Democrats won the most votes. Why aren’t they acting like it?

More Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than
for Donald Trump. More Americans voted for Democratic Senate
candidates than for Republican Senate candidates. And Trump, he’s really unpopular. The most unpopular new president we’ve had since, well, since we invented polling. He’s so unpopular that his inauguration
was greeted with the largest single day of protests ever ever in American history. This is a message. It is a message from the voters to him. If Trump were wise, he would govern with some
humility. He needs to turn his minority into a majority. And he can do that. He could reach out to the majority
of Americans who didn’t vote for him, who don’t approve of him — and show them, in
word and deed, with compromise candidates and compromise legislation, that they were wrong about him That he’s better than they thought. That he’ll a president for all Americans. Another round of sweeping immigration changes expected from President Trump, after he signed off on his signature promise, to build a border wall. President Trump will sign an executive order today related to a voter fraud investigation, in the absence of information to suggest there was voter fraud. In his every move since winning the election, Trump has shown he will govern as the most extreme version of himself. He has made Breitbart’s Steve Bannon his
chief strategist. He made retired Gen. Michael Flynn his national security adviser. He said that Jeff Sessions will be his attorney general. He’s still sending out tweets attacking John Lewis, He’s getting in fights with the CIA. His inauguration address made no effort at
all to reach out to the other side…instead he told his own supporters that he’d be
here, governing for them. The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. You came by the tens of millions to become
part of a historic movement, the likes of which the world has never seen before. So far, there’s been no effort, at all,
to reach out to the other side, or to play against type. There’s no Democrats in his cabinet, as
there were Republicans in Barack Obama’s cabinet. Trump won’t even admit he’s unpopular. He just tweets the polls are rigged. So Trump is not going to represent the bulk
of Americans, he’s not even apparently going to try. But someone needs to. So far, Democrats have slipped very comfortably
into the position of minority party. They aren’t demanding that Trump put forward
compromise candidates for key posts. They aren’t laying out a proactive agenda
that would serve as their basis for negotiations with Trump and the Republicans. And they aren’t, in their public messaging,
emphasizing that most voters opposed Trump’s agenda, and that both Democrats and Republicans
need to take that seriously. Democrats have confused being
out of power with being in the minority. And that is a mistake. They are out of power, but it’s not clear at all that what they represent is a minority. And somebody, somebody needs to represent the majority of voters who do not want to buy Trump is selling. As grim as the situation is for Democrats
— and it is grim — it’s not going to take long for Republicans to recognize they’re in some trouble too. They’ve lost the popular vote in six of
the past seven elections. That has never happened for a political party before. And, remember, it’s the out-of-power party that tends to
gain seats in midterm elections. All of which leaves an opening for Democrats. If Trump doesn’t intend to represent the
majority of the country, well, they can. They don’t hold much power in Congress,
but they hold more than Republicans did in 2009, and Republicans were able to cause plenty
of problems for Obama’s agenda. They were able to make it very clear that Obama was governing on his own. Democrats should insist, in both appointments
and legislation, that Trump govern with some consideration for the majority of Americans
who voted for someone else. That is not mindless opposition. That is a reasonable cost for cooperation. Democrats should demand both that the media and
Republicans to take seriously the fact that Trump is governing without a majority, or
even a plurality, of the American people behind him, and that that carries with it a responsibility
to govern modestly. There’s been a lot of talk about “normalizing” Trump, but what’s happening here is more fundamental. To ignore the election results, and his poll numbers, and act like the strongest possible version of Trump’s agenda has been endorsed by most voters, it and this is important, it gives Trump license to govern in a way that he shouldn’t. Elections decide who wins power. They don’t decide how it should be wielded. If Trump governs in a way that respects the
center of opinion in the country — a center Democrats appear to hold — Democrats should
work with him. If he doesn’t, then they should keep pointing
that out, and force him to govern alone.

  1. As a non-american, the first ten seconds of this video shocks me. How can you get more votes by 3-5 million and still lose? America is not a democracy. America is not first world.

  2. My mother is from east Germany and when trump won she cried. She said "We had a wall and this wall just brought death poverty and anxiety". I hope so much that the wall is never going to be built. Walls don't help…

  3. They may not represent a minority, but gerymandering is still entirly legal. Meaning the republicans can win a majority of the congress without a majority of the votes. The democratic party may be more popular, but they are not more powerful. They cannot threaten the republican's reelecions if they don't cooperate. They have been boxed in. They know this, and it would only look bad on them if they tried.

  4. Neither Trump nor Hillary got more than 50% of the popular vote. I think both parties would do well to keep in mind that Americans are getting sick of their crap. The Neil Gorsuch confirmation showed how stubborn both parties are. Democrats where so against a Trump appointee that they refused to confirm a qualified appointee. Republicans where so set on having Gorsuch confirmed that they changed the rules to allow him to be confirmed, which I'm sure they'll regret the next time democrats control the white house and senate.

  5. What gets me about this video, it was published Jan. 27 2017, Trump had only been President for just ONE WEEK. It's now Feb. 4 2018. I would say your video is full of BS and then some, even from the day it was recorded. You liberals have only made asses out of yourselves. Grow up.

  6. The reason why Trump doesn't go for "compromise legislation is that he wants to keep his promises. If he doesn't, he'll lose the Republican support.

  7. More American voters voted for someone other than Democrat, as well as other than Republican. Neither major party won the popular vote in 16

  8. I'm an American born Spaniard Irishman, Cherokee born in Denver, My name is Tim, I'm honorably discharged vet and a craftsman. True blue American boy who respects authority and a supporter of young women's rights raised by my mother her sisters my grandmothers, my two sisters, my six daughters. Although I regret to say I did not vote for The President of The US. Or any other canidate, but I'm abreast of our situation as well as any father can be. I have friends and the love for my family myself and my children, My Country and my brothers and sisters of all walks life, and last I champion the fight our women have been in since forever, I'm a silent but firm volunteer, because of my unique situation and the amazing women from all areas and cultures family, and a proactive guy but mostly home with my female warriors, I've seen and did not turn away from the humanitarian abuse women and girls our treasure as a father daughter is special

  9. The single-winner districts of First Past The Post are decidedly undemocratic. America has to abolish Distorted Misrepresentation. This will remain grim until the USA achieves proportional representation. Trump is just a symptom, as is hyperpartisansim, gerrymandering, wasted votes and strategic voting, "safe seats" and "swing states", single party governments, 2 party coke-vs-pepsi elections, policy lurch and scorched earth. The cause of all these problems is America's archaic and undemocratic voting system. It's the undemocratic voting system that needs to be normalized to a modern proportional system. Proportional representation is a minimum requirement to elections that are fair to voters, no less than universal suffrage. Distorted misrepresentation is the elephant in the room.

  10. I see evil I see trump with his eyes 666 he's more villainous and evilness of his cruel and racist facist face to face from minority to majority.

  11. Because winning the most votes counts for nothing in the undemocratic US voting system of Distorted Misrepresentation.

  12. Trump maybe worst president in American History but he is most smartest decision negotiator ever seen.U may know got deal with democrat to built wall in exchange of let allowed Dream to stay in USA instead deport as mention.Plus he still hold many card in his hand .What about 1 million immigrants still lived in America ?

  13. You can't expect him to neglect all of his promises to keep everyone happy, he's obligated to carry out the promises that got him elected.

  14. As usual, Vox chooses to mislead the public regarding Bernie Sanders. You put him in the same box as the rest of the Democratic leadership, when he has done nothing but be on the attack since Trump got elected. Bernie does one better than Ezra suggest. He does not ask for compromise. He is fighting and mobilising for progressive policies such as universal health care, and he makes it very clear that the majority of the american public are on his side regarding these policies. Maybe Vox and other media could stop being so biased and dismissive, maybe progressives like Sanders would stand a chance.

  15. There's going to be a massacre for the red menace come November I guarantee you. If you can use critical thinking AT ALL then you can't ignore what's actually going on in the White House.

  16. Just another Trump hater. Trump does represent the majority of the country moron. He represents the whole country by virtue of being President. But liberals are so upset with losing the election.

  17. Notmypresident…Ha, bullshit. He is your president if you like it or not. Deal with it. The world today is made up of a bunch of softies who need toughen up and not complain about everything. Like if you agree.

  18. The American voting system is not fit for purpose. In fact I'd say America is not a democracy in the modern sense of the word.

    I mean Hilary won the Popular Vote

    What other kind of vote counts in a free and fair election???

  19. Vox sure doesn't like the concept of an electoral college considering this video completely ignored it and focused in thr popular vote. In the case of America and electoral college is as fair as it can be. This way smaller states like Delaware and Nebraska have a role in government rather than simply Texas Illinois New York and California being the only states that mattered

  20. No, Trump needs to be more aggressive and focus on DEPORTING the people that didn't vote for him. Take away their citizenships and send them to other countries.

  21. So the poster is on a whole new level of pisssed… Even lied about Trump's support! Wow! Trump2020 baby!!

  22. I think there is more Republican than Democrat in the house. BTW, the supreme court judges are about to change in this executive term which means Trump can put people he likes there. Overall, Republican has more advantage than Democrat. Plus, a lot of people like me support Trump. Fake new Vox

  23. They won by huge margins in liberal utopia's they already possess power in i.e. CA, NY, NJ etc. The Democrat party lost nearly 1,000 elections at the local, state and federal level during Obama's presidency. If that's not scary for the Democrats I guess they are as out of touch as they seem.

  24. Not if you count all the illegally cast votes….And, because, the popular vote doesn't matter anyway, thank God.

  25. Popular vote doesnt matter because we have millions of illegal immigrants. So Hillary you lose. And Trump doesnt need to reach out to the other side. His job is to keep his promises to the Americans that Hired him.

  26. It is as they say: "The best prize for the winner is the whine of the loser!", I've come to vox just for the tasty tears!

  27. Dems should take a leaf out of the Labour party's book; although I despise their policies and leadership, had you got off a plane at Heathrow following the 2017 GE you'd think they ran the place

  28. The country's economy has improved immensely under Donald Trump. There are more jobs to fill than ever. Let us all vote for Donald Trump and other Republicans in 2020 to ensure the progress of our great country.

  29. Great points. I was just thinking the same thing the other day. I know a politician who wakes up every morning and goes to the office from 8-5pm even when he's failed to get re-elected. For him, politics is a career and you don't need to hold an office to turn up everyday to listen, plan and work for the people. I feel like many democrats have just switched off. It's like just because their president isn't in the office now they can't do anything. Sad.

  30. I’m no fan of Trump, but you failed to mention the House of Reps popular vote, which everyone votes in (unlike the senate where there are only a third of the seats were up) Trump may have lost 2016 but the Republicans did not.

  31. Vox: Only 40% of Americans approve of the President.
    Vox Video Dislikes vs. Likes Percentage: 26% vs. 74%

    Your fun fact for the day.

  32. Liberals are globalists and socialists, Trump is a true patriot and a nationalist. Trump has stopped the US from imploding like many European countries had. There’s a reason why the US is a Republic and not a full Democracy. Thank God for Trump. There’s nothing Trump can do to appease the Left because the Left is out of their mind.

  33. Are you blind to the fact that the FBI and DOJ etc are trying to run the president like they usually do. This time they got exposed. U know why politicians hate on him. Cuz he came and won highest position and became their boss.. of course they're not gna like him.. and I wasnt a trump fan until the media and Democrats and FBI DOJ etc expose themselves

  34. Because the old democrats are weak, vote them out. Also Pelosi was the wrong choice for speaker of the house.

  35. People who are of third world extraction tend to vote for Democrats that is why the Democrats want more immigration was that they will always be voted in not good for democracy or freedom in the long run Hitler was voted in by the popular vote.

  36. Umm, because the USA is the oldest Republic counting on one hand, and a 1st World Country. However the Democrat Party Golden Triangle of street pooping, homelessness, & rats in LA, SF, BAL, just to name a few, are ranking 3rd World.

  37. I hate this video especially because our country is at stake Donald Trump is popular and when they say they're going to do something they don't do it and they don't care about their supporters and how many times do Republicans have to say that it's true it is true they're trying to take our guns away or trying to take everything

  38. Lol majority of the voters voted dem, well actually majority didn’t vote 61 percent voted. So “most” of the country is more like a third

  39. Very lame logic. What relation has building a wall to stop illegal immigrants with being a president of the people? Immigration must be granted to those who possess some skill set and can be beneficial for the country

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