DO THIS EVERYDAY | Law of Attraction Techniques That Work!

and when you do these four things each
day it’s like all the doors just open up hello and welcome back to my channel if
you’re new my name is Mary Kate and I’m a mindset coach manifesting expert and
founder of MK magic if you’re new my channel is all about Law
of Attraction manifesting meditations and more so be sure to give this video a
thumbs up and subscribe to my channel so in today’s video I’m going to show you
four things that you can do each day to literally change your life ever since I
started incorporating these 4 simple things into my daily routine it’s been
like actual magic so I am so excited to share them with you so I’ll walk you
through with these 4 techniques and explain everything step by step so be
sure to stay tuned for the whole video before we jump in I wanted to thank
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sleeping more some people are catching up on TV catching up on movies everyone
has their own way of handling all this extra time but for me personally I think
that this time is extremely sacred and special because how many times have you
been really wanting to try something and you just feel like you don’t have the
time so then you don’t even start at all right now you have the chance to lay the
groundwork in your manifesting process to manifest all of the big things you
want this year or this month or this week with this extra time you can choose
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to join babble today so my biggest thing is use this extra time start that
workout routine you’ve been putting off start that meditation routine you’ve
been putting off learn that new language do something now that is going to lead
to better things in the future so let’s dive into the first technique I want to
talk about and that is equal founding yourself in a mantra or affirmation
grounding yourself in a mantra or affirmation is so unbelievably powerful
when you truly truly connect to it so you can choose a new mantra or
affirmation each day or pick one for the week or pick one for the month whatever
feels best to you if it’s an affirmation or a mantra that you want to kind of
connect more and more to and sink a little deeper into pick one for the
month that’s what we do inside of my create program we pick a monthly mantra
that the whole program focuses around and then we remove all resistance and
limiting beliefs around it it’s such a powerful tool to really truly ground
yourself in a mantra or affirmation and when I say ground yourself in it
what I mean is that you have to fully true
we connect to it because in order for an affirmation or a mantra to work for you
you have to feel fully energetically connected to it and you just have to
feel it so completely that it’s a part of you you could read an affirmation
over and over and over again but if you’re not truly connecting to it it
won’t work for you but I found that incorporating a mantra or affirmation
and you can even play around with a few but what works best for me personally is
choosing one that I can kind of dig deep into and see how I can fully embody it
and see how I can fully commit to that mantra and then once you really commit
to it you start seeing evidence of it inside your reality so one of my
favorite mantra is that I’ve been playing around with for a while now I
actually talked about it in my morning manifesting law of attraction routine if
you haven’t seen that video I’ll leave a link up here and a link in a description
box for you but in this morning routine there is something I do each morning
when I get out of bed they say the affirmation I am ready for
magic and I connect to it and then for the rest of the day I expect magic and
miracles and I’m telling you not only have I had success with it but everybody
who has tried this has said the same thing it gives you pretty powerful
results I actually even like to drink out of my I am ready for magic mug every
morning now because I feel like it’s just like a little extra boost to my
affirmation I don’t know if you could see it up close I think the lights kind
of blocking it but I am ready for magic because what you expect in your reality
is what you’re going to see so pick an affirmation or a mantra ground deep into
it and see how you can truly truly connect to it and embody it and then
you’ll start seeing evidence of it in your reality so pick a mantra that’s
powerful and feels good to you so the second technique I want to talk
about is focusing inward or taking some me time however you want to say it it’s
very easy to put yourself on the back burner and go go go and constantly tune
out and you know be distracted all the time but what takes a little bit more
effort is actually putting yourself first and making yourself a priority
because how do you intend to create something in your life if you’re not
getting clear at what you want to create and why when you’re consciously creating
your life you want to be deliberate about the things you’re creating because
otherwise you can start creating chaos and not even
realize that you’re doing it when you take a few moments or take five minutes
or ten minutes or however long you can give to yourself think of it as a gift
to yourself to go inward and truly decide what you intend to call into your
life what you intend to bring into your life how you intend to live your life
who you intend to be in your life you are taking time to consciously and
deliberately create your life or else your life is just gonna start following
whatever thoughts are popping into your head and whatever patterns you’re
following you want to be in control of what’s happening in your reality you
want to be the one to decide what you want to create
and if you don’t life will just kind of create things for you so there are
several ways to connect and check in with yourself you can start a meditation
practice you can journal you can use scripting you can exercise there are so
many different ways to reflect inward and just take a minute and actually
decide what you want to create your true power lies in choice you can choose what
you want to bring into your life but the thing is you have to choose and in order
to do that you need to be able to reflect inward discover what you want
and why think about your beliefs about what it is that you want how you can
remove resistance around the things blocking you from manifesting what you
want and just truly connect to your purpose and your intention so you have
your mantra and you have your intention which brings me to the third technique
the third technique is asking for guidance in what you want to create you
can ask the universe you can ask God you can ask whatever higher power you
believe in and you connect with whatever that is for you it could be the
universal energy source it could be anything
whatever you connect with there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to
asking a higher power for guidance you don’t have to go out everything alone
you don’t have to try and make everything happen that is the beauty of
the law of attraction and universal laws is that you put out the energy of what
you want to create and then you receive guidance and how to accomplish it in the
right people places and things all come together to make it happen but it’s not
you making everything happen so many people struggle to surrender when using
the law of attraction and I think a great way to explain surrendering is
saying Oh guide me show me what to do I’ll take
the next step but show me what to do guide me show me guide me show me
whatever you want to say but just ask for guidance ask for what the next step
is and when you reflect inward like I said in step two you’ll get the answers
the universe is always trying to communicate with us and it’s up to us to
listen so by asking the universe for guidance you are surrendering to the
fact that there are things that need to happen beyond your control behind the
scenes things that you have no control over you’re asking the universe for what
steps to take next you’re asking for guidance and what you need to do who you
need to be who you need to call what you need to do and everything will line up
when you ask for guidance and take inspired action because that is how you
made us so now you have your mantra or affirmation you took time to reflect in
words and decide what you intend to create then you’ve asked the universe
for guidance and what steps you need to take which is surrendering because
you’re trusting that the universe is putting everything together behind the
scenes and that you don’t have to control anything you just have to follow
guidance in action and the fourth technique is to take steps in action
from the person who already has what it is that you want so you need to think
from and act like the version of yourself that already has what you want
but there’s a specific way I like to do this because a lot of people get really
overwhelmed with this stuff because how do you act from the version of yourself
that has something that you don’t already have it gets kind of
overwhelming and confusing and people wonder if they have to make these big
crazy decisions and actions but that’s not how I like to look at it so the way
I like to look at thinking from and acting like the version of yourself that
you need to be to have what you want it’s a mouthful so I want you to
visualize you’re standing on a bridge you’re at the front of the bridge and
the thing you want is at the very end of the bridge in order to get to the thing
you want you have to walk along this bridge as the version of yourself that
already has what you want but what I want you to do is go a little bit deeper
I want you to visualize your day or visualize your life exactly how it would
be if you had that thing you want and as you’re doing that I want you to
visualize walking along the bridge and see what thoughts and beliefs come up
for you because what you’ll find is that as you’re going about this journey all
of a sudden you’ll find a limiting belief or thought come up or something
that seems a little bit off or you’ll discover the things that are blocking
you from actually truly embodying the version of yourself that you need to be
to have what you want so for example you’re walking along the bridge fully
embodying buying this new house that you want you want to manifest this new house
it’s at the end of the bridge you’re walking towards the bridge and think the
thoughts that come up so you’re you’re feeling good about it you’re feeling
good about buying this house and then see what thoughts come up maybe
something like oh but could I have that extra bedroom or you can’t afford that
house or how are you gonna cope with a down payment or how are you going to
come up with this or how high will your mortgage be like what if you don’t have
enough money for it or what if the money runs out you will always find what your
limiting beliefs are if you walk this path and you actually do the work and
from there you can see what these limiting beliefs are and you can gently
let them go so we I like to think of it is you’re on this bridge and there’s no
room for these negative beliefs or thoughts so you simply clear the path so
if you think of these limiting thoughts and beliefs that are coming up as blocks
on this bridge things that are blocking you from reaching the end things that
are blocking your path from getting to what you want how can you find a way to
get rid of them and clear the space so that there is a clear open path to be
able to receive what it is that you want in order to receive that thing you have
to clear out the resistance and negative beliefs and all of the things in the way
so that you can bring it into your life so you have to think from and act like
the version of yourself and take thoughts and actions and steps as if you
already had it and see what negative beliefs and limiting beliefs come up and
find a way to clear them so that you can fully embody who you need to be to have
what you want when you apply these four techniques you will see a dramatic shift
in your ability to manifest what you want you will be shocked at how quickly
things shift for you most of the time we are the ones standing in the way of what
we want so by grounding yourself in an affirmation that feels really powerful
to you that creates a charge and then when you reflect inward and actually
decide what you want to create that’s what’s the intention for what you intend
to bring into your life and from there you ask for guidance from the universe
learn buttons actions you need to take and then the
last step is to think from and act like the version of yourself that already has
it and takes steps actions and thoughts as if it was already yours
clear out the resistance and make room on your path if you only knew how
powerful your energy is you can truly have fear do anything that you want so I
highly recommend using this energy to consciously and deliberately create your
life I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give it a
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  1. Thank you for your videos Mary Kate! Since we are all quarantined, and many are sad they cant visit a gym, my suggestion is to get out and walk, do a Youtube WORKOUT video – there are hundreds of them! No reason to be sad because we are stuck at home. Enjoy this time and stop watching the depressing news.

  2. Thanks Mary Amazing tips very helpful. Much Divine Love Light and Protection ❣️❣️💞 Namaste Asē BELIEVE and have Faith ☮️

  3. 🔸Download my FREE Money Mindset Workbook 💵:
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  4. Your videos help me so much !! I can listen to you talk all day ❤️❤️ Im a makeup artist and im gonna try your techniques to grow and be better my IG is Lirika.mua and right now im a small account but definitely believe it will grow thanks to your advice there’s so much positivity from your channel 😍

  5. Be In the Presence I Am Ready for Magic😘 I AM READY TO BE READY. I SURRENDER AND TAKE INSPIRED ACTION BREATHE IN BREATHE OUT. ITS DONE ❤THE WORK IS ALREADY DONE .INNERBEING is doing the Work already.Thank You Source . Carry on with a Beautiful Day. You Deserve it😘✌

  6. 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😇💫🙏so true we now have the time,Babell,lol,believe in miracles and show me the magic 😇💫🙏❤️Thank you universe and Mary Kate,so inspirational 🥰❤️NOW IS THE TIME 😇💫✨ find yourself and give yourself some love people ❤️❤️❤️ Positivity is key,the choice and future is yours my friends 🌔💫🌏🌈 the universe communicates the universe provides 💫✨THANKYOU for all I am about to receive universe THANKYOU 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

  7. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧yes I started learning Portuguese at the beginning of the week 😎on this very app ,mmm THANKYOU Mary Kate 🥰😘

  8. Hi Mary Kate, I have a suggestion for a video (series) in the future. You say "once I started doing this, things just started flowing for me" a lot, and for people who aren't doing all of the things you're doing (because you're building on years of work creating a base and a routine), it's confusing to see where we should start. So I was wondering if maybe you could do a sort of case study, where you take us along the journey of a complete newbie and follow their work & the creation of their routine and follow the results… Let me know what you think!

    I'm relatively new to your channel so if you already have a video like this, I'll go check that out 🙂
    Also, I absolutely love your meditations, they are top notch !

  9. Wow Thank You Mary; You sure know what your talking about. Yes we can be ,do and have whatever we want. Its true.During this time in this virus crises. I'm focused on healing and health and to build up immune system. My Affirmation or mantra is "I AM Healed and Whole, Healthy and Strong!" for at least 68 seconds or longer perhaps repeat it 108 times and expect to receive a miracle in the area concerning your Health.Thank You Mary. 💖👍

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  11. I wanna ask something,
    I am doing a lot of things for manifestation, doing meditation ,journal, vision, and seeing alot of vedios to gain knowledge of it ,but something I have is my family and parents who are unaware of the LOA and the are toxic and negative and prejudice and it's sometimes makes me angry and doubt I haven't seen my manifestation physically.
    But I saw I manifested alot of things when I wasn't aware of the LOA.
    What I need to be clear from there negative opinions and energy ?
    I am doing my meditation everyday ,journaling everyday, visualising everyday.

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