Design Secrets of The World’s Best E-government Websites

Thank you very much and good morning, everyone.
Itis evening here in Singapore and I’m just like, I’ve went from in the but I’m delighted
to be joining you all to discuss the sub design sequence secrets of the world’s best a government
websites. I’mthe editor for publication called — else write the column before announcing
UK called civil service road. What I do is I have around Asia-Pacific me to government
officials but mostly involved in a government or [Indiscernible] to transport public service
delivery. Over the next half hour I’m going to discuss the common themes the best E-government
websites around the world. Poll those set out the tools, techniques and methods used
by those with built this website, having interviewed them for book of written on this topic and
this will be followed by a question session so I very much looking forward to questions
after the presentation. I’m going to talk briefly about the principles behind the tool
then discuss key topics is eight to national examples of these monkey topics are the scope
of the site, the testing methods, [Indiscernible] content design, search, accessibility, I can
local aesthetic, phones and analytics. First, I give the title design secrets of the world’s
best a government website and what is it that actually makes something will design?
>>In the case of course, the hog and Jackie where can be considered a good design listening
to transport 10 picks to a market. Looks alone aren’t enough. Well-designed object must serve
its users purpose. This task becomes especially complicated in the case of government websites.
— printing the work — allowing citizens to find information they need, posting transaction
post to transaction, publishing data sets amongst other tasks. Give on the site has
many purposes one core principle stands out above all the others. Well-designed government
website must ache it as easy as possible to citizens to find information and services
they need. It is simple to say that to do but agreed many ugly 20 government websites
with poor usability and this one a particular took certainly is it amount to find, there
are so many quite ugly difficult government websites around that don’t really serve the
users needs. I don’t want to dwell in particular on the government of Assam portal, doesn’t
have a [Indiscernible] resources to throw at it but this is the first when I came across
where it has so many problems I thought I should join. If you look in the center of
it, why do that have in him is image gallery with the bridge? What citizen comes to a government
website looking for a picture — in a the key section you have of the SM bulletin with
things that perhaps a government of Assam my toe that citizens would be interested in
the fact they are unlikely to be there like to become into effect to seven to purpose
to do something in the tubular. Nobody likes a directory with government. No one wants
to spend most time doing that so well-designed government website has to be get as easy as
possible for someone to get there, find the service Non-24 or information there looking
for and then leave again. With that said, that increasing the number of good sites across
the world the short government portals can be tasteful, usable and accessible and these
aren’t can visually attractive and — many are challenging assumptions but with the government
website should look like a block of lack of images for example streaming with a traditional
[Indiscernible] that we see so often on a government portals a lot of them look like
directories more than central websites of a government. Which is something that officials
or politicians would want to be proud of. These sites included in the webinar today
are user for the simple to navigate. Even highly ranked in the 2014 United Nations a
government survey of some of also been highlighted by other equipment E-government reports and
nominated for international awards. Someof the portals work better in all countries than
they would in other places and the citizens of one nation they expect website to look
a little different [Indiscernible] another part of the world was expected to work. That
is a government should be serving their own citizens and the pointed feature is all of
them use detailed research to serve their citizens the citizens need to meet the requirements
efficiently and effectively as possible.>>Let’s start from the beginning. I think
it is important to consider it scope. — one of the ones on this map, there but it all
government information into one place and that coincided with the mandated closure of
all individual agency homepages. It also has transaction such as voter registration, benefit
payments and our taxation, it is incredibly broad site in the thinking was the UK government
has an incentive to save a lot of money where it is funny public savings cards and needed
to deliver them together onto one system one-to-one portal and you can find savings by closing
those other websites down and it did it very quickly, period of a few years but not all
countries have taken that path. Manyhave a good presenter not doing so so let’s look
at Australia which the registered traveler done that path of putting everything in one
place and then a few years ago decided it is going to split its transactional site from
its citizen facing information portal. Australia [Indiscernible] the soul of the tech group
teams behind both to build the most services that suits this stage without you getting
overly complicated or expensive. One portal with him on it would seem to be rather cumbersome,
rather expensive and complicated. There are some exciting development and fistula so we
will cover that later on and discuss questions because they have really over the past few
months benefited from this but they put in between those two and the ability that provides
shared things across agency it to move quickly in developing the various sites. UK has been
lauded for its IPO us will also has goodwill UK E-government making and in many [Indiscernible]
decisions are allowing [Indiscernible] adaptation for digital services. Most important most
of it clear from the aspect about the purpose of the site and who they are designed to serve.
>>Here is a key question I think it is probably the question and ensure we furred before and
lots of government teams around the world are asking it, it is interesting to see how
they try to answer the question different ways. They need to define the audience audit
certificate about who it is for and we mentioned [Indiscernible] what’s interesting there is
it had been lauded, it is an excellent site that over the recent months that website has
got into trouble because it serves one set of use that were or this is good well but
— journalist and neck the mix to come who come to it look for information of the journalist
to a try finally this press releases have been frustrated [Indiscernible] rather difficult
to find equally academics who knew by heart the program place to go to try and download
the latest Buddy document on the treasury or download only test market reports from
[Indiscernible] tension the paper the struggle to try and find the information. That’s because
government UK was built more with ordinary tips in mind then it was without specialist
group in my and at the general election comes up that [Indiscernible] has become more intense
from journalist and tickler particularly .25 policy details on the website called register
just last week I believe which was very critical of summarize some of the cases that have been
put forward by journalist that you may wish to check out. It is a little unfair because
the website has changed enormously especially on the [Indiscernible] site it is very efficient
and a very good service. For example go to registration as a service on the website and
it is incredibly slick and easy to do especially compared with what they had before.
>>On the other side door New Zealand reach up and lost a newbie government portal and
conducted except testing to understand its user needs. Not long ago I spoke with [Indiscernible]
is the product owner of the site to find out more and he said many abusers we spoke to
[Indiscernible] reflected back to us that most of the time government site they’ve been
using are too busy, too text heavy, fonts are too small, it is hard to find things and
get clear understanding of where you are in the process. So but monitoring the bodily
which they saw people were living forward with a went to choose a government the government
site. They look frustrated and that showed us the says we need to keep it simple with
a plain layout, slightly large font and perhaps expedited [Indiscernible] first [Indiscernible]
E-government website that launched in July last year before it in the government portal
that does look remarkably incredibly this that plane in many ways and [Indiscernible]
10 images of big search bar to submit we help you and then straight to a directory information
services underneath. But look little bit at the tech makes the team conducted. They conducted
the fourth types of things of particular. Focus groups, but we discussed with there
were talking to people about the concerns of the site and also watching the body language
as well as using their [Indiscernible] the country tested where participants was to testify
certain pieces of information that further and further up the tree of the sites to sign
so it started with something questionable and it becomes increasingly complicated they
would monitor the progress is there going through this and watch with their clicking
on the perhaps within not clicking on and frustrations there have been I can tell you
they are continuing to do this and they launched a quiz quite recently to get people to test
out website get [Indiscernible] quite good way of continuing to test user feedback. They
asked users to draw the right to a page features it would have in the fourth is they looked
through a very archive of e-mail — of the outside for people who are struggling to find
information and services that was a great tool across will to try to find complaints
this nation. Nobody really wants citizens to complain that data is so incredibly valuable
for design and also creation of public services a really is with looking at certain with New
Zealand team [Indiscernible–Low volume]. Oesterle has also started to overall it is
government portal recently published its conclusions after six extensive user testing, it is a
fairly early stage. Wehave three top tips from [Indiscernible] was one of the project
leads and Oesterle and she says that on page offers a broad range of topics but not overwhelmed
with [Indiscernible] keywords under topic headings, increase user confidence and information
on the right-hand side of the webpage is often ignored. So you can see they have changed
website the website. This is the one that is live, the old one, there’s a lot on the
right-hand side and it is got the big image getting in the way. Not all of the wording
is particularly clear as well. That you click the new site and that is a much better site,
quite a radical change, the government of all of the images, a bigger search bar that’s
what Paul Knight at this site with the site does and it is not live yet to be — putting
things up there that they think people are looking for. Information but did [Indiscernible]
citizens will understand and try to supervise much is possible and no public option for
the user to send feedback that pops up [Indiscernible] press releases. I don’t see from this method
down to the bottom and that’s because the majority of people coming to the press releases
large legible font is very clear and clean, easy to see if that means it is more accessible
on mobile devices as well go more and more people are accessing a government portals
on their smartphones come up coming of tablets and this kind of website is quite easy to
maintain because submit text in many cases and also looks particularly good on mobile
phones and tablets. Thereisn’t any content [Indiscernible] PIV card with a different
structure. To have a poor that people are going to look at what they removed the section
called in focus Cisco back if packet you can see the bottom there’s very much so thing
that you would assume that senior people who responsible for the would sit would’ve said
we need to promote various campaigns that we are running so the us to live defense [Indiscernible]
for example [Indiscernible] the problem is from user perspective that’s not women people
at coming are coming to the site for it there are better ways for people, journalist, for
example to get took the information and finding it down in a section that doesn’t explain
what it is for. In focus doesn’t really mean very much. Is that there’s an option at the
bottom of the website now which when you scroll down say here but you can see one campaign
that web managers are allowed to display at any one time. [Indiscernible] depending on
the time of year budget requested Mike will run the time of the budget work school questions
Michael to the depending on when school holidays out for example and when they talk about user
texting we published not too long [Indiscernible] touches about the design of the us July portal
and [Indiscernible] some surveys based on [Indiscernible] what you think of the website?
How easy do you find it? This person is a feature in UK government [Indiscernible] and
he tweets, not that useful, what specialist what users do — what you should be doing
to me you should be watching actually have a contract because [Indiscernible] are put
to the ultimately the behavior that matches [Indiscernible] finds the website to use.
>>Let’s turn to content. That’s probably the most important. Dissent isn’t just about
the images it is about providing information that citizens need to this is Hong Kong’s
government portal and [Indiscernible] the surprised by it I would see, cold exciting
and not like a state government website and part of this is achieved through informal
language. It is got things like check it out which is [Indiscernible] international driving
permit and also the citizens first approach of the tooth creation of [Indiscernible] noteworthy,
the I want to and I’m looking for sections and [Indiscernible] given strong responses
to these boxes with I’m looking for box [Indiscernible] services according to how they affect citizens
rather than by department and [Indiscernible] readily obtained using site analytics to show
the most commonly searched for services. The site also has test my features [Indiscernible]
reminders from government apartments and enjoyed [Indiscernible] government online services.
[Indiscernible–Muffled audio]>>To help users to browse information so
businesses click on their tab [Indiscernible–Muffled audio] while many users prefer to search [Indiscernible]
majority of like to think our website it is interesting that is a strong resemblance the
search engine. That’s because the team from the development of Bill Erbey sinker which
is responsible for putting the site says that our research fellow the search function is
the main about providing information and they also [Indiscernible] engine underneath body
[Indiscernible] Telligen search technology most relevant search results as they type
in keywords using our search function. We are constantly try different ways to improve
the search experience by understanding users info Kathy behavior. It is latest research
shows 95% of users are being able to find the information there required using the search
function. If you look underneath the search bar you see another touch, popular searches.
It isRenee and it automatically updated causing user interaction which I think is a good thing.
Also I like the text search.I am looking for which is friendly and displays the function
search for other people’s Milly with websites, that everyone come to website is going to
be using that particular or familiar with search engines. Please government portals
serve everyone and all the demographics, — coming [Indiscernible] this case have I am looking
for is a great feature [Indiscernible] while we picked have picked I should point out government
[Indiscernible] has posted to submit links to three future government website at the
bottom left sub web design [Indiscernible–Muffled audio]
>>Research Mike Nolte is all well and preventive aspect of search [Indiscernible] even more
important than that on website search engine optimization UK government [Indiscernible]
homepage. Picking out without in 2012. They find that a picture of the users, buy Google
rather than their own homepage so they spent a great toolkit working on the design of article
pages to maximize their effectiveness. [Indiscernible] encouraged to site right [Indiscernible] and
Google’s on the defendant which of the most popular words to search a topic that they
use that are thereby to the text for example people in the EMR like to search for holiday
entitlement than annual leave. An information that would tell them their full rights and
both [Indiscernible] alternative so on the page where they have that the use very prominently
holiday [Indiscernible] I live in that they also use within the text annually so they
are catching both sets of people searching for those results.
>> as an interesting interesting this with absolutely delete information services
in ways that are convenient for use of this site — social networks and others to share
information. They are using citizens channels not just relying on their own. That sounds
obvious but not all sites are doing it. Notrequest one of them apartment [Indiscernible] people
to sign up for e-mail alerts [Indiscernible–Muffled audio] and indeed [Indiscernible] videos as
well which not many sites [Indiscernible] really great way of trying to engage citizens
especially [Indiscernible–Muffled audio]. Finally on this topic this a raging discussion
with we are talking about [Indiscernible] governments should build mobile apps or [Indiscernible]
website. The UK [Indiscernible–Muffled audio] government to show service — focus purely
a response websites they believe the cost of apps multiple platforms the building the
iPhone and Android as well [Indiscernible] becomes very expensive and it is much easier
to serve much broader range of citizens for having a responsive site would take it up
on the browser. The young, — resources into building apps and they said a situation situation
which shares expertise across government [Indiscernible] [Indiscernible–Muffled audio] can you provide
us with basic tools, picnics and software to help us [Indiscernible] doesn’t have the
resource and time to do they would be able to commission out [Indiscernible] large developer
to build it is will this over pressure in Hong Kong — that’s because Mississippi they
have a number of Seth Seth or not just one Smartphone but often two so mobile apps really
are very important to their citizens. I think it is important to raise [Indiscernible] can
be viewed on all platforms and apps cannot. When it is coming to budget I think [Indiscernible]
[Indiscernible–Muffled audio]>>The best sites in the world. — the world.
With Consortium latest accessibility guidelines the way sites this also has a nifty option
the top right that when you hover over it pretty easily allows you to increase the size
of your text or just quite important [Indiscernible] for people who struggle to read websites.
And particularly with have a lot of images on or bright colors, [Indiscernible] and it
is also when we talk about XX ability really important [Indiscernible] and range of languages
according to the United Nations E-government guidelines the survey came out at the end
of last year may be July [Indiscernible] government ranking came out and they were very clear
that the good government website [Indiscernible] limits because citizens are highly likely
to be speaking more than one language. They are lucky lucky to have a community minority
to speak another language and they need to be served as well. Hong Kong has a broader
range of languages. They have 10. South Korea’s one available in multiple languages. I displayed
is good job of South Korea’s website because this of the country that is but a the world
leader in the government ranking since 2010. The most strikingthing about the site is how
Korean it looks. [Indiscernible] even as it avoids [Indiscernible] what images [Indiscernible]
in keeping with the — stark contrast to Norway’s more austere Scandinavian portal. This highlights
an important [Indiscernible] while there may be common principles of functionality and
usability, the [Indiscernible] cultures obviously varies greatly. As result it is important
to [Indiscernible] the sign language of your own uses.
>>One important factor for accessibility and aesthetic is the trusted want to governments
can spend quite a bit of time focusing of this but it does make a site stand out and
delete existing more trustworthy as well. 2 K has developed its own custom font that
you can see are called the transport the intention was to use very simple font also distinctly
British. Consultation on Fox because [Indiscernible] for the largest is an element is typography.
Many pages arejust text information. [Indiscernible] to 80% even more so in our case. The design
team revise the transport font which was launched in the 1960s British roadside and designed
to be clear it design for roadside and also familiar to the vast majority of the British
population. If that makes them trust website more makes a fill more familiar [Indiscernible]
however some elements of the roadside [Indiscernible] bold [Indiscernible] slimmed-down the typography
as you can see one the one on the left other than the beefy one on the right.
>>Meanwhile over in New Zealand fairly [Indiscernible] that I showed you at the beginning has gone
down that will systems. Pacific Zondaseize it not looking at official nothing users with
low level of literacy found it confusing which [Indiscernible] one of the first thing they
did was extend font. They want everything to look that enticed easier to navigate and
also a key concern people raise with the Xeomin site was it didn’t look like the official
portal. Looked a little too unofficial. They didn’t know whether to trust it or not so
[Indiscernible] the official looking font so that really has made events [Indiscernible]
[Indiscernible–Muffled audio] it brings us to the topic of adapting to feedback. New
Zealand work [Indiscernible] E-government [Indiscernible] the portal didn’t look like
a government site so people were not convinced [Indiscernible] it was visually unappealing,
they change the color scheme from the bright blue at the beginning to black and white.
C-Met the official tourism site in New Zealand as well and also to the most prominent sporting
team that New Zealand [Indiscernible] introduced a large banner government [Indiscernible]
to make the site look more official and also large landscape image displayed, picture of
New Zealand. Here’s how the new site looks. The content page is also been redesigned because
it became obvious how difficult was it was for users to find information. The team researched
at a better guide user to the website and particularly considering this will levels
of literacy. This is really smart show’s a lot of old commitment to civil [Indiscernible].
Our redesign individual or cement making easy for people to quickly find links to put the
links at top of the page and put as much text as possible into a single column. This on
users have low levels of literacy — they will bring every single word to that [Indiscernible].
You might despise payout and ditches some of these design elements can get especially
when you’re talking about color schemes. Australia started publishing early takes of its newly
government portal and it became very [Indiscernible] topic. [Indiscernible]different schemes and
asked [Indiscernible] I like to help ensure [Indiscernible] people were saying we don’t
think this represents Australia. We don’t think it looks sufficiently official enough
to be our central government portal. Of LitePoint when we are talking about feedback is most
of these sites profiles have a very prominent feedback button to help gather citizens opinion
and ensure the site is as easy to use as hot possible. [Indiscernible] missing forsaken
also a sidebar in Norway portal as well that pops up very prominently but all sites now
are having feedback mechanisms quite prominently on the New Zealand the one we are working
to improve — it is a very prominent place there.
>>Let’s talk about cap into analytics and the United States, very strong using [Indiscernible]
usually improve performance in 2013 [Indiscernible] on the website included homepage. [Indiscernible–Muffled
audio] government found important rather than content people were looking for and they tested
the hypothesis and subsequently made [Indiscernible] one of the key changes was [Indiscernible]
which promoted to submit a great deal space I didn’t satisfy users. Instead to believe
e-mail alerts or bad way to promote key articles or campaigns. Now this a box if the service
of the site which is useful for users [Indiscernible] other sections of the page and they’ve also
come up with these tips for improving user experience.
>>You you’re content should be original, usable, site must be easy to use, desirable,
[Indiscernible] evoke emotion and depreciation, find a goal, content needs to be navigable,
locatable on-site and off-site, accessible, content needs to be accessible to people with
disabilities and credible. [Indiscernible] is to believe what you tell them
FYOA Audi giving you a brief review of some of the best websites and web and what they
are up to, let me leave you with some of the common themes that you may have seen in the
screenshots above the ones I showed that is search, always large prominent search bar,
it is crucial part of any user interaction of any government website and [Indiscernible]
importance of allowing — no matter how you design the homepage will always be something
that the design that does not anticipate [Indiscernible] simplicity, notable Jim Stewart reducing the
number of links on homepage. Moving carousels menu linking to the most popular topics. Things,
content that [Indiscernible] not just the appearance of website the best website [Indiscernible]
Hong Kong one rather than [Indiscernible] Ibarra multiple structures. Four, icons, not
images. Most websites are removed the images [Indiscernible] mobile devices or select it
easy for use to find information they are looking for. Just looking for text they can
click on it. No one comes to any government website to be entertained, they just need
information. Icons can help users spot information and did some cases they add character to the
website to make it more in keeping with other sites users are unlikely to see [Indiscernible]
icons on it. Five, responsive design. Everything needs to be accessible on a mobile device
nowadays. CBORD Hong Kong Margee looking to prove this [Indiscernible] focus on mobile
apps [Indiscernible] so we to make over [Indiscernible–Muffled audio] pretty other — is responsive [Indiscernible–Muffled
audio] really loves a site which is adapted number screens rather than putting resources
into [Indiscernible] mobile apps and maybe even a [Indiscernible–Muffled audio]. Finally
number six, multiple languages. The government begins [Indiscernible] available and within
one language all of the websites you mentioned are Hong Kong [Indiscernible] 10 languages,
site of sin Robert Willoughby plus spoken to say the design to be practical Thomas a
poll, click and adaptable. A final point they are looking to share so [Indiscernible] Spertus
which is a really useful resource but the cement looking at all of their [Indiscernible]
looking at all of the government digital service portals around the world to submit us Julia
— are for use was important Arment but so to do that than Hong Kong course [Indiscernible]
putting up the to the topic because it is so fundamental [Indiscernible–Muffled audio].
Indeed [Indiscernible] myself and that’s a great tool so you can tweak me and you will
find there are huge number of people from government digital services on Twitter as
well and what I found is if I’ve got William Bird question I want to ask times I just tweaked
[Indiscernible] and the interim entering people are much more open on that site really to
discuss [Indiscernible] willing to share with there up to. If you’re not on Twitter asking
people to clergy to do so because around the world. So many great decide and developers
working on E-government portals [Indiscernible] look to engage in drug with other people elsewhere
the world. [Indiscernible] Christine is going to moderate impasse on your question so please
do ask many and ask [Indiscernible] thank you very much for listening. [Indiscernible–Muffled
audio]>>Thank you, that was a great presentation.
I want to remind the audience to again any questions that you may have resubmit them
in the chat box and [Indiscernible]. What do you feel is the number one [Indiscernible],
and pick poll amongst E-government websites?>>I will answer something that immediately
that comes to mind is germane there could be a lot of pressure either from politicians
or senior officials to put things which they believe a really important, very prominently
on the site things that actually citizens are not looking for and that’s a really difficult
thing for organizations to cope with. Some coke better than others and having those conversations.
The analytics always helps and also the argument that there are better channels and better
ways to promote that information because website if there’s a big campaign [Indiscernible]
coming to the website to look for, and it is really prominent it is not going to do.
He well, that’s not the best way to get results for that campaign and it is also causing big
problems so I would say it is a planning problem it is nothing technical, it is just when people
think what should we put on the website come up at they put probably the things that citizens
are not looking for and all around the world you see these websites and you think I’m not
looking for that and I know no one else’s. For example the any Indian side initiative
beginning in the picture picture of a bridge on it. People who live inthat state know what
the state looks like. They don’t need to see lots of pictures of it. The not coming to
the website for that purpose and that might pick website Philip it prettier to have some
of that but ultimately I think [Indiscernible] what is the real user need here, what are
the come into the site for how can we make sure they find it efficiently and effectively
as possible.>>Great, thank you. Our next Western regarding
Australia’s case study, why the suggestion to not present information on the right-hand
side?>>They said when there were monitoring user
feedback and they were looking at users who actually are using the website they found
people that look at it. I don’tknow whether that’s on us Julia thing or universal thing
but when they put things on the right-hand side of the page to have that [Indiscernible]
nobody clicks on them. When they shuffled things around the people started to click
on that so it wasn’t the links themselves it just seems to be the positioning on the
page and if you what more information on that then you can go to the blog I must
[Indiscernible] lower down on the page and if got all of their findings of the research.
[Indiscernible] an awful lot about what they did and she said in the findings and indeed
she’s on Twitter as well she’s tweeting probably show it [Indiscernible] her Twitter had that’s
her Twitter handle it should be happy to answer the question as well.
>>Is there a really she between help agencies approach there intranet and how will decide
their external site is?>>I’ve never seen that. I think — UK to
improve Internet’s rabid — and approve extranet. But it is really come located because so many
agencies they have an Internet may be posted [Indiscernible] where the government portal
might be something separate but there able to adapt. When itcomes to priority of course
an Internet is important, but probably is budget that all of the focus goes on improving
the external’s website so citizens our getting the services they need as efficiently as possible.
>>Okay. Can you show how some of the better sites are delivering multi language content?
Are they using [Indiscernible] sites or just translating part of the page?
>>Different in different places, the United States has got that very good Spanish site
and that is completely different site. Hong Kong I think is just translating after the
page. I think [Indiscernible] it is different in different places. [Indiscernible] a separate
site that’s really focused on [Indiscernible–Muffled audio] certainly [Indiscernible] to make sure
they are accessible in multiple languages in the next up would be improving that, I
think.>>With all the different option is the one
that you feel works best? Is having a separate site? Translating say the site, how do you
feel which option works best?>>I don’t have an opinion on it. I would
base an opinion on what citizens want in that country and concerns they have. I think translating
site is probably cheaper than the other option [Indiscernible] but I think it is important
to look at data survey in CO many of our looking at different things and what ways. Cherny
acting with the site because it may be in part to the community which is speaking and
the language looking for actually completely different services [Indiscernible] promoting
that’s content much higher up the page and make that more accessible. It really does
depend on [Indiscernible–Muffled audio]>>Okay, thank you. What is worth component
— lecture he cover website other ways to work with the inside out? Do you have any
examples that you can think of?>>Maybe another [Indiscernible] within a
government agency>>I think the key thing is always data and
evidence is going to change the pulse minds making it easy for you to make the change
you want to tear site. I know the UK probably the example I could talk about here most company
because spent four years writing about [Indiscernible] coming to see for last year and [Indiscernible]
I know that when they launched the UK and they migrated all of these departmental websites
individual websites into one central site. Door problems behind the scenes with getting
everything right. Can happen especially [Indiscernible] you may [Indiscernible] in your particular
area you depend — this doesn’t look right for people who are looking to use my service
at the central structure and portal main not be [Indiscernible] I don’t think — no one
[Indiscernible] is going to say let’s build something that isn’t going to be effective.
Let’s do something that the distance aren’t not going to find useful but I think what
works best [Indiscernible] that was struggling once they had to move to the portal was to
say here is the evidence where the problems are. Heiressesstruggling come here are the
complaints appears when we look at the analytics problems we are expecting coming here somebody
people used to click on these pages which shows the result large demand but now people
are not able to find them so they are not going to them anymore. We need to do something
about this, here’s my required to make the site more accessible or to change in this
way. I think that works well for government agencies in the UK we needed to change things.
This still an ongoing process. Things are not perfect by any means, but that’s the best
which goes getting much data it in the evidence as possible.
>>Thank you. Next question is what is your opinion of the current design trends for general
website such as storytelling?>>General storytelling websites? For publishing
content?>>What okay. Sites that try to make things
as clean and clear as possible. I wonder whether some websites as a journalist perhaps your
audience is looking — Peggy this is not that easy to use, if you have it [Indiscernible]
all over the place. It is always the best way to go. When displaying content supported
to have the content [Indiscernible] as possible and easy to read as possible. That is something
actually that in the E-government space the New Zealand team found recently and will be
changing [Indiscernible] the putting everything in the single column or changing the way they
write, try to make the font much bigger, much more legible and try to focus just on having
an easy-to-read article where as before perhaps the site [Indiscernible] lots of links around
the concept that you might find relevant, things might find useful if you come to the
website specialty, through Google and you search if got that page and [Indiscernible]
what you want to know that structures can be troublesome and difficult [Indiscernible–Muffled
audio] really focus on just make everything as clean and clear as possible.
>>Staying with the design theme, what areas of government websites differ from nongovernment
websites on the design perspective.>>I think the most obvious thing is this
always a tendency with government website even though the best ones are moving away
from to find a [Indiscernible] in each of the country and put it in there somewhere
even if it is [Indiscernible]. You don’t see that pig the wallpaper simply do a government
websites where [Indiscernible] picture of the state or a picture of the city which looks
very good and especially if you an official you could feel proud because it is a lovely
website [Indiscernible] committee I’m serving as well but I don’t think that so prominent
elsewhere on other sites. Other websites — [Indiscernible–Muffled audio] government websites probably are it
should be a little more boring because there’s they are serving people they might [Indiscernible]
people who probably are of that familiar with using an Internet. — re-fi first time it
is the life you’re going to send in a completely different way if you are technology [Indiscernible]
or an online shop so I think they are a lot simpler. They probably cannot had not the
same kind of witty things happen on other sites but I don’t think that’s necessarily
bad thing. I think simplicity is the best but ultimately [Indiscernible] it is really
about looking at what users to come how they behave on the site that’s how you judge site
success or phone. Spending a lot of time on it, finding the things they want to do it
doesn’t matter so much that the design itself doesn’t look that pretty appeared to commercial
websites.>>Thank you, Joshua. That was our last question.
Iwant to thank you for great presentation. Great questions and they want to thank you
for presenting.>>Thank you so much. If anyone has any further
questions please don’t hesitate to get touch but I appreciate having the time to talk with
you all this morning and I hope you got the presentation useful. Thank you.
>>Thank you, everybody for joining and hopefully you will join us and another webinar. Have
a great day.>>[Event concluded]

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