Despite Threats, Activists Hand Out Jury Rights Pamphlets in Philadelphia

[Applause] if you get too close to me with that camera I'll take it out of your hand and Ram it down your throat you are you getting ready to protest or do something then this is not going right well I'm asking you why are you here you have to answer me when I ask you a question I don't hear it is my business that's why I'm here I don't know who you are well then why are you asking me like this I need to know why you're here for the development I need to know why you're here can you tell me your name I'm required to yes you okay I'm gonna call it washes right now and you'll be required to show identification I asked them he said it was his sir because we have a lot of problems of terrorists without doing anything at all I don't know that because you're not being cooperative standing you're not be a why are you here none of these three people are being cooperative hey done great they stay high if you're enjoying tonight the nice days I mean we're just we're just sitting here on the bench we're just regular folks you know we're not doing anything wrong here not no ill intention I just want you guys to understand you know what if you get too close to me with that camera I'll take it out of your hand and Ram it down your throat but how far back would you like me to be sir no I don't know I they said something about terrorism but we're just we were just sitting here talking what's your name they'll have given us your identification now it's the who you are while you're here so what's your name there's none ask for our name why not because you won't give your name is everyone hey doing that's right you excellent beautiful day is these actual cheese so what you guys doing out here today no we're just chilling out enjoying the good day no that's fine we had a problem with that excellent thank you are you filming everybody there's been a lot in the recent news about you know police abuse so I just carry a camera to make sure that police are asked me or my friend said you know we got it on tape just for self self-protection you know excellent no I just saying what are you guys out here for today I mean there's got to be a reason you got here tonight you got a little sign our journey means you've got what I'm asking against us you guys have a plummet look if you're out here protest I don't know have you seen us protest yeah I'm sorry this Jerry info what would that be a protest up yeah but it's not a process of anything I love are y'all planning on staying here while is is hoping to just occupy them they're probably waiting for us to actually do something oh yeah maybe right now we're just guys hanging around yeah as soon as we've been trained it's just sunny to pass out literature that may be an unnatural 20 of them that's working time right there eleven hurting somebody else I noticed this since that market jury is is there like American Foundation I'm just an observer I'm just a privately neither job nervous yeah okay just like you guys Oh Rovers are yeah I hope not our time we might agree with you now when you do this in front of a federal building yes that all right what's that you get the picture but I don't I can't record why not it's public space right so you're gonna put this the way you want to put it right no I'm just I'll just I'll just put the interesting stuff in but it's a public place right there's no no presumption of privacy you know in a public place and you're a public officer I don't think pretty much in a very high from interfering just let me know how far back I have to stand cuz I don't want to do that I think it's if you can see you in here then you're in the fear is like the Heisenberg principle doesn't see it you can hear you can hear what I'm saying and I'm pretty much a part of the Act certainly not my intention sir come on step back okay sure meanwhile we're tying up at least cards Larry's three there's one across the street – there's 15 guys than one dog at least we're tired just think of what we're doing and always shit like me and trap 15 guys and three buddies higher level you guys taking pictures keeps their behavior Vicki right here taking pictures I know that this is just every slap we probably already prevented like 1jz and billy like just not just keeping these guys busy I think so [Laughter] [Laughter]

  1. It's weird how they freak out and get so nervous like you guys are going to start a riot or something hahahahsha

  2. What gets me, those Marshalls come out making asses of themselves, don't believe they have any jurisdiction outside the courthouse.

  3. The ass clown saying they have a lot of problems with terrorists is total bullshit. If you threaten me and come into my space, I will fuck you up. Plain and simple. I don’t care how many of your boyfriends are around.

  4. He should have filed a lawsuit or had the black guy arrested for assault and and threat of bodily harm, he has it on video and demand he be fired in lue of lawsuit!

  5. Its a shame that police abuse is so common it is actually becoming the norm instead of the exception. As long as they can act unlawfully and illegally without consequences for those actions it will only get worse not better.

  6. Typical jackboot Thug, steps up into your face and complains about you being too close. I'm thinking about 90% of the YouTube audience would love to have seen you bust his nose right about then.

  7. Great job. I hope you got the name of guy that walked up to camera and made that threat.

  8. There is no lawful permit process anywhere in the USA for protesting, demonstrating, pamphleting, chanting, or any other peaceful gathering while practicing the 1st Amendment. Period.

    All of these "law enforcers" are in direct violation of their oaths, the Constitution, and the law. They shpuld be dealt with swiftly.

  9. If anyone needs to be slapped in the mouth, the black guys does. He was out of control and without that camera someone would have been hurt, killed or in jail. He walks towards the camera and says if he puts it near him, he will exhibit physical violence to got with unjustified verbal violence. That guys needs to be unemployed. His family unfortunately is just a few missteps away from his pay check not contributing to the family’s budget. He is a loose cannon and I hope someone close to him is able to view this and talk some sense in his head.

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