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Hi guys I’m Rachel and welcome to my new channel, Rachel Republic. today I’m gonna be doing a quick little
tutorial on how to make a tassel garland that’s perfect for
birthday parties, room decor, or just giving to your friends or family just
for fun so let’s get started! So to get started, we need a few items to just begin with. We’ll need different colored plastic tablecloths which you can buy at Walmart or
Target. You’re also going to need some washi tape or you can use lace tape which I got from Daiso. And a ruler that goes up to 10 inches which most do. A pair of super sharp scissors. A some scotch tape. Unfold your plastic tablecloth a little bit. Then you can measure out 10 inches with your ruler. You can kinda estimate but at around ten
inches go ahead and cut your tablecloth. Then unfold your tablecloth and you’ll find a line going- a little crease going down right the middle and you’ll want to cut that right in half. Then fold the pieces of tablecloth in half and stack them on top of each other. just to make the process faster make sure that the folded sides are both on the same side. then I like to use the scotch tape as a kind
of a paperweight to hold down my tablecloth on the creased side and then I take my scissors and I cut like an inch thick little slice from the tablecloth Leave about an inch at the top and then
you can unfold it when you’re done so then you unfold the tablecloth again and push away all the little strands and then you can start rolling it from the center down. And once you’ve rolled it all up, you can shake it a little bit to make the strands straight and then you’ll start twisting in the middle and the goal is to form a ring Turn it and twist again until you have a loop at the top You can now take a piece of scotch tape and wrap it around the loop Make sure it’s pretty tight and secure this part is optional but you can take a
strand of washi tape and I have a green plaid one here add it over the scotch tape I think it looks a lot more festive and a little bit cuter And this is also where you can use lace tape instead which I did in the example at the beginning of my video What you do is you get a piece of string and thread it through the loop and just push it down and essentially when you’re done you can pin the two sides of the string to a wall and you can evenly spread out the tassels so they aren’t so clumpy Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and thanks for watching!

  1. This is so cute, I've been wanting to make one for agesss, I've been trying to find a tutorial, thanks for checking out my channel, I just subbed to you, collab sometime? Xo

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