Don Trump Jr Puts Mitt Romney On Notice For Caving To Dems: Doesn’t Deserve To Be In Office

As Washington settles in for President Trump’s
impeachment trial in the Senate, Don Trump Jr. sent a message to all GOP Senators getting
wobbly. Specifically, Trump Jr is blasting GOP Senators
like Susan Collins and Mitt Romney for caving to the Dems demands on witnesses. The Dems want to call only theirs and leave
the GOP without calling Hunter Biden or even Adam Schiff. The battle is not over and fairness is demanded
by both sides, unfortunately for Mitch and the GOP four Senators can and seem willing
to hold the GOP hostage and thwart their plans. From The Hill: President Trump’s eldest
son Donald Trump Jr. said Sunday that “weaker” Senate Republicans should go on record about
whether they are only willing to hear from witnesses requested by Democrats in President
Trump’s impeachment trial. “The, let’s call it weaker Republicans
… make a vote on it, if some of those guys don’t want to hear from the witnesses we’d
want to hear from but will hear from the others, I want to know about it, because they don’t
deserve to be in office,” Trump Jr. said Sunday on “Sunday Morning Futures.” “Hearing from everyone is totally fair. That’s not what we’ve heard so far while
the Democrats have controlled the process,” he added. Numerous Senate Republicans have said that
if witnesses are called in the trial, the witness list should include both those requested
by Democrats, who include Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former national security adviser
John Bolton, and those requested by Republicans, including former Vice President Joe Biden
and his son Hunter Biden.

  1. mitt "hominy" rominy didnt cave to the commies. hes a sewer rat hes just been waiting for a chance to stab donald trump in the back. mitt is a rino not a conservative bone in his sewer rat body. please people vote for real conservatives not these sewer rats

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