Diplomats’ Texts Lay Out Trump Ukraine Scheme In Stark Detail | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. LINDSEY one day you says one thing and the other day you says another,you know the truth don't be so fake i don´t know how you're not ashamed

  2. Behavior ??? What happened to Russia the boogeyman ? Where's the whistleblower ? Hmmm . Sounds fake . CREEPY Joe Biden video is text book , QUID PRO QUO . LOOK AT THE VIDEO ON U TUBE .

  3. Lmao!! Theyre getting everything out of this yet another sham that they can.
    What a waste of time.
    Impeachment will never happen. It requires 2/3 of the House vote.
    All Democrats and 20 Republicans.
    Well, no Republicans voted for the inquiry and TWO Democrats voted against it.
    America has been played by the dems and the media for 3 years now.

  4. GOP needs to be apart of the gymnastics team, as many times they've flipped, twisted, and tumbled telling lies for Donald Trump!


  6. Alright… are we all going to ignore the investigation that would damage Biden's reputation? I mean, there is a criminal investigation already happening. What exactly are we upset about here?

  7. IMPORTANT: Trump urges Democrats to stockpile petroleum jelly, says makes the ride smoother. EPSTEIN REPORT 11/5 9:00am. Bill Clinton's favorite vacation spot.

  8. Hey! If and I say if Trump did commit a crime…then "You" people need to agree with sending Hillary and Biden to jail as well. It's only fair. And and one with sense would agree with what I just said.

  9. BREAKING NEWS: UKRAINE FILES Democrat Biden got $17.5 m in Racketeering. Clinton and Obama's got more. TRUMP INNOCENT!

  10. Here we go again ..another Rachel Madcow..bombshell. The 3 yr old Russian hoax was not enough..now I as an American , I am suppose to be outraged by all this and change my vote and vote in a progressive communist who wants to tax me 72% ..sorry I could care less about Ukraine as I cared about Russia. …Rachel needs to do better then this …like maybe covering the story about Epstein and why major media didn’t want to touch the story because they were protecting the Clintons and the royals ..

  11. Is it not weird to any of you that all of this was behind closed doors and people changed their statements despite republicans not even being present? Like you cant even say "Well they were scared to tell the truth!" if the republicans weren't even there. Why change their statements in an environment that was entirely friendly and begging for the truth that they supposedly had on quid pro quo?

    Absolutely none of this makes sense. Also, democrats have set a ridiculous precedent for future impeachment inquiries. Basically if you don't like the president and you have a majority, you can have closed door meetings where the other party isn't allowed to participate and you can "leak" information at will to shift public opinion.

    If trump did it, great. Impeach him. But if the evidence was so obvious and abundant then why hide it from us. Is it because you got totally embarrassed the last time America got to see an investigation?

  12. She forgot her tin foil hat. Oh, and "they feel like" they've got the plot? So they're still making the story up? Because that's what you do when you don't have a plot, but you're making one up as you go along.

  13. So a guy decided to change his mind about foreign government bribery? Does the intel community have dirt on him or something?

  14. I'm very curious, how Biden can get away with withholding foreign aide in order to fire a lawyer looking into his son's business' corrupt practices. Sit there and brag about it, but the president request this corruption be investigated and he is in the wrong?

  15. How do they say that a thing that is said does not really mean what is said?
    Why don't they get this over with already and get on with doing some actual governing

  16. Paid tee shirt shills. They hide the real deplorables off camera. What those shirts should actually say is "Never is the new all the time" lol. Or.. "See ya in prison" lmfao!

  17. Richard Maddow! Go to journalism school, and learn what your job entails. Trump is the best President this country has seen, leave him to do his job!

  18. Sorry Lindsey, you are way too old to pull a blanket over your head and insist it's not morning yet. The sun is rising on a new day. Read the depositions.

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