1. And year after year we elect the same people who pit us against each other and then drive home to MILLION DOLLAR homes and many to a second home – allow their kids to attend college free and then they pass laws that they are exempt from and then get retirement pensions for life and we look for a hand out. Change needs to happen. It needs to happen soon or we will all be in huge trouble – excluding these rich people we keep putting into power for decades…Be part of the change – participate while we still have rights to do so. It used to mean something when you were a citezen of the USA – not the global agenda being foisted on us or the stock market fat cats pushing for bailouts – we need a new way. Not capitalism, not Socialism, and definitely not a monarchy. Social markets may be a way to start – lets at least think of a better world that we can pass down to the next generation – cuz if not- get used to less freedoms and less of everything – sad days here.

  2. Bread prices in 2021: 7 dollars a loaf
    Cost of everything about to skyrocket from inflation. U can't just print cash without inflation


  4. If you made the standard deduction or less, you can't file a tax return using an online systems and tax software. It won't recognize a need to submit the file to the IRS.

    In my case, after my expenses, I had a net loss so there isn't anything to file. I appreciate that what I made wouldn't be taxed, but a shutdown of the economy has dramatically decreased any revenue coming my way. I don't have any debt and it costs very little to get by month to month (hence why I do what I love to love), but nobody is going to sign up for scuba diving lessons in this climate.

    Lastly, since I can't qualify for a refund because I didn't have a tax return that needed to be filed during the last two years, if I send a return in with all zeros, it's likely to get me audited.

    For all those that made money as a gig worker, servers, students, or have tip income or non-taxable income, they don't file at all…

    Lastly, restaurateurs that are in the first five years of opening typically sink everything back into their businesses to see if they can make it. They are very likely to have over $75,000 in gross income but net losses every year. While they have returns, they won't qualify because they make too much.

    The local, county and state governments that count on those taxes are also going to find themselves in a financial crisis.

    If this pit doesn't get addressed, there will be a lot of industries that will never recover.

  5. This thing started in March and the most optimistic estimates are that we might be able to start getting back to business by the end of April. That is two months of missed income. I fail to see how $1,200 in May is going to help all that much. Every little bit counts, but by the time these checks are received, a lot of people are probably going to be dangerously behind on their bills and facing bankruptcy or eviction. This should be a wake-up call for all Americans that we cannot depend on the government to save us in times of crisis. We need to start saving again, the way our grandparents who lived through the great depression did. Perhaps that will be one good thing to come out of this mess. A new spirit of frugality and self-reliance?

  6. So…. what happens if you're medically retired from the military and rated at 100% disabled. Non of the money I make is taxable so I cant file

  7. So I'm not eligible for disability but I get $1,100.00 a month retirement. I filed taxes but didn't get a refund but also didn't have to pay in. Will I get a check?

  8. We are getting robbed with the stimulus bill.  There are 275 million people over the age of 18 in the US.  If everyone got a check for $1,200 that would add up to $30 billion.  Where is the rest of the $2 trillion going?  I'll tell you. They are robbing us again.  But stupid people are in agreement because they are getting a few bread crumbs.   To put this in perspective, $3.8 trillion is the yearly budget of the US.  We are being robbed of our tax dollars by our politicians!

  9. Want a better explanation go here. This guy does a lot better job explaining it.

  10. What if my taxes were offset due to previous debt… I didn't get the $1287 return I filed 2 months that ago… So does that mean I won't get this check either?

  11. $500 Billion of secretly distributed funds to large corporations, but the millions who work in the informal gig economy who can least afford to miss work are getting shafted? Many of us don’t qualify for unemployment because we get treated as “independent contractors”. Fck Senate Republicans and the “Moderate” Democrats who let this pass and didn’t fight for us.

  12. My father makes less than $75k a year so im sure he will receive the funds but im unemployed and have no income and he claims me as an dependent when he files his taxes. Does that mean I dont get a check because he claimed me?

  13. Everyone should get money not just the one's who are eligible,the elderly, disability, poorest families, that's fair I think every one should lives in USA

  14. This says how to get it and who qualifies it’ll be May probably u can get it
    File a tax return even if u haven’t filed and your stuff all messed up it’s just so they know you’re there it says

  15. My taxes all screwed up but If anything they owe me a lot I’ll just file something get my check sort that out later I haven’t gotten a return
    In forever i did my own taxes for a few years messed em
    Up every time I think I’m glad I saw this video

  16. This Stimulus Money will Surely Help the Economy,,,. But it won't Slow down the CoVid 19 Pandemics spread if there is No Locked Down…… okay.

  17. The government has failed us. They care more about business then the citizens. This should have been passed and sent out to the citizens first. Not the businesses. The government is not there to protect businesses. Its for the people by the people. They were not even gonna include the average citizen.

  18. Interest will go sky high in a few years!!, we're going to have to pay this loan back,even the people who didn't get a check will be paying back this debt it's not free money, nothing is free in the land of the fee!, peace

  19. So it appears even those who had NO TAXABLE INCOME in 2019 (including our homeless, your deadbeat ex-husband & drug dealers with a valid ssn) will get the $1200. As long as they file a tax return and provide an address to send it to. Hmmm. No wonder it's just a one-time deal.

  20. What a joke the dem o rats put it to American people and now telling us it good for us pork is all they think of and friends and family

  21. Social security and disability recipients get a check,working people filing taxes get a check and that includes self employed that file there taxes,deadbeats and illegal aliens that dont work or file a tax return dont get a check. Protect your homes and property because there will be people who want what you have.

  22. Why are people even talking about this B.S 1200 check, this is a slap in the face, while Corporations that don't even need bail out money are getting billions!

  23. Ur an adult at 18 but u can't smoke u can't drink but u can vote because ur an adult what sense does that make

  24. Other sites are reporting different information, and if people who did not file in 2018 or 2019 are not going to receive any stimulus check.. Who has the correct information!!!!!!!

  25. "And if you did things right with your life then you get the finger, because now you make too much money to qualify." Lol

  26. it sucks that after three years of filing for my husbands citizenship and despite him not being a citizen he pays 10 k back every year in taxes and I am married to him and as a us citizen I won't get my check since I am on his taxes… so unfair

  27. Why the hell are they giving checks to people with 75k and etc the income requirements should be lower and cap around 50k more money for the people who make less they don’t need an extra check at that income

  28. Must be nice to be on SSI/disability, income never affected by this and you essentially get a bonus while the rest wonder where the next is coming from….

  29. i have a question, if anyone know about this please answer me. my question is i have been working last 5 years under the table payment so i haven't pay any tax or did any tax file also last 5 years but i do have social Security card and i did my tax file before 5 years ago so do i still eligible for get the check ? if anyone know anything let me

  30. This is gonna sound so dumb, but is it adults only getting a check ? I was 16 in 2018 but i did work full time ( fast food ) and filed taxes. I'm 18 now

  31. If i have a social security number but have been living in Europe for the past 10 years, do i quality for this?

  32. The mere fact that any American has to "qualify" should engage people's critical thinking, but I surmise it won't, because sadly they are to worried on how to survive. Keep in mind originally the bill had $1,000 to EVERY American, but was voted down. They are culling the herd folks.

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