This is the STATE of caos for ABC, CNBC, NBC, CNN, CBS, TIME, Wall Street MSNBC,Journal and the Times after the
    Collusion Illusion they have not news only garbage:

    -Famous Athlete stated I used to sleep with up to six women a week and “paid for plenty of abortions over the years,”

    Famous Actress/Actor/Singer is in rehab, in wellness retreat to work on some personal issues."

    -A singer who hit some high notes think "he" is a legend

    -Scientists from Department of Medicine determine life starts at conception.

    Scientists from Department physics determined earth is not quite round but oval like a quantum dots.

    -This Summer temperatures will be hotter than average on both U.S

    This Winter temperatures will be cooler than average on both U.S

    -Hurricane season in the Caribbean officially runs from June 1 to November 30, peaking in August, September, and October.

  2. Trump is a phony, right down to his orange tanned skin. So you could say that Trump is the 2d President of color. 🍊

  3. Trish is beautiful, but she's a mouthpiece for Trump & the radical right. She would make a good Minister of Information. 😐

  4. i hope and prey people really see who are the achievers (Republicans) VS. the obstructionist / Corrupted ones (Dems).

  5. When I do my goat yoga and then go and get my coffee at starbucks and stare at my phone for 2 hours….I start farting new ideologies out my piehole. Trump 2020

  6. If Trump starts talking sense on climate change, he'll wipe out the AOC Democrats in a 50 state landslide. I hate Trump, he makes me sick. But the AOC crazyhouse is worse than Trump. WAPO and CNN are more sickening than Trump. The only reason for me to vote against Trump is he is as nutty as AOC on climate change, in the opposite direction. Give us a serious, practical alternative to the Green New Deal, and every sane Democrat in the country will vote for Trump over AOC.

    None, (AND I MEAN NONE) of the long list of Democrat hopefuls want to be the President of the United State. I'll say that again; None of these Democrats want to be the President.
    Each and every one is putting on a show for the sake of collecting millions of dollars in Campaign or ‘exploratory’ Funds, money that will remain in their bank accounts when they drop out of the race which I predict will happen EVEN BEFORE debates begin but not before they have taken Democrats for millions of dollars.
    I would like to encourage my fellow Democrats, not to make any Campaign Contributions early in the running – wait until these dead-beats drop out and a serious contender is identified, or you'll be making of yourselves, what they hope you to be; FOOLS.

  8. Who is Mr Doug? I 'd be glad to call him neighbor. He's just like me
    It will be a long time before I vote democratic again.

  9. Quick, change the rules and backdate them so it’s ok to fondle 12yo girls. Otherwise dirty uncle joe might have issues

  10. It doesn't matter what you say – if they disagree with it – you are either racist or sexist – get real!!!

  11. The dems know their crimes. Know they are caught and know they will pay for them. Of course they are worried about themselves.It won't help them though.DEMS DID THE CRIMES AND DEMS WILL PAY THE PRICE.THE DEM PARTY WILL CEASE TO EXIST. GITMO ALL THE DAMNED TRAITORS AND EXECUTE THEM

  12. the biggest democratic lie of all time FREE FREE FREE.THERE IS NO SUCH THING,what they give you will be taken back with higher taxes you will actualy pay more then ever,ask Canadians about free health care, and taxes will rise again and again and again because you haveto pay for all the non workers who are getting al the free stuff that's socialism.FREE IS A LIE .

  13. California has the most corrupt politicians: Schiff for Brains, Mad Max , Comrade Kamala, Frankenstein, Nutty Nancy , gov Brown Stain, nincompoop Newsom. They almost bankrupt California with high speed 70 billion dollar train to nowhere, windmills and carbon taxes. these a-holes are fighting and harassing president Trump who in retaliation is withholding billions of federal dollars. Tens of thousands of businesses and high worth taxpayers are fleeing the state because of highest taxes in country. nincompoop Newsom just opened the door to all asylum seekers so millions of illegals are heading to sanctuary California for free medical, food stamps and housing vouchers, unsustainable ….

  14. We don't have a dem party anymore. Trump will be running against a bunch of crybaby, petulant children who are holding their breaths until they turn blue. I can't wait to watch it unfold….

  15. There is a Jewish left and a Jewish right, so maybe O’Rourke thinks he can get some of the Jewish right to stop supporting the GOP or the Jewish left to support him. However, Trump is a Zionist and the furthest thing you will get from anti-Semitic like the Nazis.

  16. The one thing I got from the Trump administration was that a president can actually do what they campaign to do, and try their hardest for the people. I grew up not thinking that was possible because it never worked that way. Now my rebounding approach is "We change finally change the world! People do actually listen to good ideas!" I did not believe that was possible before. Made it more human, and Trump honestly is one of the small guys when it comes to the rich.

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