Democrats spent the second debate telling each other they’re wrong

  1. Democrats- THANK YOU for the greatest comedic trainwreck since 2016. I really didnt think you could bury yourselves any further, but, you have not disappointed.

  2. I thought a debate was telling each other you are wrong? Am I wrong? Would anyone care to debate me on that?

  3. Progressive morons vs normal Democrats… What a waste of time having people like Bernie, Warren and Beto on at all…

  4. Journalistic Malpractice! Ben Bradlee just rolled over. Your nothing but shills and spinmeisters. WaPo is doomed

  5. They should’ve spoke Arabic since they’re 15 min from the biggest Arabic community in America, then again we have 1 more night

  6. This might have been the dumbest video I've ever watched. Yeah there running for president. They are going to debate. You don't think Republicans do this?

  7. Fake news and yellow journalism loving Washington Post has a YouTube channel? And I can see their YouTube channel has as bad a number of subscribers as their birdcage liner. 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  8. And much like in the real world, demokrauts talk about everything but do nothing, except raise taxes and spend money

  9. Why am I shocked at the number of pro-Trump trolls on this video gleefully stating that because the Democratic party actually debated each other, the man who yelled "I know nothing" underneath a helicopter today must certainly win re-election? I mean, God forbid we give this country back to someone intelligent who gives a sh*t about its citizens.

  10. Way to go WAPO! Another video posted getting ratio'd and essentially boo'd offstage. When will you hippy dippy liberals learn?! You're getting DT re elected.

  11. Bunch of clowns made my decision much easier. I will vote for Trump or my retirement will tank 40% with these socialists spending plans

  12. Democrats are somehow bigger imbecilic white men than Republicans are & that’s an extremely hard thing to do!

  13. Someone please refresh my memory. When did Bernie's Bill pass? Perhaps somebody should explain to him it is one thing to Write a Bill and quite another thing to get one Passed.

  14. Another ridiculous dog and pony show. Delaney the only one making sense. Supporting socialism and government control of everything, means an easy win for Trump.

  15. Corporate trap. Progressives didn't fall for it. Corporate media uses violent rhetoric "swinging" & "hit back" but guess what, the Republican Lite candidates did get the fight they wanted. Sanders and Warren worked together perfectly !!! Love it

  16. See how all the videos on you tube have more thumbs downs than thumbs up. So many people actually dislike CNN and these white racist people

  17. Elizabeth Warren was fully outed for using her nonexistent native American lineage to benefit her own career, how is this person still being taken seriously?

  18. Too many Cis-gendered people on stage. This is transphobic. They're out of touch with the real issues affecting us.

  19. I cannot find a LEGITIMATE reason that Delaney got so much mic time. He has been booed off the stage at DNC events and is polling at 1%. I can, however, come up with illegitimate reasons why the DNC and CNN gave him equal time as the front runners.

  20. If everybody reported the Washington Post for blatant propaganda, the internet would be a better place.

  21. Beware of Democrats bearing free gifts. It is not in their purview to tell you the truth. Just look at the cities of San Francisco, LA, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, and others. If you want to be a pawn and live with drugs, crime and filth like the cities listed above then the Democratic party is for you. I know, I use to be a Democrat but not anymore, the choice is yours. So Good Luck.

  22. Moderators are laughable with 5 second time limits, cutting off candidates just before they could make their points. Except for the DNC plants that are there to take time from Sanders and Warren and get all the talking time in the world of course. Seems democratic party trying new methods for cheating to control your vote i.E. Flooding debate with candidates no one cares about then allowing them to do most of the talking. Anyone else notice that every question directed toward Bernie or Elizabeth wasan attack on them?

  23. CNN, Washington Post selling news for their corporate owners, eager to sacrifice human life for profit. Corporate news, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

  24. Vote Democrat if you want a 70% tax rate, no law enforcement, "free" college and "free" healthcare for everyone including illegals, post-birth abortions, sanctuary cities for iIIegal criminals not Americans, giving illegals drivers licenses, allowing illegals and convicted felons the right to vote, no borders, and prioritizing citizens of other countries above their own. Vote Democrat in 2020 if you hate America and want to destroy it!

  25. Thank you for your 100% unbiased title with no agenda behind it whatsoever. Mark of true journalistic integrity.

  26. they are all wrong……..except the couple no-namers who actually made some sense. clowns. Racism, free everything (raise taxes on the wealthy….then the upper middle class….then the middle class ?) lame boarders. Which one of these geniuses is going to go up against Trump


  28. I'm a conservative but Ryan, Hickenlooper, Bullock, and Delaney seem like decent choices. Unfortunately, they don't get much as much attention in the debates as "favorites" like Sanders and Warren.

    Williamson is right that we have a sickness care system and not a health care system in this country, but I don't know how she can support making people who never owned slaves forcibly hand over their money for people who were never slaves. We are already taxed enough. In fact, the descendants of slaves are probably tired of being overtaxed too.

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