Democrats Subpoena Robert Mueller’s Star Witness Don McGahn | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. Country will go down living for lies and Evil and hate and racist the white people only believe in going by the law if it's against minorities they are very sick people think white man can do no wrong he have killed more people than Satan himself and satan love them

  2. I find the media obsession with impeachment puzzling; let the House investigate Mueller's findings and see how the process develops.

  3. Trump speaking bull sh** !! Keep your eyes on Mueller full report and Taxes !!!!! Public Hearing ! Subpoena ! !!!!!
    Keeping pushing Democrats ! Keep investigation ! !!!!

  4. We all know not enough republicans will sign on (they are see no evil hear no evil), so does a symbolic impeachment (meaning it will die in the Senate) make sense?

  5. they won't turn over the full report = sounds guilty to me.
    the end.
    over 75% of American want him out, that is the truth. we don't like the kool-aide.

  6. Aside from polarizing the entire nation with pointless play acting or political theater, he's been lying and obstructing justice in plain sight since January 20th 2016!

  7. Luv the way McGahn…..said NO. I will not cover for you or go to jail for you. Smart guy, knows that life will go on after Trump is dumped. But the popcorn, this guy will be interesting.
    Impeach the orange fat toad. The Russians will hack again on the next election. Only back assward country that has no paper trail. Impeaching is the only way to get rid of him. Let him go count his money.

  8. A Foreign country help Trump !!!!!
    We can't except with !!!!!!!
    Trump no Russia caught in lies over and over !!!!!!!

  9. There WAS a crime. Mueller indicted a couple dozen people. Trump tried to obstruct an investigation into those crimes!

  10. One more thing Congress should get is Trump's Tax Returns for the past 6 years. What is Don the Con HIDING????

  11. Shows all Democrats pretty much in agreement, then says, " That's some of the range of views."
    Hahaha. Yeah, okay. 😜

  12. They got to Muller he did not want to be destroy by the Trump Mafia and the infiltrated Russian goons! He needs to be Put on the Stand to clarify that report! We all saw how Trump acted and we know he is guilty as Sin.

  13. No President should ever be above the law. He thinks he's a "Dictator" following orders he just hung himself with those words, this came from his heart & his intent is Not in the interest of America only in himself!!!

  14. "Nobody disobeys my orders" comes from Mafia boss or US president ? Can also be interpreted as "Nobody will investigate my tax fraud or treason or any crime committed by me, not even Congress ?" Isn't that scary that America is on the verge of becoming another dictatorship with the help of his Republican Party cronies. A US President who is a total fraud with so many countless lies everyday to deceive every American, aren't Americans sick of his lies ?

  15. I do believe the Don McGahn is Donald's ACHILLES HEEL. He probably has more information than the rest, McGahn would be the 'go to' when Trump wanted to find out how evil he could be Legally after talking to Stephen Miller.

  16. A significant portion of the American population is so shallow.
    This section will think that Mr. Grabembythepussy can do no wrong as long as they think he's Billionaire.
    As soon as they find out that he actually does not have anymore or much more than what daddy gave him they will turn on him with a vengeance.

  17. Great Interview with Both, and I believe as many Americans can see, #45 is a bragging,arrogant Criminal and has set us (Americans) up for total abuse. He Must Be Held Accountable and so should those around him,including the Republicans who support him, or look the other way….Mitch is Scum as well

  18. Anyone would of thought that Trump had overthrown Libya and left the Ambassador to die from US back terrorists and covered it up.

  19. I thought Trump ordered his people to disregard any subpoenas from congress regarding McGahn? Or anyone else!

    NOBODY disobeys my orders? UM yes a bunch of your people did!

  20. Anyone else find it HILARIOUS the Trump trolls refresh all the CNN pages to push the dislike button over and over, yet they don't do it with MSNBC? (Maybe Maddow) cause an intelligent humorous lesbian woman they can't even fathom. When both networks are pushing the exact same narrative.

  21. Trump is going to get "yuge" ratings over the next 18 months.
    He will end his miserable life in jail, broke. Then and only then will America be great again.

  22. How on earth could doncon not imagine that WHC spending 30 hrs with SCO ,
    wouldn't be exactly what it was?
    I'm a nobody know nothing, but this I assumed was the case.
    No surprise to a half-wit! Whoa! 😩

  23. keep passing the buck. The rest of the world is watching… russia needs to know if they should go all in for 2020 =/

  24. Do you not realize that if the republicans aren't passing this impeachment proceedings IT WOULD ONLY MEANS THEY ARE CRIMINALS in office and can be prosecuted under the laws as such!

  25. Evidence of obstruction is clear; a crime has been committed and Trump needs to resign having committed the crimes. And thanks to Jackie, our high powered representative here in SF!

  26. Democrats LIES LIES and LIES. There is NOTHING there to impeach Trump.

  27. This issue is not even about Trump… It is about supporting the Laws and constitution in maintaining the integrity of the office of President.

  28. You can subpoena ALL of Trump's associates. Trump has been 100% cooperative and never exercised EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE
    The Mueller Report says it all: No collusion, No obstrucution and No Americans indicted. Mueller and his band of 19 anti Trump
    Democrats (many Hillary donors) and an unlimited budget came up with goose eggs on Trump. GOOSE EGGS. NOTHING, ZILCH.
    You are delusional and are grasping at straws Your desperation and bias stinks worse than a broken toilet in Tijuana. Really.

  29. Pass the popcorn, Nancy. This is going to be a real SH!T SHOW!
    This is going to make a good movie. Except the trumpturds probably won't like the ending.

  30. So far only (part)of Donald Trump's "Big Obstruction Tour" has been revealed, with the amount and degree of obstruction involved there's a lot more that has not been found out about DONS dirty deeds…

  31. Let's not mention and forget the word "Impeachment". Just let the
    Congress start ordinary investigation, and put under its microscope all
    the facts regarding most improper conduct and actions by the persons
    mentioned in the Mueller report, which he couldn't nail down clearly and
    beyond doubt, for obstruction, conspiracy or other offences.

  32. Let's not mention and forget the word "Impeachment". Just let the
    Congress start ordinary investigation, and put under its microscope all
    the facts regarding most improper conduct and actions by the persons
    mentioned in the Mueller report, which he couldn't nail down clearly and
    beyond doubt, for obstruction, conspiracy or other offences.

  33. Your a bunch of liars..God Almighty Will Bring OUT YOUR Deceptions Liberal Media CNN And MSNBC!! Mans Ways ARE In FULL View Of God Almighty Eyes And He SEES 24/7 of What The Media And Democrat’s Are Doing!! Be Shore Your Sins Don’t Find You Out MSNBC And CNN And Democrats all that Your doing Your HATE Agendas Will Be Found Out!! When You Point 1 Finger 3 Will Be Staring back at you

  34. This President says nobody disobeys me, I guess he thinks he's a God. I'm sure in a year or so, this wan't a be con man titan will be cut off at the knees.

  35. The staff of the White House are starting to squirm like worms trying now to hide what is stated in protecting them-self as ranting now becomes each day from one very fat worm that lies to the American people every day,as that worm stated no one says no to me is the sign of a dictator in the White House of America that belongs to the people of America ,not a toxic President,

  36. Wtf? Nancy Pelosi! Why all of a sudden are you not on the side of the people? Why are you stalling the inevitable? What do you have to gain? Has #45 purchased your loyalty too?

  37. You break in to the bank, open the vault only to find it is empty. The cops get you as you leave and you say let me go I haven't stolen anything. Do they let you go? NO you are guilty of bank robbery


  39. We know Trump is hiding a lot, he is suing to stop his taxes being shown which is a futile effort. He is going to try to stop McGahn from testifying, his creepy sons are suing. Trump is still obstructing justice in plain sight….anyone who is still supporting this loser needs their head examined plain and simple….keep up the good work dems, Trump can't hide forever he is a nasty disgusting lowlife plain and simple.

  40. Trump is trying now to block witnesses from testifying along with atty. Barr to keep his worshipers in the dark…I've never seen a bunch of dumb heads in the sand folks as his base that give a new meaning to downright stupid!

  41. Trump is blocking Don MacGahan from testify……….IS IT POSSIBLE THAT DON CAN TESTIFY VOLUNTARILY ?? ???        he has nothing to loose right ??

  42. It can't be obstruction of justice when you are exercising a constitutional power. He is perfectly entitled to fire anyone in the executive branch.

  43. An unredacted, unmolested copy of the Mueller investigation will expose
    the illegitimacy of Trump's presidency. He can be ousted without
    impeachment and held to account for his malfeasant conduct.

  44. An unredacted, unmolested copy of the Mueller investigation will expose
    the illegitimacy of Trump's presidency. He can be ousted without
    impeachment and held to account for his malfeasant conduct.

  45. I think the Dems are playing this wrong. They need to be quick at getting public hearings going and focus on placing pressure on Republicans to stand up.Because lets be honest hear, if the Democrats thought impeachment would pass the Senate then it would be done tomorrow.

  46. The great thing about McGhan IS tRump let him speak to Mueller, with his personal attorney, so tRump CAN'T claim executive privledge!!! He can testify to Congress about everything and he took notes!! It's going to be devastating!

  47. We the People have elected the People's House. Now, we want to hear it roar. We, the People, have been insulted and offended by Donald Trump's mistreatment of our institutions and our government. In only a couple of years he has destroyed the good solid reputation, systems and projects that many of us have spent a lifetime enhancing. Legislators must move assertively and decisively now. Gather the remaining facts that you require, while preparing for impeachment of Trump. He can not be allowed to be the "bull in the china shop" any longer. America has too much to lose, and Russia has too much to gain from Trump's chaos. I have no doubt that in George Washington's day, Trump would have been shot as a traitor. The very least we can do is remove him from office as quickly and as effectively as possible.

  48. So after two years of witnesses and testimony we the democrats did not get the results we deserve.So let's saddle up and do it all over again

  49. Watching this investigation from the very beginning, and TRYING to make sense of all the legal jargon, in my opinion, and I'm not in the legal system, BUT what I'm getting from the investigation findings may have the prosecutors tip-toeing around the accusations and possible indictments so after Trump is excused from his POTUS duties, he can and will be charged and convicted of his crimes. A lot of evidence AGAINST him for him not to be found guilty or exonerated. Obstruction of Justice or the INTENT is still illegal, the operative word "intent" can and eventually will indict him… it's all in the timing and the interpretation of the legal findings, but I believe he will be found guilty. I think he might be play-acting the part of mental instability because he knows what his future holds and a mental facility might be his ticket out… He may be acting cool in front of the cameras but he's shaking in his million dollar shoes…

  50. Look how quickly everyone forgot the Jamal Khashoggi MURDER Trump helped cover up for his richie Saudi friends. Saudis fly planes into buildings – sp Republicans attack Iraq. What a bunch of arseholes you lot keep voting in!

  51. Ware are the warrants for arrest to the individuals that are in violation of these alleged subpoena’s from the incumbent Democrat’s? I say alleged subpoena’s since no news entity has attained a copy of them. These subpoena’s are probably just please letters from the incumbent Democrat’s! 😢 If these are really subpoena’s, than why have there not been arrest warrant’s issued for failure to comply with a subpoena? 😢 They had know problem putting Chelsea Manning in jail for failing to comply with a subpoena! 😢 Let Cortez take care of these subpoena’s to these abstraction of justice individuals!!!!
    My hart bleeds for my country!😢

  52. Trump can oppose to WH aides testifying by claiming that his WH is already under staffed and not functioning
    That would sound more legit

  53. "kneecap the probe." Biblical. The local country club (those who sing "America") took BOTH my mother's knees out. I've even seen one of their puppies who pointed the device at my knee that caused swelling.

  54. Remember the Jonestown Mass Suicide?

    As Jim Jones demand absolute loyalty from his followers
    Doonaldo Dumb will eventually demand absolute loyalty from his followers after their swearing oath doesn't quite work the last time
    Cheers dumbtards

  55. "If proven"? So BEFORE the Mueller report Swalwell, Shift, Nadler and other members of the leadership were ready to crank up the impeachment machine just as soon as the reort was delivered. Now that Mueller has passed the ball to them, they aren't sure which goal post to go for. You can have the whole lot of them; we need fresh blood on Capitol Hill.

  56. congrats on re-electing trump, who would of thought his best campaigners were the fake news reports you sacrificed your career on.

  57. The American people will trust intelligent educated Hero Mueller and
    Not clown illiterate uneducated flash card reader coward 🤡trump

  58. regarding obstruction of justice requiring an underlying crime,

    I disagree thus:

    say someone is doing something blatantly wrong, but there isnt a law dealing with their misbehaviour,

    in order to stop them you can then use some technicality,
    and "obstruction of justice" is such a technicality.

    eg locally there was a guy visiting his former partner to see his kids, and he would park on a disabled bay.
    the people for whom the disabled bay was for were angry about this, and repeatedly called the police, but there wasnt any law to stop the guy because his car had a disabled badge, but was not himself disabled. The other driver also isnt disabled but has a disabled kid.

    legally ANY car with a disabled badge can park in ANY disabled bay. The guy knew his legal rights, so he blatantly parked there, and didnt care that they called the police, because when they did, he challenged them as to what law he had broken. The police were powerless to do anything.

    the council could see that it was wrong for the guy to park there, so what they did was a technicality, they made all the parking bays a towaway zone, meant for residents only with terms and conditions placed everywhere.

    that other guy can no longer park there because once a parking area has terms and conditions, it is an enforcable contract. When you park anywhere, you should always look around for prominent terms and conditions and read these, and leave if they are onerous. If you leave immediately on reading, its ok.

    So the point I am making is, someone does X which is wrong, but there isnt a legal pathway to stop X. You can then instead use something technical Y in order to stop them outright. In fact the purpose is to stop X, but you stop them doing X by stopping them doing Y which is more technical. Its like you are interviewing someone and you can smell the marijuana, but you dont let on, in your rejection letter you dont mention the marijuana but give some other pretext for the rejection. Its a lie, but its an ethical lie.
    A lie can be ethical or it could be unethical. You shouldnt employ someone reeking of marijuana because they lack discretion.

    when you learn to drive, they basically tell you that you should break the law if common sense dictates. eg a road which is single lane both ways, and a solid white line in the middle. By law you cannot cross that line. But if a car has broken down ahead, then EVERYBODY will cross the solid white line to get around the car, once it is safe to, AND it is legal to do this.

    Is it legal to break the speed limit? yes, if you are an emergency vehicle!

    You may need to drive through a red light if the car behind you is going too fast and too close, because otherwise they will crash into you.

    Trump is blatantly doing wrong things, eg telling border officials to break the law, this is unacceptable and he needs to be removed. But maybe there isnt a law to stop him doing that, so instead you nail Trump using obstruction of justice.

    What you mustnt do is just use a technicality in a vacuum as that would be victimisation. But you use a technicality in a tactical way to stop something which is wrong INDIRECTLY.

    law is just a way of disambiguating common sense. Common sense is the end that justifies the means, the means is the letter of the law. Trump is abusing this principle, by flouting common sense using the letter of the law. All laws have blur, and you can abuse that blur. Someone once said that if you know enough law you can always pay 0% tax.

    Trump is blatantly doing bad things, and most of his acolytes obstruct justice to prevent Trump getting done. So its ok to use obstruction of justice in order to peel away Trumps wall of acolytes. pick em off. I think the lower house should be given powers of pardon, so they can pardon people such as Cohen who then cooperate against Trump.

    I have a lengthy dispute with a builder company, and I cannot take a legal pathway because legal costs are higher than the amount disputed, AND I cannot use the small claims court which is meant as a way for consumers to deal with smaller disputes because the amount disputed is above the small claims limit. Basically the builders are cunning and have invoiced an amount which is in no mans land, too low to use lawyers, and too high to use the small claims court.

    So I have spent months researching options and have instead gone for the codes of conduct of several trade organisations they belong to and succeeded with all the ones so far. But I have to frame things according to each specific code of conduct and the things they did violating that. But the really big misdemeanours are not covered by most of the codes of conduct. eg one of the employees was continually swearing, but only 1 code of conduct specifically prohibits this by saying workers should not use language or clothing that could cause offence. There is no law against swearing!

    But I nonetheless want to cause them as much mayhem as possible for their unacceptable behaviour, so I do this nailing as many technicalities as possible.

    If you watch the CHiPs (California Highway Patrol) series, sometimes a driver would start causing trouble, so the 2 highway cops would basically go round the guys car and find all kinds of minor violations. If you show disrespect to customs officers at airports they basically will conduct a search of your entire digestive system for drugs.

    I agree that you mustnt just nail someone on a technicality, but when it is blatantly obvious that something really bad is going on, you also have to fight dirty and start crucifying them on technicalities.

    with my own dispute, it is extremely frustrating, because the builders are violating endless legislation, but lawyers refuse to even hear any of this, their first and only question is: how much is disputed?
    and when I say the amount, they say "sorry, we cannot help you, our fees are more than that amount"

    when in fact the builders have committed at least 3 counts of fraud and several jailable offences, yet I am powerless to do anything. I learnt from this that a lot of acts of parliament are a sham, that the listed offences cannot be acted upon.

    but I CAN act against them but in an unconventional way.

    Someone like Trump uses this kind of thing to cheat people, eg that guy who did some building and Trump didnt pay up, knowing that the cost to litigate would be more than the amount litigated.

    Trump is going on the rampage taking the letter of the law to its limit, and contempt for the spirit of the law, so you have to fight fire with fire, and the lower house has to also fight Trump with the letter of the law, the letter of the law is that obstruction of justice is a crime EVEN if you are innocent. In america, people have been shot by the police for not stopping their car when pursued by the traffic police. The Highway code says that if a police car pursues you with sirens, you MUST stop as soon as it is safe to.

    eg sirens, flashing lights, pointing. All these are highway code signals that you must pull over. In america if you dont you can get shot.

    To punish Trump he needs to be given a taste of his own medicine, where he is blitzed by the letter of the law, including obstruction of justice.

    The builders I am disputing are using the same tricks as Trump. They say they have been around since the 1800s and the guy has been in charge for a few decades and have never met a customer like me. But they broke 5 central rules of one regulatory body including laws and also committed insurance fraud. So I said: its amazing how a company can have been around so long and dont know the basic rules!

    obstructing justice is like not obeying a teacher or army superior. You can disobey but only if the superior is breaking some law or rule or other good reason. Otherwise it is insubordination, and you will face some form of disciplinary action.

  59. Could 1 of ongoing case be destruction of evidence/obstruction ppl not the president?Mueller even says this is Some of the reason he couldn't Prove conspiracy. My 1st guess would be Hope Hicks.
    WHEN has being an apologizing backfooted Democrat ever gotten them Anywhere??? When have Gop EVER Apologized for an Investigation? Or answered for its wasted resources or time on docket?
    Democrats Must Act w imunity & Aggressively to Demonstrate the gravity of the situation!
    We have a sitting president who has Violated the Constitution.
    Whether we have a constitution still is a Real Discussion we are having rn.
    Great leadership Rises to Great Challenges not bows to them.
    Look 2 History Churchill-In the End you dont go wrong doing what is right. Only Bad decisions come out of a place of Fear.
    Fear of political backlash over protecting the Constitution is still Fear Not Leadership. It Also turns Democratics into complicit Djt accomplices. NO!
    A new situation may call for a new path. Consider #ImpeachBarr If he continues obstructing congress from their constitutional duties of oversight & therefore Barr's own Oath to defend the Constitution 1St. Get All material Evidence legally w little political fall out (Barr another forgotten footnote)
    House can do total Oversight w all underlying evidence
    Mueller draws straight lines to Watergate. Like Watergate Democrats Must educate US all so hearings must be public & primetime.
    Facts dont need disclaimers & truth & honor is the North Star.

    Djt is the white rabbit running down the rabbit hole into a banana republic land. We the people are under no obligation to follow him down. Give Djt enough rope he will hang himself.

  60. David Kelly, is 100%, what is it, the Democrats don't understand? when is right there, in Black and White!! is like they don't speak English.

  61. Trump is a moron…he thinks he is above the law…truth is his staff and administration protected him from getting caught trying to break the law. He is a con man. I knew this years ago and I never lived NY….I grew up with his 1st marriage…the news…blah..blah..blah..He has never told the truth….and he will never tell the truth…he was a sheltered child…my god…he went into and attempted to change his Father's will…


  62. With all the talk about, Trump, not being too bright; is it at all possible that; when the part of the oath of office was read to him that said, " [t]o faithfully execute the office of President-he actually thought it meant to decapitate the office?

  63. So! all this criminal crime wave revealed and donny can hide behind the russian republikan senators. they have been paid handsomely by putin to betray the United States- starting with mitch's $3million dollars for starters. So donny goes to hide behind mitch and Lindsey and pence- all these guys on russia payroll and our country continues to crumble!!! Dont say something stupid like NOBODY IS ABOVE TGE LAW. Donny has just proved the office of the president is above
    the law. the mire criminal the democrats make TRUMP look the worse it backfires on the democrat party because they choose to do nothing to end donny's destruction of the United States. democrats choose to do nothing to prosecute

  64. Remember back in the good old days, when Democrats were screaming about the need to protect Mueller and they said his investigation would be the 'be all, end all'? Flash forward to today, and now it's 'we need to continue with more investigations'. Hypocrites.

  65. Individual Number 1 never wanted to be president. So why would he worry about impeachment. It's like he is trying to be removed.

  66. What people like David Kelley seem to forget is that obstruction of justice isn't the only reason trump should be impeached. But just looking at that, the Mueller report, thankfully written in layman's terms, very much shows that trump obstructed justice and did so every chance he got. It doesn't hint at it or say maybe he did. It says he did. Don't bother replying to me saying, "Oh yeah, exactly where does it say guilty" because you aren't worth answering.

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