welcome back all you freedom onsen all you new freedom BOTS this is let's be frank and what is going on in Denver right now Denver City Council has a candidate that is willing to assure in communism and to the city of Denver yes communism we're just going to skip socialism skip the middleman we're going to go to the state takes everything and then distributes it to the citizens that based on need yes this is a real candidate and we're going to watch together we're gonna watch this candidate throw her pitch for communism this is what the left ultimately wants this is the people that are Bernie Sanders and Alexander cassia Cortes supporters this is what they want to usher in to the United States here it is let's watch anything you may ask an opponent a question thank you my Karen my questions be it's a candy many in North Denver are aware of your social working community outreach however based on your stances a political ideology what experience do you have a city and not turning Denver into a true welfare state where there's limited potential for personal wealth and savings well I guess we'll just address the elephant in the room I I don't believe that our current economic system actually works capitalism by design is extractive and in order to generate profit in a capitalist system something has to be exploited that's land labor or resources and I think that we're in late phase capitalism and we know it doesn't work and we've got to move into something new and I believe in community ownership of land labor resources and distribution of those resources and so whatever that morphs into I think is what will serve community the best and I'm excited to sure it in it by any means necessary right there you guys have it she's willing to usher in communism by any means necessary any means necessary what does that mean I would love to have they followed the question by the what a by any means meant if you are in the Denver area please let me know your thoughts on this you may have much more insight than I do on this entire thing please leave a comment in the comment section and then I'll read those as well but this is the type of stuff they want to usher into the United States communism by any means necessary does that mean that if she had the ability to go ahead and just strip all citizens and all manufacturers all business owners have their rights to redistribute it to people need or however she felt that it was this is the mindset of these people the elitism this is they believe they are above everyone else and they know best for everyone which is completely false if you're following this type of ideology you are absolutely want to ruin this country you want to ruin every individual person in this country's ability to be able to make something of themselves by strapping us all down with nothing when nothing we be would be no different than communism Russia back in the day that's what you want that's what they all want let me know your comments down below in the comment section you guys follow me on Twitter and Facebook also and until next time you freedom BOTS I'll talk to you guys later bye

  1. Extremists solutions never apply to themselves. If given enough power always leading to mass graves for those oppose their theft.

  2. Hi Frank! Oh my God, how terrible! Some odd things are going on in Colorado!! Thank you for sharing this! God bless you and your family!

  3. The Stamp Act all over again . Get ready because the last time we fought a war against these same kinds of people . They have declared themselves to be royalty and they may get themselves on the receiving end of another French Revolution ?

  4. Salt Lake is bout an hour farther for us.  We go there to fly anywhere.  Do any City type stuff. F Denver and Poleass.

  5. I don't do business with Colorado and I am doing everything I can to reduce my tax footprint! I don't do business with the left…vote with your wallet!

  6. Just look at Venezuela, is that really what people want? from prosperous country to total poverty, people over there are killing stray (pet)animals just to eat.

  7. Back 2 education. Dumbing down of America. Let's confuse or kids so they can grow up and b stupid like us.

  8. Denver is Freaksburg. Left 3 years ago, moved to Colorado Springs. Probably was not far enough. Denver sucks up everything around it like a black hole.

  9. Good job Denver by any means necessary ? What does she and her buddy's think that they are going to use the police and military to enforce her agenda on us

  10. People like her are the reason my rifle is named "any means necessary"! She said she is willing to usher in communism by any means necessary. I hope "they" know we the people will fight the spread of communism by "any means necessary!"

  11. a few short years ago that commie pig would have been in front of a firing squad! I tell you what, I will defend my property by what ever means necessary ! "we the people" will show her what the 2nd amendment is for! it ain't for hunting!

  12. Who cares anymore? The sheeple have abandoned their posts & elect the means of their destruction. Clearly they want & literally ache for this. I am glad I did not die for this country, they are not worth it.

    I visit the VA grave yards to commiserate with my fellows as they spin in their graves. I just don't give a shit anymore. If invaded I will serve as a ground guide for the enemy to keep em pointed in the right direction.

  13. Please recall that Colorado legalized marijuana. There may be a correlation betweened stoned voters and their mental state when electing dubious candidates.

  14. For the Dem-Socialists from Germany: As a 7 year old boy I experienced how my parents were detained during a holiday at the Baltic Sea. It was 04.00 am when 4-5 men in black leather coates broke our door and took them to the next Stasi – Office. Reasons: My father purchased steel in Western Germany for the company he was working for. Thus he was declared as foe of the UDSSR as his obligation would have been to buy inferior material from there. Good luck with the Socialists! The USA will go down the drain so fast, nobody can imagine. Got much more to tell…….

  15. Socialist's don't look back at history so they don't see the total failure of communism / Socialism in the countries that tried it . She is and ignorant product of a socialist university system . Zimbabwe should be a wake up call as they killed the capitalist system and broke down into individual's running the farms ,business's and what happened , there all failing and the country is now broke . South Africa is going the same way as Zimbabwe and Venezuela .

  16. Can’t believe that anyone in this country is stupid enough to agree with this damn commie moron!!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  17. Does she even understand what some commie professor put into her head? She says 1:30. "in order to generate profit in a capitalist system something has to be exploited, that's land, labor, or resources….I believe in community ownership of land, labor, resources, and distribution of those resources…and so… In other words, she wants to be in control of wealth. You can call them "Supreme Soviets or People's Councils, but they will have legions of police to enforce policy and squash dissent (any means possible). YOU CAN SEE WHERE THIS IS HEADED.

  18. "by any means necessary", means by violence or bloodshed if necessary. purging conservatives and christians,
    censoring speech, controlling thought. it is a tactic that leftists, communists, and LGBT-ists strongly believe in.

  19. This is what happens when you put a city on drugs. Look at Portland Or. look at Seattle Wa. Look at San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento. Look at D.C. Oh never mind, they were always messed up. It boils down to everyone is stoned and the scum moves in. These sob's want to be a comrade, then apply for your citizenship to Russia. Just leave us god fearing Americans that love our flag and our freedom alone. This is going to lead to a civil war!

  20. When she says by any means necessary it mean through heavy handed coercive means which will result in violence & depriving us of our freedoms. By any means necessary is a red light to us that we will lose the U.S. Constitution which our servicemen have given their lives for. This woman is a danger to our country she is blood thirsty in implementing communism & needs to live in her idyllic paradise, send her to Venezuela, Cuba, China or North Korea. Be forewarned take a look at what China currently attempting to do with Hong Kong.

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