so mess with your variance how are you supposed to stop people doing but then you can see where to stab yeah yeah clams good see she knows she knows so I just think I should probably go back to shutting up again because now we're talking about stabbing people on Craigslist it's a escalated very quickly staff people safely people practice stage that is we are killing this like a mile and a half out man so uh speaking of stabbing their people house that was the wrong time I was asking out New York it's for – you know it's trying to destroy yeah I think I came straight here yes I need my GTA fix now I haven't played today straight to the ocean Oh tell bug is gonna sleep here yeah my bags in the front porch okay counselor yes I tried thanks for the Hotz neutral issues looking forward to playing with you later I wish there was a dress there it is whoa hey nobody said anything about bad guys there's bad guys no bet on me don't worry about did you do they're fine there's only bad guys if you're trying way too slow daddy where one X let's trap well I mean it's one waiting for CC – all sitting in the song it's called voice of an angel though dad's a really good subject my penny for sauce that's thick to me desire sounds like a pretty depressed angel to me but I it you made it if that money well done guys there it is I'm sorry how much let's see how much money's you gots I almost got killed by if I heard but there it is $37,000 37 km/h a lip there oh cool you guys did that pretty quickly we'll have a schedule but that's good that means we can get into our a player playlist now so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna move over to the other just car channel G came and you want to move over with me sure cool cool cool move over here hey what's going on yo Oh viewers we have rachey my my love we are hi hello I'm Nick hello we have Josh from Vinewood moaners yo and we have connor from the game hub and this is his first time on the stream so I want to see some hype in the chat for that to talk about Facebook talk about you to listen yes yes okay so what we're gonna do is we're gonna get into a little power map we do a little race to do more power mad power Mac came out was it last Tuesday bangers yes awesome and it's still GG teh money and RP so let's get it going I made you a playlist doing it alone to play this then invite the most like get moving allah be your friends with all them right yeah so yeah let's just just launch it I think we'll be okay France France cool all right cool yeah I'll save up some sana that's why we sent all the friend requests friends Frankie friends for those that aren't familiar with the game hub you haven't head over to youtube and check him out cuz he's been putting out we've you got stuff that comes out pretty much weekly now right yeah it's a nothing that's we wanted to do times a week there you go so head over there slash the game pub make sure you follow on Twitter too I'm happy I'm happy on the stream we needed some new blood GT man's just getting jaded now at this point okay okay I chose likes me crying I love you are you kidding me how dare you I'm upset bad sounds ready sincere when you yell it thank you beggars yeah I don't know when you get that when you send out that invite here in the process doing okay send it out now our guys looked over does not guys who don't you have let the game hub where is he it's the first time you German heard the French oh shut up Rosy's I couldn't you got him wait but someone else is here that shouldn't have been here yeah if it's like someone from this the lobby weary and I think okay I just just just give him a little kick kick them out Jordan it's not personal but it's personal and also get rid of break off for God's sake left anyway it's like no D wait once there we go okay okay game hopes doing yeah they saw us and they were like oh I'm getting out here it was good to get rid of the carpet fanboys Nicolas go away no I'm coming all right that sounded strange hello you should have an invite now mate yeah I got it I got it you cook it in before this other fellow though I'm trying ok power-mad everybody has everyone I am assuming everyone even you don't even buy it power-mad ok so it's uh we're gonna play teams right each team is going to try to get the pickup in the center so that you can become the juggernaut the longer that you stay the juggernaut the more the the circle at the top accrues points with Chanin when you fill up the circle kind of like Landgraf sorry kind of like land-grant each each team will get a point so you just want to get as many points you want as you can stay a juggernaut as long as you can kill as many people as you can was it sweet sweet all right what teams you got here you may owe you made a couple teams oh I think it's automatic okay I just seem to look you pretty sweet so it's okay so it's – and Josh who else besides us formidable team perhaps thinking the same thing except but you're always stuck with you though no I always kill you but I literally can't kill you now how are we gonna everyone have fun except me coming in apart differences aside here I think about the money okay alright in new company gonna find the ball oh my god – is are you putting in some work and gets taken down just short of the juggernaut and this one is not as Opie as in the actual average remote juggernaut where is he is murder about the cat weapon make it over I'm sorry No whoa okay taken out by Nick mad scramble mad scramble here we go the dream for that second point dominated by GTA men that'll happen I'm trying to even just make it to the center right in the back did you do two rounds yeah all right cool cool cool what what uh zero who are you rooting for Chad you rootin for the rock star that's a stupid question you're not every stream Nick you can't root for your own team okay – in the chat it is birthday got it but Joe means that means I'm on his team so he's more important sucks my Christ well kid just says bubbles like do I go for the d3x microphone I got you later are you trying to get to like the side all right have a good night amount of TV please but now he can't are you things guys can smoke stack 720 he's Phe there you go kill them at the same time I know game up gaming house like oh no no there we go it 40-bit cover just wreck up the time this is not going to get it up going to get it over with I'm gonna go over there but I said centimeter cuts oh that was that was rough that was like why Ridge I need to know their way where's Green Team stand behind me boxes no it's for you a minute 40 to go if no one else gets a point this could go to team Rockstar which is terrifying Dokdo must not mad here goes dad purple needs to pick that up if they want to get this point right now but we need the fun you need that point otherwise bubbles and bangers are gonna win and I don't want to live in a world where that happening GT Evans goes down at the GTA 5 all day what's going on dude Oh mmm-hmm GJ Manor a cheap racking up those they've got Namie corner want a truce take its juggernaut down Connor do you accept the truth I didn't trust you anyway I lost Rockstar as well alright so that's one for duty amen NRHA and one for bubbles and bangers what are you guys breaking stuff in the stream room right now that's totally cool what did you do they're not gonna over you in your room they got too excited about their whim yeah ever baking some paint bows now we wanna write to you hug for a TV out the window mental bubbles we don't have a TV we just felt it took someone else's TV the best minor yeah we know that back there shut up after traitor Big Sean says it all comes down to this it kind of all comes down to this unless one of another team wins and then it just keeps on going somebody uh-huh that's that out wild acid if you want to enter the raffle later we'll give some instruction but make sure that you're following us on Twitch thats the first step and then well instructions on how to enter the raffle later nice to come towards me back to the back up towards you Josh sure but I gotta go now this round yeah get up I thought Josh program is well done Josh you're the better juggernaut you stick with it there we go got a sweep and here bangers stay alive yeah it's like you got – to your right problems also I got problems yeah that looks like a bad problem Ricky Bravo all right that's one more interest with three minutes to go the gym is complete first I don't like this kappa so said no matter the outcome of this game double money and our team [Applause] oh okay [Laughter] no it's ok GTM in avenge you my avenge I brought my my game genie power-mad will make you mad for like this fine furious I don't know if anyone's gonna be able to do I don't think I think we're going to go into another rat it wasn't even doable for you to start with it yeah – were just like kind of stop showing it the entire time tire oh no pinkie stay with you there Joe again GTA man there it goes Bumstead case you didn't know bubbles no Mike stop Riario save me it's done it's one murders you one yeah that means we're going into another round 16 pills for G team and 16 kills for – looks like I go for the juggernaut GTA a joker dog I need a strategy bubbles no but remember when we won that first round what did we do good physics I feel like Nick and Connor need to like step it up down time get in there gonna do okay we're gonna try to get the drinking out I con and hold on to it for as long as possible okay one of us should be the guys against it yeah they formulated a strategy we're all screwed all right guys we've gotta follow the rules good question already I'm getting shattered out drop connor was just biding his time now he's ready play oh great – this dad you stabbed me in a car park oh it's like a breathy race going on right now thanks dude thanks for the ring this is our truck right now that we must protect this truck done oh shoot somebody there we go Oh close are we good very good all right so that's one for Dash's team one for GTA men team this guy's angers moving on your bullets you try your being to break Villa – you were dead on the floor the useful skill yeah someone just started me that wasn't white Josh do it do I'm gonna do it what no do it Josh 20 seconds to go Wow we almost didn't ruin it bubbles almost didn't talk about story of our lives I think Green themes got it great didn't got it the demons got the strategy back up towards the street wow that's intense just a good match I enjoyed that a lot that was around quite entertaining gggg that goes fully to rachey and GTA Rachel please the first fairy but you were a good help I'm gonna have to admit that for carrying me now that's it okay alright well now that we've successfully shot the hell out of each other let's um let's race a little bit bangers can you switch the class of vehicle for this to sports promote it thank you got it thank you I think bangers and uh bubbles want you want you won't you go in the links it's on sale this week the links that bubbles is very broke so it's probably the only car that you could still got my link so yeah [Laughter] Oh – is feeling brave I put money that we put down one no is now – you know the rule in the stream room is if you bet in game we actually got everything yeah we're gonna rob me now is the time so this is ultraviolet by rekhs 1993 and it's it's pretty dope pretty pretty dope I think all right six dashed blue Oh sounds like an excuse to me Oh bubbles at first for now but I like there's got the crew colors and all there are a funny one is crowd I'm sure Mike is just losing it chatter Mike where you at tell if the race my house like they're looking around I slowed down on them because in your in your flesh colored links that's it and when I get this list for you the facts wait but I'm still in front whoa this is the esses this is crazy turn around this is it everything's coming up bubbles came for me probably gonna crash again on that thing just just just take a joy reuleaux you sure we won't really beat you up and take your money [Laughter] [Laughter] don't look at the scoreboard you'll get distracted what do I do with the final checks I could not have been any better notice how authentic that looks right most streams switch clicks ball time let's see if you can redeem yourselves what can we do we're gonna do let's do we can get it down to one row what's that wait let's see let's do let's do one round brush is on do around that cuz I wanna get into that sixteen plate flavors all right I'm gonna do two teams again what do you think well if you do two teams and we could do two rows if you do four teams do one round you know I'm saying teams two rounds and everybody wins quite musical that man has got the short end of the stick moving bubbles I'm losing weight this will give myself something to drink or something I don't know I'm sure you can hold it down that's like a power day everybody I see what he's got well against Rachel Matt she's a beast yeah she did take first last one say yeah I mean she was the MVP last you should drink more often and so the deserve Roger it's been drinking out hare vodka all right purple cover me guys [Laughter] having a good time take your headphones I Chi they're everywhere incoming need take Colorado items launched by the table that's wonderful we cannot look at it was ready better do this right oh can I make it okay grenades oh right for GTA men purple in the lead do you really have to fun at the obvious here I mean we already know the little don'ts to win I get the impression your heart's not really if you really knew this and when you two morons what the all right knowledge on the scale or any other things we need to this to us that's it all right – this is juggernaut welcome can use floors I favor the price any two of you alright throw me sleep if that's not why you can't work it's exactly why he saw you way before I'm looking at you know you're delayed because of the stream got take Josh down the juggernaut then I think no it's a Vig T man got it like that it a little bit for like seven got some RPG g-men she's gotta go in there with a positive attitude GT amen we heard you pour in you're drunk instead of playing yeah yeah we know he's got beer huh he brought it with him when he visited yeah yeah in fact I was kind of upset that you didn't bring it with your I know I blew it you play board the plane with my beer hat she's just kind of running the flaming absolutely yeah to do [Laughter] yes are you always a juggernaut it's great next to it I don't know what's right but Joan she's like yeah I'm comfortable and I remember boy orange you need to step it up you got two and a half minutes ago you promised you teach me how to play this game being stuck with bangers and bubbles did take one round yeah that's like three rounds even win one so surprised that negative attitude all right look at that this guy's so who took the playlist for this one I don't know that's probably me in it just non-stop Whitney probably let's see yeah that race was not free ah – takes the fall by Josh Ricci GTA men probably super salty about that very nice very nice but that means that we're gonna be moving on to our 16 player playlist so for those who are watching that we're a part of that make sure that you pay attention to your phone through the fingers is going to be sending out invites for that banger make sure that you close that much type thing that matchmaking so that kind of these unwanted hangers-on thanks clay fries old yellow nervous livestream I'm constantly nervous it's the existential dread is just always sitting in game it keeps you safe and Craigslist purchases though it's a date you have not been stabbed one time yeah that's correct from practice today you're my like all these hot girls with like her meet up with me so that's when I started Craigslist but you know what fat sex can you show the people what they could win later I want to show them what the the t-shirt can yes yes yes yes yes yes so we're not doing it yet we're not doing a gasps don't don't freak out but later on in the stream we're gonna be doing the t-shirt can and you could win this t-shirt that you see in front of your eyes for your character and game so what you'll have to do that those are the instructions that's later though not now don't freak out yet chill chill so we can wrestle I'd be excited too excited but yeah so I'll be doing that later you'll have to be in our twitch stream later to take part in the raffle you like to be following us on twitch but uh yeah we'll be doing that later it's a super sweet shirt super sweet that's it that's all that's all I got till I got bangers you up you load it in you get just sayin up the first everyone's like not now not now soon listen do it now not yet my gammy later won't work now will work later I'll probably do it towards the end of the playlist but I'll let you guys know they're getting very angry I'm starting to send these invites you know alright guys so they're part of the playlist let me see who is a part of the playlist we look at my look my list look at my list who's gonna be joining us today we can you lost what you want yes everyone that was joining us Connor Aichi Josh Nick and GTA men and then will be joining us off this Court is jawani GTA Melly pugsy Erin Lynn said get an Pro check Big Sean neutral Isha's and lick my Mexican should be afraid of this one's ever sure this one hits fun point a this job is what's really funny about this job so – comes in earlier and I'm like oh dude I was like we're gonna we're gonna play one of your jobs – call which one I'm like we're gonna pour go play a relic and he's like ah I've never played that one before I made it in like 10 minutes was like yeah I'm a different one 73 years ago but it was the only one of yours that had 16 players so it actually worked out perfectly for us like ever in the war – let's make sure that everyone that's interested is actually supposed to be a part of this there was news to me today I don't know some ways just like a cool-looking X again cool cool cool no gel so yes Vicki shooter cake for green notification white and then that's your tree oh here in game music art hold on one second I'll get you guys some things to plug into your play stock up like a couple weapons you may be some spawn boys it's not very good it's a 16 player thing on on an island you're just not really that big this is gonna be a doing heavy isn't it let me act here I'll give some honest feedback at the end I'm ready we're gonna do some murders making those feeling like I'm meeting a stranger on Craigslist right if you were calm you must tell me they say me there's no see I told you guys it's good it's guns find an RPG I think by my idol brother mini – this is free-for-all yes reefer oh but you don't get a weapon until you find one this might not go well thanks so much carnage all right that's good okay like a real man yeah he'll Liz knows a lot more people come into I really don't remember making this one no I apologize its lack of greatness there's a tank and no weapons the best one job I love this today yesterday we were like I love I really love watching this Roy said best job ever I don't think I've ever lost 39 to three before this is rough oh this jump is great I love it okay only 50 seconds to go I'll get a with four seconds so that's why the Canada test the way to do it oh wait a day never got my own feedback on this map you could do with some work maybe you know get some more weapons in there and lights also alright we got next well we got next will it have weapons Oh F M uphill drifter by art fader is this the red one but this just put this to a sports classics sure thing – yeah yeah – that yeah do two laps and barriers in contact zoom on we had contact on when we tried it we mental I know we did not contact then you yelled at me what do you think this is the red one yeah this guy's to create your intended then yeah yeah that's not a career intended before right next to me Allison bubbles and bangers once you pick up the Toreros got it my flesh colored like colored torero so like that's next this one this one dropped last Tuesday brand-new torero with the front spoiler get a flesh-colored yeah I mean get on Craigslist but with the free staffing because that front spoiler right he's rocking it chat does not like that you've been bullying me when we test these show that's all right how much fun it was they be doing it so this so when you start off on this you're gonna start off on the right and the left okay I have this wall so don't don't hang up your skirt I'm family start this isn't yelling at you yeah it's a good time I'm okay go back to relic this this is this is the guy that also had the crappy life boy the one that was blue it's actually called southbound hangers but there did that I shouldn't have done that what did you do it crashed into the middle on the way but yeah yeah a Citrix if you want to check this job outs on ps3 make sure you bookmark it we're all girls tamanna it's kind of scared you scared us eighth place what the f you guys to be at great spin out it spin out maybe we should put that one to maybe go for it joy such a thousand views a national treasure president of the United States I can see wives no contact yes yes we'd all just be sitting in the beginning crashing to each other – and fifth third maybe I don't know it could be any minute places really my crash checking it out front windshield completely gone you maybe if we ever play this again we'll see you at contact see what happens like the confusion insets get nervous it's already scary with the ghosts GTA LSC says can you send a link to the tank job please hey a moderator can you please link the relic for trip to ALS see and also please link link this job that we've been playing right now for the math you might want to add us starting with in there not play ads ad the intent without knowing to others find yourself oh that's not the way is it rock star girl and charm can send me an invite to your ps4 game in charge that is actually my government name we're actually all full right now but make sure that you aren't following us on Twitter because we always tweet out when we have some spots open in our playlist and we typically pick from the community and we got some new people some old thank you for asking thank you for using my machete my Gran's land chiller it's awesome you want you want to tell them a little bit about it or do you just want them to experience you just have to Oh No bangers you'll just edit it to there yeah yeah we're another one I mean I'm all chill I'll chill out and chat it's all good it's really won't come back to bite us in the ass I mean if you guys want this is the time we can play relic again the Rockstar girl in charge we're happy to load it up bang just takes two seconds sorry two seconds takes two seconds in the middle of the street the same wait bangers should be should we add that other job too should we add the the Coliseum job yeah I bookmark it for you yeah let the caldarium job cuz we we uh we have it still it's like 6:28 right now so we have some time we're all stranded in Pacific Ocean yeah and yeah the rest of our our friends that were joining us for the 16 player playlist you probably have noticed that you've got kicked out of it so we'll be sending out invites momentarily the SCOOTER job was bugged they've they planted it was she was trying I was trying to be played again need another to enjoy the most guys play 60 minutes with no killing their own relatives equate he said Rockstar girl more relaxing hey I'm glad they like fine what's the name of a again it's I think Ryan Sonora Colosseum yes that's the one right right GTA man that's one taking sent me a while ago yeah GG Amon has to send me job so that I can I can do my job so I can here we're stuck in the rocks on man in charge yes alright cool should be a just invite him last job right yeah I pugs even Chad to go send help I'm stuck in the middle of the ocean because bubble throat the game said yes a relic again we should start every stream with rather like ever I'm down for it well just get – – like load up every time don't be advised all the streams and we'll play that one down it works really fun of a good thing yeah well Connor was crossing it with the time like I was like 49th or something lots of Stephen which one I wanted to start off you cheesy straightaway how you look at their bangers so good I just have to take out the playlist the Shayla one okay you took it out completely yeah it wouldn't load with it so that's why that's why I drop oh that's weird okay I mean maybe you know they're in another life bangers I mean we go we can spray relic for days we'll be fine we [Laughter] have the Coliseum job then yeah that's a nice job everything that one have weapons it's actually a recreation it's a bangers interpretation of relic relative the wall its relic with a long yeah basically give invites for this picture so so short you know waiting for bangers who waits to launch the playlist how did you come up with the idea relic so really curious where you got the inspiration from oh you'd like to know yeah definitely psych how much a month ago I got really drunk yeah I was like what's the creator and I was like I'll try it you guys let me see I'm gonna pull up this social club link for this so that I could put it in chat to when we actually do play did you make it for first one the Colosseum or did you put at the end at the end okay so I have time to look for it so then that means that we're about to play great speed race all right yes speed racer bike kojak's 80 Glor this will be in supercars you ain't wrong is that everybody's just a few still joining all right but it looks like we got everybody all right good good good good looking good and uh bangers and bubbles you guys can pick out your X 80s which are on sale this we do I have an SAT yeah I may be probably flipping already pour all stream I just want to make sure mines definitely guaranteed yeah fangbangers is currently flesh coloured bubbles you I don't know what I made your color is it black no [Laughter] Jesus Christ it was uncensored it is dark blue close enough yeah I thought I made it yellow do we got oh look it's robot ghost and Baker's blew up this XA – you put me in it before the street I'm really sorry about I forgot you were in it it was actually really funny cuz bangers oh man he's like I forgot lowly as robots in the wrong there we go here we go planet rocks don't so how many chocolate all we got to do that today so I think yeah at this one that sounds home huh the I tried to oh my god is that Munira I can't even [Laughter] after the breadline no I don't know the proto dance little friend oh no jeez oh jeez even just clip – no baby don't you get for building relic contact is rough vice versa they go right or I'll go left he will go left since place sometimes coming – that's some coffee scream no no Willie make it I don't think Oh blow up bangers and third in the flesh-colored x84 what you're talking about no foot contact I'm saying not the whole time and you like that's not me that's check getting that slipstream oh there we go and bangers pull into first Oh God I don't know it's okay you just went flying off the side then it's right over the barrier try not to hit these guys more like the only person that doesn't have a custom vehicle no he is not it's not alright jeez all around [Laughter] so that's Gavin is Cathy McMahon right yeah I think yeah yeah so yeah it's a Gavin then first let's take off mmm Big Sean at 17 well wrong I'm second GTA man was second right I guess yeah I was trying my best not to hit anyone in left there so I was like I'll take second I remind you here I promise I was trying not to hit you in that last corner I thought yeah I know lean this time round yeah I was quite surprised I got bangs in my sight I'm gonna lose that I I want it looks like I'm in a level like it I keep seconds I only like job so we're win it this way I forgot what the name was the job was cold not oh really that's it look at that do that one one I'll never let it go I'm gonna scream at you forever you have a map like ever no water which is great and then you bring this with you this is gonna be like your legacy was gonna cut your girlfriend really having a thousand plus rank to being a guy this job I love this job a lot I can't wait for you all to play it this is called a scorcher ramp whirl by tech tech I told PSU developer good fruit and is a vehicle test match yes dude it's it's perfect the the funny thing about this is that the first time that fingers fast facts and I tested this out we did it like it right away and then all of a sudden realize that it might be the best job ever created something happen and we just went oh my gosh [Laughter] [Laughter] just going on next Sunday bike ride you play on this so much explosion yeah oh yeah some of us need uplink ASAP modeling is the best job everybody but in there for the masses to play on ps4 it is awesome that's just bamming describing l3 and accent what's your rather bookmark yes bookmark is job let's get these plays to us show the Creator some love for creating this masterpiece happen that one bud said let the body for the floor I kind of wish that that was playing right now eleven kills definitely double damage right like suicide gliding your tráfico like you tell me my family like dirty there's so many Tony Hawk is Tuesday he's kind of hope you've got someone every I spam all the buttons now the next game we're gonna play into a shot every time you see someone probably it's fun major pillow says Roy wants to know what is the better job or relic no one do when you do like this no more you did so it is the horn master let's go back now this is only on ps4 killing my Mexican everyone kill again now actually got 16 power make sure so I take it this is where you got the inspiration for the festival really oh yeah definitely stole that from from chat don't worry I blocked that from all the shots that we were taking from you yes I'm not even lasted this glorious job drink it in some call me turkey goes the Red Hook trip after party set more cowbell revolves okay I mean 40 seconds to go you're gonna be this fight 20 he's gonna get it for ends right yeah I think so yeah maybe maybe one more time for anyone using using being censored fine kills now let's say necks again with 37 kills with 30 – with 21 speak one hour 20 not too bad guys not too bad well I hope you guys all enjoy that GG oh it was good I certainly enjoyed watching that and we've been waiting a couple months to play that job but that's a pocket for a bit and he comes over he's just like well I made relic so alright alright grand Sonora Coliseum this is kind of funny because sore vein was in chat and it looks like he's in our playlist and we're not gonna kick you out because you made this job we got a pizza reservation at 7:30 so we're good no targets cool okay now I just just do ten minutes and just we'll just kill it just murder everybody oh I'm so on board yeah it's it for anyone that's wearing a camouflage right now you'll you'll blend right in you get lots of my guy needs his redwoods there who order said please let bangers create playlists for future streams and if that fascio Java doing I see that stacks found that job stacks find you I found it number one fat stacks found that job another social club hmm number two bangers don't make playlists Oh shouts a future man gaming a chat nice mood energy just now is just so foul alright just where is everybody throwing off my gosh it's so aggressive out here oh just channel that energy into the game do my best mate well your type of setup I thought we're gonna be like stuff on the in the Coliseum see if anyone was controlling the camera you should probably have a look around cuz it's cool we don't have that we don't expect it a camp today I'm like a breakthrough the killing GTA man you're the one who actually sent me in this job a couple months ago so why don't you tell us a little bit about how you found it what's going on with taupe Ellis do well basically the way to describe this map it's a funny made with stunt props back in the days where it may or may not have already not been possible to what I'm gonna discuss that here surveying is someone that takes extreme pride into his creations he mainly focuses on 3ms those of this is immense were free and but what I could not mention that today he has a bunch very well made a very thought-out maps and gives been spending countless hours perfecting every time something makes a new job yes so very cool jobs alongside of some cups of crooks maps which he also did a bit of his own spin-off which the map see is probably most for you know familiar with he mostly focuses on combat maps that are meant for free and so if you're looking for some good free and combat nuts or some cups of crooks inspired maps and definitely check them out to see make some fantastic stuff okay I know my mod doesn't have the link for this but I will be putting the link in chat for you guys to that is the link for the job you guys want to bookmark it and shout out to Zoar vane who's joining us now you better you better crush these guys this is your job though oh my god any other result would be embarrassing yeah this one his tab gonna beat down for Big Sean earlier start watching now okay well I'm actually buys or vain I'll aim at that this seems to be making any someone you love I don't have it I don't think that that's the thing but okay bubbles going for a pose day oh it's for manganese camel on don't sit down in a tree in a camera is the other way yeah then take them out yeah it's um get murked find someone who kill they get killed fingers hiding Oh Marik's errand – looking for next kill Oh nearly spots GTA men to follow someone else turns out to be a man looks like bangers did I was promptly disposed of look that's how it again the headshot to ehe nutritious makes quick work above just died on the health pack yes oh and Julianne Oh in the back back of the face claim caocao says no wonder bangers where's the Baggies getting headshots like mad oh yeah oh dear didn't see you there Bobo school must be that inconspicuous mask you got four and a half minutes to go bubbles takes out Aaron it's probably just killed yes buys or vain by the Creator the highest honor the Creator has blessed you are you theirs or things [Laughter] all hails or fame or fame is time keep spotting on outskirts of there let's go me a lesson about the revenge killing that gets taken out by Josh yeah we're watching Gigi Damon is Big Jim the lead now he's been in the lead yeah really appreciate that this is awesome yeah really really great yep GJ man you said this to me like how do you mean no how long ago did you slide up in your dance it's what's lit up in the Rockstar Games I think when we when we when we jumped into it we jump into his dream at one time slippery control oh right it's from all that much sweat even pull it together bangers I'm sorry what there is about two and a half minutes to go I'm going to ask my mod open raffle is it happening I'm gonna I'm gonna at least start it yeah yeah then so my mod is going to open up the raffle momentarily and let's see yeah once he opens it up I'm going to need and but really quickly can you put up the I don't want to take too much time away but yeah so exclamation point raffle then put your gamertag and then put your platform like go back to game plan there we go thank you very very much your game excite correctly exclamation point raffle your gamertag which means your PSN ID your social club ID or your favorite exit or your PSN ID and yes and your platform do that make sure that you are matching up your ID with the platform you're on so if say for instance bubbles was entering raffle he would go exclamation point raffle bubbles underscore rsg and then he would write ps4 because he's on ps4 but I can't enter cuz you got me playing this so thanks shirt I really want the shirt shut up bubbles I'm talking make sure that you're following us on Twitch make sure that you're in our twitch chat because you cannot enter this raffle on youtube or on Facebook I don't have the technology so I just don't have it I wish I could but head over to our voice chat get in there your gamertag your PSN ID or your social club ID and platform that you are on and you will get no future man gaining do not put your social club Social Security number in there that's not what we want all things you can be given to me I don't want it's not you can drop some big blue buns in the chat though if you'd be so kind we should get him back on his feet not socks he's terrible yeah and get out of the chat there it is there's the buns 50 shirts 50 of these shirts away so please make sure exclamation point rattle your gamertag your PID and your platform and make sure you're following some on twitch and make sure you're in the picture that's it that's all I gots a bear and bubbles finished 9th because he's – it's so bad why are you that money in about an hour praise be deserving praise be the sorbet and our fearless creator what I go 59:40 maybe what do you got I mean should we play relic again very good the first playlist that's about it alright well that is the end of all of our jobs and we can't do any more because we have to go eat pizza at 7:30 but I want to take a moment to thank – for coming all the way to New York thanks for bringing and hanging out with us and making relic Thank You big thank you and shout outs to GT amen rachey connor okay the game hub and and Nick for joining us and who else am I missing as anyone else in the what's this guy called Josh Nick on Instagram hello underscore I'm underscore Nick she does Nick GTA hello underscore underscore Nick GTA make sure you follow her on Instagram she does a lot of really great snap Maddox also make sure you follow her on twitter twitter hello underscore i'm underscore name without the GTA also make sure you're following Vinewood motors on YouTube I'm looking forward to whenever you're gonna do next charity stream dude that'll be the other thing all right sign me up hit us up let us know Connor I know you've been doing them once to two times a week with your video so yeah so make sure you're going over to the game on YouTube because he does some really great GTA videos we very much appreciate the support that you've been showing us and recha doesn't really do anything but that's fine I guess we're vodka so if you want to follow her on Twitter you can learn a lot about parabot gap and not playing Twitter and on YouTube GT amen who's always showing us a lot of love with all the support and all the streams and all that good stuff and thank you to all of our players that played in our 16th player playlist so thank you to the Rockstar stream team for not yelling at me today thank you to twitch YouTube and Facebook make sure you're following us on Twitter make sure you're following a Sun switch make sure you're just following us in general because if you want to get involved in these kinds of streams or if you want to watch some of the other streams that we've got going on like for instance this one this Friday when we're to be playing with Castro 10:21 you gotta you gotta follow this guy that's how the only way gonna work cause how it works right this is that's it that's it other than that we gotta go eat some pizza without pineapple here please [Applause]

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