1. Yo dude,this are just the states of a mind and you should try to not believe in this,i am also intj but im not anymore resonating with any of this.I liked your solo wolf channel with gama,zeta mind states but its just changeable,thougths are changeable,everything is changeable whole percepcion.Once you understand that we are not fixed as a personality everything changes.

  2. Dang, I guess I'm a zoomer turned bloomer, at least one of my friends is a young boomer, another a zoomer turned doomer and another a straight up doomer.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that a non-american is talking about generation a thing that was invented by us americans

  4. I used to be a Zoomer, evolved to Doomer, then snapped out of it and have since been a Bloomer. I think when you are a Doomer you reach a point where its either suicide or time for a big change. Hopefully more people make the change and become the New and Up-to-date Boomer, which I believe is the Bloomer but without the ignorance.

  5. always try to be the bloomer, you rely less on others and you are more self sufficient and you hold the ideas and hopes that makes the world a less of hell.

  6. the personality type of pessimism vs optimism is already in the personality types. Mine is INFJ-T the T is what qualifies me as a Doomer

  7. The world hasn't changed, it was just as dysfunctional and problem ridden as it was during the boomer's era, it's just become more connected, so we are more aware of the imperfections of the world

  8. Once zoomer gets overwhelmed with the toxicity of the internet and turn into a doomer, will bloomer be the new boomer for them since inorder to become a bloomer you have to go through the stage of doomer yet zoomer is the younger generation making a bloomer feel old and have out date info since zoomer feels like they know better. Is that the circle of life?

  9. Actualy is simple
    Theres a meteor going to strike earth
    Boomer:This damm millenials cant even use their technology to fix this,well unlike then i had a long life.
    Bloomers:well at least this will be a fast and rare ending,i hope theres an afterlife.
    Zoomers:Oh my god…of course nasa is going to stop then or even elon musk.
    Doomers:Finally i can feel the sweet embrace of a quick death
    Gen z:guacamole bitch banana

  10. Im a zoomer/doomer, but dude, fortnite is hell of fucking gay, mc is a childhood, and tbh, I do want to die, but im scared if i will go to hell, so ill just have to take care of what to do. For all you people out there, sorry if i acted a bit offensive. take this with a pinch of salt

  11. i was born in the zoomer era but i identify most with the bloomer mindset. Even if it does seem hopeless in the end I'm honored to go out and try my best.

  12. *watches to learn what a zoomed is
    *learns that my anti social depression of the state of the world and chronic marijuana use make me a doomer

  13. Guess I'm a bloomer with doomer tendencies. I try to turn the negative aspects of life into positivity but I still have my bad days and am aware of the pain in life.

  14. Not to be edgy or anything but I think I am a Doomer. I feel like Im dead. I have seen so many things that I basically can't enjoy anything because I know what it hides behind it. We humans are ingorant, even I am ingorant doesn't matter how hard I try to keep up with things. We think we know anything but we actually don't know shit and that pisses me off because I know there is no escape. We are nothing. Absolutely nothing and we deserve to go extinct for our ingorance.

    When you realize what this world really is you can't go back. You can't go forward either. You are stuck. And you wait. You wait for something out of the ordinary to happen. But it never comes.

    The only time I felt alive again was six months ago when I tried paintball with my friends. The adrenaline that rushed to my brain completely vanished all my thoughts and forced my brain to act. I was breathing properly, I wasn't thinking any unnecessary stuff, but only what my moves in the game whould be.

  15. Gloomer A person who was born in the next generation but adores and resides in the old generations like doomers but less depressed

  16. Is it just me because I can't stand the fact that Bloomers are so happy and I don't believe they are. They seem more like Boomers to me… yes I'm a Doomer lol

  17. You better hope you never discover what reality is. When the shit hits the fan. Gen X is the only one who knows how to live without technology. Takedown the power grid and we're fine. No bars, so what. Need to farm, hunt, fish and fight like a banshee, we can and have many times. That's real life! Not reality TV, not video games. Make friends with a Gen X'er and maybe you'll have a friend that you can trust to keep you alive.

  18. When I heard 4:28 “…and he carries a machine gun…” I was like “fuuuuck yeahhhhh my type of guy” lol then he got all metaphorical on me

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