Donald Trump attempts political satire in Thanksgiving turkey pardon

In this grand tradition,
I am pleased to announce that today’s lucky bird
and guest of honour is named Peas, along with
his alternate name, Carrots. The children will understand that. The winner of this vote was decided by a
fair and open election, conducted on the
White House website. This was a fair election. Unfortunately, Carrots refused
to concede and demanded a recount and we’re still fighting
with Carrots. And I will tell you we’ve
come to a conclusion. Carrots, I’m sorry to tell you
the result did not change. It won’t be entirely a rest. Even though Peas and Carrots
have received a presidential pardon, I have warned them that
house Democrats are likely to issue them
both subpoenas. Nonetheless, in the spirit
of Thanksgiving, I will be issuing both
Peas and Carrots a presidential pardon. Peas, I hereby grant you
a full pardon.

  1. I love the title. Really puts the bias in perspective. I thought this was great and silly speech for a silly situation. He's pardoning a Turkey. WTF is he supposed to do? Every President "attempts political satire" at this ceremony. If it was Hillary Clinton the title would read Hillary Clinton jokes at Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon.

  2. Trump having fun with sly digs at the liberal media there saying that Peas the turkey won the election over Carrots the turkey , despite a recount and that the Democrats will probably subpoena them.
    I just knew that the Guardian would be triggered…

  3. Big news story. Thanks God (one of the lesser evil ones) that the Guardian have the balls (non gender assuming) to do this.

  4. He´s so good making a joke of himself and US power.

    He could literally kill with laughter like that villain of Batman.

  5. The communists at cnn will probably condemn the president and call him a racist homophobe for having a white straight turkey, and not a multiracial transgender turkey.

  6. The title shows just how far left the media is. If it was a democrat it would read amazing president pardons evil turkey. Media is the enemy!

  7. Turkey like "oh no I'm transgender pls don't touch me I'm a white straight turkey but sometimes I use dominance of other male turkeys that's all!!!" 😂😂

  8. Attempts? I don't know about you, but I think he nailed it. Better content than most late night comedians nowadays. It's sad, but the left seems to be the death of comedy…

  9. Only reason this channel HAS ANY views is because the algorithms were changed to favor your BS. YouTube made a grave error.

  10. WTF he saying OMG he nut case

    he most mental disturbed guy ever hold up job

    McDonald wouldn't hire him
    They for that job

    If any us get served at McDonald's by trump ….

    We leave thinking did we walk in McDonald's or mental. Institute……

    But to beat that and be were he is now just mind blowing…. ….

  11. Seems that we should raise a glass to the real turkeys here…the Guardian (or Garden because it's usually worthy of being on a compost heap).

  12. This is proof our Government thinks murder is ok….making a joke out of people wrongfully accused being pardoned….giving a mortal man the power of life or death for another human being then satire with a Turkey…..sickening

  13. The turkey represents trump himself, and he's practicing pardoning himself when he's finally arrested for his crimes against the United States of America, humanity in general, and for his daily aggravated assaults on the human intellect. What a bozo.

  14. This President is the most amazing in my lifetime, what a great sense of humor. He's doing so much for our country and its citizens all while being under constant attack by the establishment that just won't die or go away. The Democrats are no longer the party of the common man, they are "The Man". So don't be fooled or bamboozled, Brown is the new Black because the assimilation has finally come to fruition.

  15. 1:06 Next the Left will be saying Trump did a Nazi salute to dog whistle the white supremacists on the day of Indian genocide.

  16. I wish President Trump brought a hatchet and when this Turkey was presented he chopped it's head off and then put the body in a big pot. Now that would have been funny.

  17. Why is that wrinkled necked, pock skinned, bird brained, overstuffed thing with the ridiculous crest strutting around gobbling nonsense ? And why is it with a turkey?

  18. There were 3 turkeys up there, Peas, Carrots & tRUMPelThinSkin! Only one Fool: tOOLtRUMPelThinSkin.


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