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We’re going advanced today, are you ready for it? It’s super early here in Atlanta and I wanted to share something with you. That’s very powerful and This is going to blow your mind if you are attached to law of attraction because I’m not helping to see it Differently if you’re open to that we’re talking physics law of attraction, but I’m going to flip everything around And maybe this will be the Epiphany that you need to get to that amazing Manifestation that new reality that I know that you desire so get ready. Let’s go advanced Welcome to Landria Onkka on YouTube. You can help you break through those fears of living off of life. Yeah. Whoo It’s super early here in Atlanta. I’m having my coffee. Okay, let me have a sip so I can get going mmm Advanced manifesting. What am I good talking about today? You know, I’m gonna give you the tools. Oh my gosh Good Ally interactive that coming tons there go to Lee interactive net I have all kinds of business and training and stuff there. You just have to use these tools Find what works for you, and I’m going to talk today about advanced everything that we do that doesn’t work comes from this one way of thinking we are giving power to What is out here now? I’m not talking about the quantum field. I’m talking about the physical field. I Want you to think about something? You’re the power of the universe unlimited energy fact, everything’s one thing everything’s entangled. Everything is entangled With your focus you become super entangled. I caught super entangled with it In other words, you’re interacting with it directly in your own reality All right. So if I look at something it is now a part of my reality. It’s my focus All right. Same thing with a job how you think about prosperity? Other people everything your whole perspective on life. Is your reality But here’s what’s happening. And we’re still doing this. We are looking at the material world and allowing it to Control us Then we go with these negative Feelings about what that is and we go in here and we say I know everything’s coming from here But we’re using what we’re seeing out here in here Stressing out worrying all the stuff and blasting it back out again All right, you’re the power of the universe you came into a dense body. So the brain the heart you know the spinal cord all the you know, the Service system everything is all part of what you’ve had to come into to use in this experience that’s a tough one because it’s not really our Pure state of being right. We’re pure light. We’re of the highest form we came into this and this Absolutely has a big Bearing on everything we feel do think all of it why it’s dense It fires off all these thoughts and you know, it learns things and it’s dealing with the material world but you Can go above that and tap into your power. But here’s what happens. We come into the dense body We start to get so used to being a material thing a Person right. We’re so used to that We see things and our perception is as this is what we are when we create things out here We don’t realize we’re actually doing all of it. Right we don’t we don’t connect to that power of which we are When we create all this out here Then we see this material stuff and we believe this also it then triggers all this in here with a brain and the nervous system and the thoughts and the programming if you know Joe Dispenza, he’s really great at reprogramming your brain This is what we’re having to deal with as human beings Everything is the opposite of what we’ve been doing in order to create something magnificent the toughest thing for you is To realize that that law of attraction isn’t something that you’re creating To bring in here. It’s this going out here Going out here and I don’t mean the material world. It’s you Creating that so we’re always thinking law of attraction. Everything is the opposite of what you normally think Right because we usually place it in a material Let’s just say description you know, I’m gonna define this in a material format in other words law of attraction, you know, if I think a certain This material thing comes to me and it’s not that at all And that’s why law of attraction. Of course. It’s a real term Of course, you know it’s it’s really quantum physics But when we say law of attraction, we’re still thinking there’s something material out there that has to come to us now you’ve heard me say this a thousand times, but what we’re gonna do today is I want you to realize everything is just in here Everything’s in here creating out here in the unseen When you see the material world and you believe it you’re now being controlled by it and When you’re controlled by it the thoughts continue to create that So if you have money problems or relationship problems or all that stuff you keep seeing this out here believing it going into the dense body firing all this stuff off and then creating these feelings and pushing it back out here and It keeps showing up. It keeps showing up right Law of Attraction I’m gonna think about this and bring this in here you’re Separating yourself from the material world is all you think of there is you’re separating yourself from your power So the toughest thing we have to do in order to control this and tap into what we are is to step back and Get totally in touch with who and what we are so number one Sit you do it right now Fill your body and I’ll bet you may be tensed up right just relax your whole body. Just relax your whole body we’re gonna start with that and then Realize the power of the universe is flowing through everything you have equal access to everything that I do or billionaires or The homeless person on the street, we all have equal access. We’re just choosing different experiences not to be judged. Okay when somebody gets by being homeless could be like Unbelievably valuable in the spiritual world they’re evolvement Okay, they get to choose that and they have access to amazing things and we being entangled Can facilitate some positive things there right and they’re allowing us to do that Half the time it’s more for us than it is for them Everything out here is being created and generated by you now We are a collective. Now. If you guys know about my miracle circle, you can come join. Somebody said everything should be free I said well That’s really cool. But yeah, my youtube channel is free. My email lists are free. What I’m doing with you. It’s a monthly membership But here’s what we’re doing. You’re actually going into training every week. I have you going into my eCourse platform online and I start to work with you on this because miracles is when we blow out what we’re thinking what we’re seeing and we envision perfection and That is not unrealistic because that’s exactly what exists right now We’re so controlled by this outside world Everything out here has been controlling us when we’re the ones generating it and Then we go in here to change that I’m going to go in here to change that Blow it out. Forget that Forget that that’s your old thinking that was the thinking and the control the material world Everything that you’ve thought has generated those things learn from it. It’s valuable. This is not something that shouldn’t be when we flip around we flip everything around, you know, I have Manifest in three seconds. You have my free mobile app switching those thoughts right, but until you absolutely Claim that you are that power Out here creating it and in here projecting it now, so here’s the deal We work the power of you runs through everything This is an individual experience. So you get to individually use that power to create an experience of Bob or Sally or Landry? Oh That’s so fun park. Otherwise, it’d be boring, you know We’d be bored out of our brains. We’d all be flying around with harps and you know wings going. Okay, this is it This is great. But come on. Let’s shake it up a little bit And that’s what we’re doing. So I get to experience different things than you Somebody’s got really. I don’t know why people get so upset about things Said that you know, it’s the best spiritual teachers the ones that have gone through crisis. Trust me all of us have But we all have our own individual journey, and we don’t know what each of us has experienced prior to this Presence here and I’m gonna tell you something we’ve all done pretty much everything at this point We’ve all been the Kings and the Queens and the poppers All of that’s been created by you When this stops controlling you and this is what we do This upsets us we come in here. We believe this is Real it’s you know, it’s it’s something that has power over us. We don’t believe that worth. That’s a projection of our thoughts That’s projection of our thoughts There’s no law to attract anything. The law is the attraction is you’re just Shifting into that which is going on in here. So what we’re trying to do is I’m gonna change this I’m going to change this no, no, no, no change this change this Disregard everything that’s going on out here other than it is my Sign of what I’m thinking it’s my sign of what I need five times you need certain experiences in order to Be different progress You know rise above things. Okay, that doesn’t work where I came from that I can rise above I can forgive I can love myself So use all of this all of this is a school out here. I’m looking at school. All right school is okay I all right. I’ve had enough of being broke or whatever it is. Okay, this is all right. Cool. Cool I created all this let’s get it just like you know, it’s on a TV screen what’s going on? And this is my projection I’m a projection So you stop looking at all this because you’re gonna if you do and you don’t like it You will go in here and battle the material world. It is controlling you still Right. We’re gonna flip that around All right, I am now going to create something completely different in this if you take By now it may be over with The my prosperity 30 day prosperity challenge. What is that? I spent three hours with you going over the principles of thinking Grow Rich I just used some of them because we’ve actually progressed from some of that stuff But the principles are the same and we start to work on How do you change all of this in here the toughest thing that we have? to you know overcome is To stop allowing what’s going on out here that we don’t like to control what’s going on in here. Listen, chill You can separate yourself from that See it for what it is Then you can go in here and start creating something new Instead of letting it perpetuate itself. Does this make sense? So what I’m trying to do here today is When you realize I’m Thinking I’m projecting out here. I’m thinking I’m projecting Law of Attraction improvement. No Wipe it all out right now I’m creating my reality my Focus my thoughts my feelings and you got to get really in touch with those because a lot of times we we don’t Believe we don’t want to believe what we’re really feeling anything. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it now I do believe in ghosts. I do believe I do I do it, right If you don’t you don’t so this is the training that has to happen This is why I work with you guys and you have a hundred and one webinars and courses and stuff Because I want to help you find that thing’s gonna work for you that we put in place every day It’s gonna take retraining to get to get detached emotionally did attached from this and say that is just The entanglement of what I’ve been doing up until this point Let’s go in here Not letting it control not letting control no more you separate yourself from those Feelings or believing what you’re seeing the more you’re creating something new. It starts to project out here. Why because all of this out here everything is you But we’re seeing it as a material real-world thing right material world we’re believing it it’s a projection It can be changed at any point any point. It’s all coming here. It’s all here You aren’t the nerves you aren’t the heart. You aren’t the brain. It’s a part of you. It’s the energy That infiltrates this density and it controls us a lot of the time Because this is just part of humanity, right we’re convinced that that’s who we are So you’re dealing with all these things that sort of tether you down? to this human reality it tethers you a little bit because you’re feeling and thinking Stuff, you know all of it, you know, you’re dealing with the density here. It’s a very difficult This is where that discipline comes in is to sit with it and not let it control you So when you sit with it, the meditation this is stuff. We don’t want to feel bad things Go fine Sit with it. Don’t fight it Wow, you see my little puppet hacker T the ego he plays the ego in my In my my videos think of it as a separate entity that is dense That’s just a part of the tools that we use while we’re here This body’s just a tool we use it’s not who we are and that’s what we have to detach from in order to Realize that all of this all of this is us we’re creating everything that material world is not what we are or Permanent or how our lives really? It’s just a projection of what we’ve been thinking and also what we have to learn don’t forget that part I Don’t want this. I don’t want this. What am I learning? What have I been thinking? This is it how do I change it? There’s a thought that’s creating this there’s a belief that’s creating this so that has to be changed right in here to create whatever is out here that material world is Controlling us. We’re allowing that when we’re the projection of it And by the way, your projections can be different than mine That’s that’s the cool part You and I could be in the same room and have completely different realities and still know that we’re there We’re gonna go more into that this year this year. We’re going to use the collective in a most powerful way So the miracle circle membership we’re going to use the power of people The masses so the more people that go in there, then we’re going to focus on your requests Healing Planetary reason the frequency of the planet and other things We’re breaking through the material world. We’re seeing it for what it is. It’s an experience. It’s a projection We can change the projection. We’ve learned we don’t have to keep suffering anymore You don’t have to tract anything in here that out. There is nothing to attract you’re everything You are it already? You’re just choosing. That’s all That’s all Whatever vibration frequency you resonate with. That’s your reality boom Does this make sense? This might be a little bit like okay, I get it We sort of not know we have to stop seeing this material world is something that controls us. We’re controlling it Alright, nothing out there to bring in nothing to do. We’re creating creating creating focus focus focus projection projection I am that energy so when I get to control my thoughts as a human being Which I’ve been given free will to do I can just change it and contribute? contribute to that big collective That’s very important because you affect me and vice versa All right, so go to Landry on comm Go in the description for all kinds of cool stuff down there free downloads all kinds of cool stuff classes webinars master classes things coming up Lander active net and free workshop is Business-related it has to do with learning new skills to create online businesses I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t go in an office. This is my office Right, that’s a nice way to control how you work and live and I get to contact the entire globe from here So let’s start using technology for good things There’s so much you can do. Are you ready to do that? All right, please subscribe, you know if you ring the bell It’ll notify you when I go live or when I post new videos in certain playlists your whole imperfect strong and powerful Loving harmonious and happy Blessings to you my friend. Are you ready? We’re doing it. We’re doing it. Let’s get out of your head right get out of your head That is not you. You’re everything you’re Controlling all of it. I Really mean this when you come to terms with this, there’s nothing you can’t change nothing Sending you blessings light love health wealth abundance. Most of all awakening namaste

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