1. Trump is drunk with success and popularity. Looks like you Demokids cant handle that. Acquitted of the impeachment charges, as expected and likely to be re-elected. Now we get to,watch you Demokids fight amongst yourselves for your next candidate. Please make it entertaining for us Demokids!

  2. GOP = Home of the "human" qualities that have held up our brain's development for 10 000 years. Being able to lie to oneself and others to preserve your ego and position.

  3. You guys just can’t handle Trump is president. Nearly four years later and you’re still crying about it. Get over it already!

  4. Prick chump is drunk on power of Satan and Baal religion heathens advisors and a Den of Thieves Evangelist !
    Prick chump minions & Demonize Beelzebub's hypocrites !

  5. A group of historians and political scientists have ranked President Trump dead last in their survey of “Presidential Greatness.”

    The survey had Trump at the bottom behind Presidents James Buchanan and William Harrison.

    At the top of the survey was Abraham Lincoln followed by George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson.

    Barack Obama moved up 10 spots from the last survey to come in at No. 8.

  6. He is not drunk how dare you sir. He doesn't drink. He is absolutely tweaked out of his mind. But that running nose is fixed now. Gotta love that Russian strength ciallis/sudafed .

  7. The president Donald Trump is running the country like it belongs to him.His supporters are so stupid and doesn't know he is lying, day in and out.

  8. Do his "people" actually select those background people for these speeches~? Not being mean…but they look like they just escaped from a mental institution and their meds are running out. Really…check it out~! They shouldn't be that close to ANY president.

  9. "Stop and frisk" is legalized assault. You DO NOT get to lay your hands upon anyone because you don't like the way they look. Trumpty Dumpty's great fall is coming.

  10. Democrats = violent intolerable individuals who cannot accept the fact that not everyone is like them.
    If there's one thing I've learned when someone cannot accept the facts, they resort to violent acts against those who oppose them. Way to show "Democracy".

  11. This is the bank robber solving the problem of leaving a trail of dollar bills back to his hideout by moving his hideout to the bank. The Republicans have given a kid the keys to the candy store.

  12. I can’t wait to see the look on Melania’s face when Trump dies from cardiac arrest. She’ll say, “My ‘3 Big Mac a day’ diet worked after all😈” 😂

  13. What a bunch of low IQ nonsense and liberal trolls. LOL LOL LOL
    No wonder why the liberal is losing badly. Idiots!!!
    Liberal policies are failed policies; socialism, open borders, etc…
    The reason Turmp keeps winning and will win again in 2020, is because he has no intellectual competition. Globalist scum !!!
    The liberal is the enemy of all American citizens with an IQ above 70.
    TRUMP 2020

  14. Trump haters on here just name calling like children. No one can name a single thing Trump has done wrong. Admit it, you all hated Trump from day 1. He could pave the streets with gold and you idiots would complain they were too bright.

  15. Yeah, now if it was a socialist who was drunk with power, stealing money from their citizens and creating a nanny state, Kimmel would applaud that. And for the record, Bloomberg is on tape making racist remarks. If you can't even be honest when President Trump achieves something good for the country or speaks the truth, then you're not going to be honest with yourself when your party politicians are full of crap.

  16. Amazing how many people watched this video against their will and decided to give a negative comment. Why not exercise your right to not listen but then you have an agenda don't you? Enjoy your freedom while you still have it.

  17. Stop and frisk,is because he wants people to get fondled so he can go in the Oval office,and watch vídeos of it,and beats his fkn meat.🖕🏻💩

  18. Democrats care more about allowing Coronavirus in US over US citizen's health. This has gotten ridiculous. Abolish the socilist Russian party. This is how Russia will annihilate USA

  19. Lying Democrats… If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor… Nancy Pelosi, who wouldn't want free healthcare for everyone… Obama allowing Eric Holder to run Firearms to Mexico… Obama allowing James Comey to turn a blind eye to Hillary Clinton destroying her emails… Obama letting Lois Lerner Target conservatives, the list goes on and on… You Democrats absolutely suck it!

  20. If you want to know what Donald J. Trump is guilty of, observe carefully what he accuses others of. It is a list of his own sins.

  21. JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺. Well done America. You are now the corruption centre of the world .This all Ttump’s handiwork with the help of the cabal of criminals he has surrounded himself. So so very sorry America.

  22. At the 2:29 Mark, Trump says: "I know many wives who don't get too upset {at losing their husbands]"
    Then you see Melania clapping and with that sad look on her face!

    Who needs Comedy Writers when you have President Trump!????????

  23. Mrs. P works With Mr President to make it bad for for the Democrats she likes money 💰 much she has no time to stop as the sweeper of the House to help clean it up!!! She must be a spayed?

  24. Trump is a fckin idiot and his supporters is a bunch of morons that voted for this orange 🍊 Head 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. And today Trump is the President, and Jimmy Kimmel is a comedian on TV. I mean I'm not even American, but even I can tell that this guy is obsessed with Trump

  26. Trump is correct. The sentence was incorrect. An obstruction finding adds two levels to the offender's sentence, which can result in as much as an additional 68 months of prison.[17] In 2017, the obstruction enhancement was applied in 1,319 cases, representing 2.1 percent of all sentences issued in federal courts.[18]

  27. Twenty-first century strongmen do not suspend the constitution and replace it with tanks on the streets. They pay lip-service to the constitution while behaving as though it didn’t exist.

  28. Ah Jimmy you are outdoing Stephen with your brilliant satire! I mean "the obedient training paid off" – this is priceless!

  29. I read another "daddy's beautiful little girl" comment this morning from "little girl's creepy father" and thought maybe he could put the accent on cultivating what's inside rather than her "frosting" as beauty is fleeting , her mom is a good example,no? Then what's left of a pretty face when that's what she's relied on in her younger days. Sad to say ,not much. Not much at all. Hopefully she'll see that and start cultivating what's on the inside for her own future happiness. God knows she'll have to wear "alligator skin"for the remainder of her life in order to cope with the myriad of comments and questions she is going to have to face in the years to come after the beauty is gone. And it goes,for sure . Wake up daddy,wake up !!!!! What you're telling her is empty of a father's love. Diane Gagnon

  30. Mr. Kimmell!!!… Another Great depiction of the Drunk tRump!!!!… Its Brilliant how he acknowledges he's a SNAKE!!!!… The Skunk-tRump is a Snake!!!… usually this reptile gets its head Chopped-off !!!!

  31. Who will ruin the country more the next four years? Donald Trump (scoundrel)? Or one of the democrat scoundrels running for office?

  32. No one has ever told Trump no with real consequences. He believes he is so popular he can do anything he pleases. Republicans have reaffirmed his delusions.

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