Democratic Wins Big And Small May Give Republicans Pause On Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. yeh but …… but but …… whatabout ……. no no …… the fake news …. but your "facts" ….. but ….
    ~Republican talking points

  2. MY HOMETOWN, MY FAMILY, AND BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations to you all!! SO PROUD OF YOU ALL!! You are on the right side of change!! Keep Him first!!

  3. I am born and raised in Plymouth, now residing in DC and I am so happy for my community! Congratulations Mayor Hawkins! The Town has spoken Congratulations Plymouth!!

  4. History was made in Ky. when the first black AG(REPUB) was elected. You did not seem to interested then Rachel!
    Hmmmmm…it is almost like liberals think they know what is best for black people..hmmmmm…
    Keep.Black.America.Great TRUMP2020 Msnbc are passive racists.

  5. "These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy."

  6. It's too bad that their political careers are all the GOP care about. Our democracy is under direct attack from that traitor and fascist DontheCon. And they are protecting him instead of getting rid of him. They are traitor and crooks.

  7. This is the only way democrats can win
    Evidence Confirms Kentucky Election Fraud!

  8. The basic ingredient of "respect" is what's necessary to make our country work. It's also been what's so obviously missing from our recent administration. I'm delighted to see that Americans across the country are reclaiming their local governments. When they say "This is mine.!", the tremor resonates throughout all of the layers of government. Washington D.C. will do well to respect the declaration of the will of the people in the 2018 elections, and now again in these recent smaller elections. They are small elections with huge implications. America is meant to be controlled by the people and for the people.

  9. Can someone explain to me why a town that is 70% black has a white government for 18 years? Blacks can vote. So why did they keep electing whites? Am I missing something?

  10. About time! Good work Shawn, and good fortune in your new position. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and include all races and all peoples!

  11. We need lots more Rachel on YouTube everything keeps getting blocked or taken down. No wonder. America is kept on the ignorant side because fox not news is all over YouTube

  12. No stories on Kentucky's first black Attorney general? That's weird huh guys? You think cause he is (R)?
    Msnbc cares about Msnbc/dems only, and use black people. Passive racists

  13. Off year elections are supposed to favor Republicans because low turnout favors them.
    For Republicans to lose so much in 2019 elections indicate a very bad year for them in 2020.
    However, the R's believe their own propaganda. They will not abandon Trump.
    They believe it is a sham. They believe in the deep state conspiracy. In their twisted minds, they believe that abandoning Trump would be dishonorable.
    The Republicans will go down with him. They will defend him to the end.
    Republicans are more loyal to Trump, than they are to the Constitution, their voters, or to the United States.
    If Trump tells them to obey Putin, they will obey Putin. And, so they do, just as McConnell accepts an aluminum plant from Russia as a reward for his loyalty.
    Americans, but not Republicans, see through the traitor Trump, and will vote out the Republicans who support him.

  14. Don't count on republicans to do the right thing. THEY WON'T…They will go down with the ship because no other boat will take them. They sealed their fates when they got on board and the hard core base will tye anchors around their legs. Those who bail now will be the only ones to survive with their self respect in tact.

  15. Are there enough nazi turds in the US for the Republicans to win again, or are they counting on Putin to give them another tainted victory?

  16. It may well be a decision of conscience and political calculation but it will also require a strong sense of morality and courage both of which are sadly missing from the new order of republicans.

  17. Conscience? Republicans? Those don't go together…I never thought I would see our politicians stoop so low….We have never seen this kind of corruption and disgusting behavior since the first president…

  18. Pootin is now the leader of the Republicunt white nationalist evangelical bible toting commies. How’s all that “winning” working for you inbred white nationalist KKK Trumpanzees? WOMP, WOMP bing, bing, bing, bing, ping, bing

  19. Rachel questioned whether republicans would, due to conscience or the desire to protect their careers, do the honorable thing.
    Hasn’t the conscience part already been answered?

  20. Great !   Kick self serving republicans out of office and put them out to pasture DUMP "LYING"  TRUMP 2020 and DITCH "MOSCOW" MITCH 2020  VOTE BLUE 2020 for a better America.

  21. Plymoth’s black majority finally decided that it was more important to take part in politics rather than keep themselves able to claim victim hood and voted!

  22. I could careless if he was black I want to know the new mayors policies for all we know he could be for the statice que and is just a new face we want change GOOD reasonable change for each community, state and for the whole country/ I just hope he is not bought by any money mongeral oil fat cat

  23. How do you put these ideas together, Democrat wins should give Republicans 2nd thoughts.Lay off the espresso. Democrat wins will frighten the Maggats and they will rally even harder around Trump. You have fooled most of the Democrats it seems but we know you realize, this Impeachment fallacy is not about Trump. You tricked

  24. Most of the Party, into believing they have to take down Trump, when Trump is just this years set of lips.The Last one we had a serious War crime WMDs, again just a mouth. You are telling our people that the Senators will turn on 85% of their constituents.They cant and no Democrat in the Senate today would even have a 2nd thought about

  25. "National Registered Voter Turnout in Federal Elections" it's a website. 2016, lowest in 20 years and Republicans lost by just under 3 Million, 2018 set new Mid-term records. The highest number in history, the highest % in over 100 years. 114 Million Citizens of the United States of America voted and Republicans lost by over 10 Million, 2019, they lost. Nov 3rd 2020, Moscow Mitch + 21 more Republican seats in the Senate are up for re-election, only 12 Democrat's. At this point, 3 Republican Senators and 17 Republican members of the House of Representatives have ALREADY announced they they are not even running for re-election, they already know it's a lost cause. Nov 3rd 2020, Republicans are getting their @$$'$ kicked.

  26. And also Kentucky has it's first black republican Attorney General and republicans took 5 of 6 elections in that state, so that is also an important thing that you always fail to report….always 2 sides to things and you always report just one to your audience

  27. Have you shared yet that Zaid, the attorney for the so called whistleblower tweeted in 1/20/17 that the hash tag coup, hashtag rebellion, has tag impeachment begins…..seems a bit dubious don't you think!!!

  28. About "people left behind". Join my movement HOUSE. Help Our Unloved Seniors Exist. 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring everyday. Almost 20% will try and live on SS alone (average about 1300.00 per month)Fully half have only 10,000 to go with that SS (it goes quick) You can help bridge 3 low income Seniors for the same amount that it costs to GIVE EVERYTHING to a person that has ruined their life by choice. We are right in the middle of Baby Boomer retirement. Our numbers are huge and we vote. Baby Boomers UNITE.

  29. Ever notice Msnbc only brings up black when it helps THEM. What about Kentucky's first black AG(R).
    Not interested Msnbc? You are passive racists who use black people. Shame!

  30. During the civil war, Russia sent battle ships to the US to help the Republicans and to keep the British from helping the slave owning Democrats.

  31. To find out more about this, check this out:
    "Republicans FINALLY Strike Back At Democrats In Impeachment Inquiry, DEMAND Hunter Biden Testify"

    Now this moron has to help the devil destroy humanity and innocent children

  33. If President Trump would get Congress to pass term limits for themselves as an amendment to the Constitution I would really think better of the President!

  34. When are people going to learn that the republicans are like the hitler youth. They believe in their leader no matter the truth, actions or things they need to do. They are blindly following him to the grave if necessary.

  35. Republicans are usually Bible thumpers. Those in the Senate should think carefully. Because the Good Book says that we shouldn't be a partaker in other men's sins. Trump's wrongdoings will be a stain on their skirts long after Trump has become an afterthought.

  36. Actually the Republicans are getting more and more used to winning. That is to say, the Democrats winning, not them. May the Blue Wave roll over them all! Next up, say hello to Senator McGrath of Kentucky and a Democratic president TBA.

  37. ummmmm republicans won way more than they lost…… duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..REMEMBER MUELLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. i disagree with the tittle of vid his base acts more like a cult than a political party. Fox and Oan will amp them up more and more but to what end?

  39. Fake news dont report that Mississippi elected a Republican Gov and most state senate seats won by the GOP..And Ky elected a black Attorney General.Gee why dont they report that?Because it dont fit there narrative.

  40. Congratulations to the young man. But is the man the first Black man to run, is NC voter suppression so powerful that it suppressed the wishes of 70% of the population, were generally the black voted for the incumbent mayor because things were OK, did the recent flood affect the voting? Kind of shallow for an editorial.

  41. How can a city or town with a 70% black population until last tuesday have never elected a black major or city councilperson? I would guess this town is not the only one in the south with a large black population that is under represented.

    Voter repression, suppression and fraudulent stealing of elections need to be investigated. Many towns and cities in the south had large black populations during slavery that exceeded the white population. Blacks were not allowed to vote during slavery…..and they were and still are victims of white voter fraud.

  42. Stop asking Republicans whether they think Trump demanding Ukraine publicly saying they're investigating Trump's domestic political opponents is impeachable. Instead, ASK THEM what they think a DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT doing the EXACT SAME THING Trump has done is acceptable.

    (…Let's say a Democratic President Warren saying to Israel, after Bibi is done: you need to investigate the corrupt GOP, and say it publicly, or you're not getting those $3B-$5B a year assistance from us…)

    If the answer, from Republicans, is: YES, ALL Presidents could ask a foreign government — including holding foreign assistance — to INTERFERE in our elections, "especially if it is for corruption activities, like what the Bidens are doing in Ukraine but NOT What Rick Perry or Giuliany & Co were doing…")….. then it is obvious that is NOT an impeachable offense; and that being the case, the US Constitution needs to be updated.


  44. I am North Carolinian and this is rare to see, in the rural areas. I live in a rural town that has too many uninformed poor white people.

  45. We live in a beautiful world.
    I live in Glendale CA.
    I am with you Mr. Hawkins.
    North Carolina is just the beginning.
    Well done sir!
    The future is ours!

  46. Republicans aren't Republican anymore. They are really Tea Party, an extreme right-wing agenda pushing to ban all social services, anti-pollution laws, and banking regulations. Moderates in the Republican Party are mocked with the name RINO, Republican In Name Only. Republican politicians do not act in the interest of their constituents, they act in the interest of their Party, and its corporate donors.

    Vote Blue 2020

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