Donna Edwards Reacts To Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders Hot Mic | MTP Daily | MSNBC

  1. Berni will screw all capitalists and warmongers is what berni supporters claim.
    Communism became fancy to ppl who dont know it completely.
    Communism = Brainwashed Dictatorship that tells what u should do with ur life.

  2. Elizabeth warren is completely controlled by the democratic establishment, they don't want sanders to win because they are the top 1% that sanders will tax

  3. these two need to make peace. i wish sen w hadn't done that. i have heard a bit of talk that voters want an aggressive leader like trump-i don't think that many of americans are looking for a bully thug like him though. so maybe she's been trying to do a little thug. bad idea. keep to who you are sen w. we do not want anymore negativity from our representatives, we've had an overload of that & we are looking for peace & calm back in our wh. no more animosity, good heavens.

  4. I guess you could call that a reaction. Donna Edwards: "Elizabeth Warren really dealt effectively with this question of a woman's electability during the actual debate." She then emphasized how important it was for Democrats to come together after a really contentious campaign season. This entire non-issue fake drama was manufactured by Warren presumably for her own political gain. If you want a woman to become president, make the argument for that person, for Pete's sake.

  5. I can tell from the comments on here that some of these people are not Democrats, they was Sandercrats. A person who says that they will vote for Bernie only, and if he is not on the ballot, will vote for Trump, is unhinged. Bernie's butt hurt supporters who sat out the race in 2016 helped elect Trump. Now, I am not supporting anybody at this time. I will vote for whatever Democrat gets nominated. Sanders, Warren. Biden, Pete, Amy or whoever gets nominated. I will vote to defeat Trump. Because he is evil and dangerous. And if you don't vote for whatever Democrat will defeat Trump, you are a fool and a selfish dweeb.

  6. Unity…unity…unity…unless you mean, unite behind the most electable candidate that has more donations than any campaign ever… way. We heard it here months ago folks. Donny Duetch said it loud and clear on air..”I would rather vote for a despicable human being…Donald trump….than vote for Bernie”….”do you know what that would do to the company…I mean county””……yes Donny and the rest of you overpaid elites, we now exactly why you won’t do the right thing and back Bernie. Ultimately it’s going to cost you anyway. Look at your ratings, 2 years from now there will be no more MSM. We have seen the light.

  7. "Elizabeth Warren dealt effectively with this question of a woman's elect-ability"
    Elizabeth Warren just proved that she's completely full of BS.

  8. What utter 💩!! This is made up by cablenews & Warren who has a record of lies!!!
    This is nonsense Bernie isn’t fighting anyone!! He just defended an personal attack that has no source,no proof, & is frankly patently ridiculous!!
    Why don’t you report actual news for a change??
    We all know why you don’t like Bernie,getting very boring now!!

  9. Who attacked who. All Bernie's done from the start of this farce is to deescalate the situation. The only ones who keep mentioning it is the media cause they know it's news worthy and brings higher ratings. Anybody who knows Bernie can say it's all BS. Even the Republicans would say that…

  10. Totally staged by Elizabeth Warren. However she seemed adamant about the point it’s inconceivable that she could’ve made this whole thing up and lied about it. Not fair to question a Native American’s integrity this way.

  11. MSNBC distractions from issues important to Americans. Where are the stories on substantive issues like a broken health care system at the hands of Congress and Private insurance companies or the endless wars killing or destroying the lives of millions, supported by Neo Liberal War mongers like Biden or Warren? MSNBC, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

  12. I think Bernie has made it very clear that he has always supported woman’s rights. Sad that so much of the main stream media is ignoring that.

  13. I think this is all a misunderstanding between these two during their conversation. Bernie may have said a woman, can’t be president, but he probably meant that the majority of voters won’t elect a woman as president. Warren probably interpreted as Bernie thinking, he personally doesn’t think a woman can be elected as president. I’ve experienced this personally myself, in a conversation. Saying something to someone who thought I meant one thing, because they interpreted it differently than the way I said something. Later, you find out their misinterpretation, and you go back to them, and clarify what you really meant. People misinterpret conversations all the time, because of their differences in cultures, experiences, biases, and prejudgements. They may see things one way, while another person may see it totally different. English can be a complicated language because one word can have so many different meanings or definitions.

  14. I'm a feminist and I vote on policy. I support Berni Sanders and I think this has hurt women not Bernie. It looked like dirty politics.

  15. I'm not voting for Bernie or Warren but I side with Bernie on this especially with Warren's previous lies. Politics is so disgusting. This was an attempted take down of Bernie. It failed.

  16. This was the most stupid setup by CNN and warren. You think the American people are that stupid to not believe that it’s a setup. A discussion that was a year plus ago and 2 weeks before a primary ! Come on !

  17. Bernie Sanders denied having any knowledge of a $30,000 federal discrimination settlement from his 2016 campaign, reported by Politico, involving two former staffers who were sexually assaulted and thier complaints were covered up.

    On January 2, following a New York Times report in which several female employees from the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign alleged sexual harassment, disparities in pay and a workplace environment they described as either uncomfortable or inappropriate, Sanders first apologized in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.

    "I am not going to sit here and tell you that we did everything right in terms of human resources, in terms of addressing the needs that I'm hearing from now, that women felt they were disrespected, that there was sexual harassment which was not dealt with as effectively as possible," he said.

    Bernie Sanders has a long history of covering up complaints by women and a disturbing habit of denying thier very existence.

  18. Good, you dirty marxists keep fighting amongst yourselves. Meanwhile, we proud patriots will keep Donald J. Trump in the white house.

  19. Bernie has a Life long track record of supporting women, minorities and all social classes. This is nothing but political theater. Warren is getting desperate because she is dropping like a rock. I would never support her now. She is a phony liar!!!

  20. If Elizabeth now wants to bring our troops home, why did she support the biggest tax increase in history to our military budget. We spend more than the next ten countries combined. She needs to stop talking out of both sides of her mouth. Very phony!!

  21. Why did Warren make this accusation in the first place? At worst, she probably misunderstood something Sanders said, and she should have known that. It makes her look petty and desperate.

    There's one angle not being reported on or talked about by the Main Stream Media or the Conservative Media. There are four Democrat Senators that have two very real reasons to vote with Republicans to hear from Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. Sen. Michael Bennet, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren have all been politically sidelined by a calculating Rep. Nancy Pelosi to give Joe Biden an unjust edge in the Democrat Primary Election process. The two reasons for those Democrat Senators to vote with Republicans to hear from Hunter and Joe is evident. That being it could and most certainly will hurt Joe Biden in his 2020 election chances against President Trump when Joe becomes the DNC's nominee for President because of the sidelining of these Democrat Senators. It is also a way to get a small but enjoyable amount of revenge against Rep. Nancy Pelosi for placing her thumb on the scales against them.

  23. Bernie Sanders talking about a woman or minority president. It will blow your mind! Was Warren right?

  24. Elizabethton Warren calling anyone a liar is comical. Course it’s possible Bernie is gonna get cheated again out of being the nominee. It worked for Hillary.

  25. Well she has completely missed the opportunity now to be a Sanders VP. She had a very strong chance unless she actually knows more on this. She still had a better chance for a strong administration position. This is all but gone now too. But if she is the best for the role Bernie would still select her if it is for the good of the county.
    If she has been offered a potential VP role in the Biden camp she got played. It would actual be a good selection for Biden in regard to drawing in support. However their policies are not similar except foreign policy where Warren doesn't seem to have a strong one. Certainly not a strong progressive one. But Biden could bait her with VP and use her to weaken the threat of the Bernie surge taking place and his only strong competition.

    So Warren is now certainly all on her own regardless of the scenario.
    She has burned the Bernie friendship and has broke their agreement of no personal hits in the campaign.
    If Biden baited her with VP, she is of no use to him anymore. 1) the scheme was unsuccessful, 2) Her favorability is dropping and may continue to drop 3) she has proven herself untrustworthy even to a friend 4) and has shown she has little political savvy and has added to her own personal record of stretching the facts in favor of her personal advancement all while weaponizing the MeToo movement for the wrong cause.
    If she rode this tactic on her own again and Bernie continues to climb and she drops even further she has proven again some poor political decisions. She has scorched many of her ties to the progressive movement now and she may never recover. She has also displayed that she is not to be trusted as she will put her own interest ahead of a what seemed to be a personal friend in Sanders. Who will want to be her friend now, political or otherwise? it is rather a shame because she could have served the progressive moment well and been a huge shaker.

  26. CNN has a record of foul play against Sanders. So… who is to be trusted? CNN, Warren, Bernie.?

  27. Not sure who Dona is but that was not exactly very well spoken. Usually I wouldn’t make random comments but if you go on tv it’s fair. The tv host asked „they should have known their mics were still on“ (yep), and Dona tables it „I don’t know about that“, and moved immediately to „but let me talk about electability <just like Elizabeth Warren did. in the debate>“. Both fail to realize how transparent and high school this looks from outside.

  28. It is surprising that Warren left her Mike on her jacket when she was going to confront Sanders. She should have known better. What was she trying to gain?

  29. Warren and her campaign set this whole smear attack up with CNN, it was all just a prefabricated attempt at taking Sanders down. They’ve been exposed. Shameful.

  30. Defeating Donald Trump is important but it's not the end-all.
    Everybody and their mother knows that Warren or anyone else can't pick off Sanders Supporters. Why doesn't Donna and the rest of MSNBC know this.

  31. Any Bernie supporters, if you live in a state that requires you to be a democratic to vote in the primary, please make sure you are registered democrat- the machine is doing everything it can to stop him!

  32. This was such a painful moment to watch. Bernie just got stabbed by someone whom he thought was a friend. He has been publicly advocating for women in Politics for over 30 years, he encouraged her to run in 2016… This whole situation was manufactured by a desperate campaign. #WomenForBernie #ImWithBernie #DropOutWarren #BernieBroWithAVagina

  33. Sorry, but this ill-advised attempt to smear her “ good friend” Bernie looked very orchestrated with CNN – and that is the issue here. This is not a gender issue. but one of ethics and credibility.. Liz was desperate because her campaign was tanking, so she leaked this story to CNN so she could Swiftboat Bernie at the debate . However, publicly calling him a liar and a sexist, and then giving her well-rehearsed speech on the electability of female candidates was obvious ploy, and it has already backfired on her in the polls and in donations – despite the efforts of CNN and MSNBC pundits like Donna Edwards to make it seem legitimate. When it comes to women’s rights and credibility, Bernie’s record speaks for itself. Unfortunately, the same can be said of former Reagan Republican Warren.

  34. if Bernie supporters are so sexist can somebody please point me to all the PMS jokes that are so incredibly deserved right now?

  35. She brings up a conversation from over a year ago and now she’s outraged? She claims he said something that goes against all supporting evidence yet much of the media assumes she’s telling the truth when it’s very unlikely. That’s seems kinda sexist to me.

  36. I think Bernie has time and again asked women to run and supported many campaigns, so i don't think that has ever been called into question. I think we need more context and this seems like a campaign game spawned by a crew of horrible consultants – just like the ones on Hillary's campaign against Obama where they let out photos of him praying in a mosque when visiting his father's family. This is along those lines of bad consultants doing dirty tricks.

  37. I am wondering about warren and the Trojan horse?
    Warren voting record is questionable in certain issues
    Anyway the true leader here is Bernie Sanders !!!

  38. LIARWATHA Warren is tanking in the Polls… and she will do any DIRTY UNDERHANDED TRICK to try and undermine BERNIE… Luckily for BERNIE, none of his Supporters are falling for LIARWATHA's LIES.

  39. You said you found your true calling as a teacher. That's not who I want for president. Get off the national stage before you embarrass yourself further

  40. That moment was so rehearsed with CNN. She even waited for the que so she'd know the cameras were following her and keeping her center-frame. A liar is a liar is a liar, and that's Elizabeth Warren.

  41. So if progressives are to unite, are those dems behind this unity group asking EWarren to jump of the race and support Bernie?

  42. Comrade Bernie, do a good job in the Senate during the impeachment hoax. We will miss you in Iowa. It looks like the DNC and Pelosi are already ripping you off for your chance to run. No worries, just run again in 2024 when you are 84 and your "revolution" becomes eating your bran muffin and drinking your prune juice to stay regular.

  43. How can anyone believe that Warren has ANY credibility? This was obviously a set up! There were no " hot mics "- the microphones were left on while the cameraman FOLLOWED Warren to catch the " confrontation ".

  44. Pocahontas's first comment is correct and is very telling "I think you called me a liar.". Duhh. Why else would she get a handle like "Pocahontas" if she wasn't a liar, about her ethnicity so she could get free grants to go to college. Like all good Democrat/Communists, Warren is an adroit liar. But I must say Warren is not as good a liar as Hillary Clinton. Hillary is the best.

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