Democratic Debate Recap – Who Won And Who Needs To Drop Out

So last night was the forth democratic presidential
debate, 12 people on that overcrowded stage. And what we learned from that debate is that
there is a couple of winners up there and there’s quite a few people that really need
to drop out as soon as possible. To me, before I get into this, the most interesting
thing I’ve found during these debates is that it hasn’t increased my support for any particular
candidate, but it really has made me dislike even more members of the democratic party
than I disliked before. And that was my biggest takeaway last night. So let’s start with the losers. Biggest loser of the evening. Tulsi Gavart absolutely looked foolish up
there on that stage for every single question that she was asked, even when they went into
her wheelhouse, she couldn’t do it. So I think Tulsi is pretty much finished after
this debate. That was a horrid performance and a lot of
people are walking away from that with a sour taste in their mouth. A couple other folks that really rubbed me
the wrong way. Amy Klobuchar, what a horrible person. I mean just in general as a human being, Amy
Klobuchar is just awful. But substantively, regardless of my personal
feelings for anybody, Amy Klobuchar was up there arguing with Elizabeth Warren about
why we can’t or shouldn’t make progress here in the United States. That that’s odd. That’s not ever something you want to hear
from somebody running for president. You don’t want to hear scale it back folks. We’re not going to do good things. And yet that’s all Amy Klobuchar had. She had a very combative attitude towards
Elizabeth Ward and I think it’s because Klobuchar right now is fighting for her life and she
thought she could win it back last night. She couldn’t. Other two biggest losers for me of the evening. Number one, Andrew Yang. Wow. I’m getting tired of hearing Andrew Yang talk
about UBI. UBI, UBI folks, UBI, UBI, I don’t know if
you know this, but UBI, Oh my God. Come up with another plan and I know the yang
gang’s gonna go he’s got over a hundred plans on his website cause you literally say that
exact phrase every time somebody says that, almost like it’s a pre made response. I don’t trust him, I don’t like him. His plan is awful. His value added tax would increase costs for
consumers through the frickin roof and yet he’s sitting there saying, we shouldn’t have
a progressive income tax. We should just have a value added tax. That’s a tax on American consumers folks. Andrew Yang is not serious. Andrew Yang doesn’t have an actual plan to
solve the problem of automation, which according to economists isn’t even a problem. Not now nor in the near future. So why waste our time? Andrew Yang is not a horrible person. He’s not a horrible candidate. He’s got some ideas that he has not fully
flushed out and they’re not ready for prime time. That’s the thing with Andrew Yang. Also, I would feel better maybe if he were
a member of an administration, get a little bit of experience in there. Try to put these policies in place that way,
which is actually a lot easier. And then we’ll see if they can work. But I don’t think Andrew Yang is ready in
any capacity to be president of the United States. Now, the person who pissed me off the most
from that debate, mayor Pete, Pete Buttigieg running to the center faster than anyone I
have ever seen. In fact, he is running so fast towards the
center that he’s already on the right, this man, much like Klobuchar and even Gabard sitting
there telling us during that debate that we can’t do these things, that we need to scale
back our promises, that we need to aim lower and that we just all need to, you know, be
a little bit nicer, not go for these things that would actually help Americans. You know, the things that other countries
have already implemented, like Medicare for all universal healthcare. Um, we somehow just can’t do it. Pete says we can’t, we’re not smart enough
here in the United States. I guess I don’t like that. I don’t like hearing that. I don’t like centrists and I’m sick and tired
of mayor Pete downplaying the Progressive’s on that stage. It’s disgusting. It’s unnecessary. And he’s attacking others not to tear them
down or expose their flaws, but to elevate himself that is low, that is dirty. I do not like mayor Pete and I wish he would
drop out today. Another person who did not perform exceptionally
well at the debate. Um, aside from most of the other folks on
the stage, I was very disappointed in Elizabeth Warren’s performance and I’ve read this morning
and last night a bunch of different pieces. Everybody’s got their particular winners in
their losers and every list is different. A lot of people had Warren kind of towards
the top of people who did well. I didn’t see that. I didn’t, I saw her be very evasive. I saw her seem exceptionally nervous for some
reason. That really threw me off. I mean at one point her hand was shaking. She handed up here near her face when she
was talking. You can see it visibly shaking that that was
weird to me. She seemed nervous and this is an experienced
woman. This is a very confident woman. So I don’t know what that was about, but it
gave me the wrong impression. She again, was evasive with her answers, couldn’t
go straight forward on the issue of taxes and universal healthcare. Bernie had the jump in and answer that question
and that brings us to the winner. It was obvious folks. Bernie Sanders killed that debate. Not only that, but he also got some pretty
amazing adores endorsements from three quarters of the squad. Uh, Ilana O’Mar, AOC and Rashida Tlaib are
all endorsing Bernie Sanders. That is huge. And another winner of the debate, believe
it or not, folks, was Joe Biden. And one of the reasons Joe Biden, one, the
only reason Joe Biden could be considered a winner is because he didn’t get to talk
very much. And that’s why this entire format is infuriating. People need to see who Joe Biden is. They need to remember that this is the human
GAF machine. And by not letting him speak, which I feel
was intentional, he didn’t make as many mistakes. Now. He made mistakes when he talked, but because
they let those other, you know, one percenters fight amongst themselves so much. Joe Biden just had to sit there and not be
stupid. That’s not fair. We need to see Joe Biden being Joe Biden,
but because they didn’t talk to them all that much, he also merged as a winter. Next debate. I say no more than five. Let’s go ahead. Let’s, let’s whittle this down. Let’s get it down to five. No more than that on the stage, and it needs
to be just the front runners too. Let’s not have this random drawing. Some good people this night. The others on this night. Nope. Let’s have a debate with Bernie. Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg. Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s what we’re down to. Maybe that’s the top tier and that’s all we
need to see. But we can’t do another double digit debate. It’s not letting people have enough time. It’s not letting them get into the issues
like they need to, and it’s really not helping anyone make the case as to why they should
be the next president of the United States.

  1. The VAT here in Europe is about 20 percent , the double of what yang is proposing .We are happy with is it and i don't know your problem, because there is a threshold that will only tax valuable things like jewelleries , expensive cars , yacht….

  2. "So how did you think Andrew did on the debate?"

    "Wow I'm getting tired of hearing Andrew Yang talk about UBI, UBI, UBI folks, UBI, UBI, Idon't know if you know this, but UBI, Oh my God. Come up with another plan and I know the yang gang's gonna go he's got over a hundred plans on his website cause you literally say that exact phrase every time somebody says that,almost like it's a pre made response. I don't trust him, I don't like him. His plan is awful. His value added tax would increase costs for consumers through the frickin roof and yet he's sitting there saying, we shouldn't have a progressive income tax. We should just have a value added tax. That's a tax on American consumers folks. Andrew Yang is not serious. Andrew Yang doesn't have an actual plan to solve the problem of automation, which according to economists isn't even a problem. Not now nor in the near future. So why waste our time? Andrew yang is not a horrible person, He's a horrible candidate. He's got some ideas that he has not fully fleshed out ant they're not read for prime time. That's the thing with Andrew Yang. Also, I would feel better maybe if he were a member of an administration, get a little bit of experience in there. Try to put these policies in place that way, which is actually a lot easier. And then we'll see if they can work. But I don't think Andrew Yang is ready in any capacity to be president of the United States."

    "Oh, I see, so how did you think Andrew did on the debate then?"

  3. Pete Buttigieg who only wants "Big-Money Fundraisers", not "Pocket Change" from average citizen donors. Like Trump, will eventually declare himself a Republican.

  4. I disagree with your assessments. Tulsi could have been better and needs better focus. Amy K was right to attack warren as the new front runner, but she needs to realize her policies will not win over the American people and so may want to consider dropping out.

  5. Joe Biden a winner …? He spit salad when he opened his mouth and does every time ..and if its Biden…warren aka Pocahontas ….Bernie the commie ..and buttplug your handing presidency signed and sealed to TRUMP

  6. Ring of Fire complaining about Andrew Yang’s UBI is like me complaining about Bernie talking about his Medicare for All. People still don’t know about Andrew Yang. Andrew Yang won this debate. Don’t know how Bernie won when he couldn’t defend his wealth tax and his federal job guarantee. Plus Andrew Yang is the reason why we are talking about automation today.

  7. 2:34 Guess i'm a bot for saying "he has over 100+ policies", Would you like for him to go through all of them in the span of 45 seconds given by CNN?
    I'm getting kind of tired of the whole 'bot' insinuations, Have you seen his rallies? Also sir you sound rather uninformed "VAT is a tax on consumer good, You know how much it would cost?" except that you fail to mention its a tax on LUXURY GOODS not non-essentials but fine lets got with your suggestion for a 'Wealth tax' and end-up like France:

  8. Andrew Yang won the debate hands down! You’re all wrong about Yang! You really think that his $1,000 UBI/Freedom Dividend plan will jack up the price of shampoo to $1,001 so much so that with his idea you can’t even buy one anymore? Because of the VAT his proposing? You really got to educate yourself man. Of course Yang supporters will always tell you his got more than a hundred policies other than the UBI because apparently that’s the only thing you know and associate him with. You ever heard of his Democracy Dollars? Yang2020!!!

  9. On Andrew Yang in every video: Another senseless and despicable smear video who did not do his research, as usual. "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win."

  10. The November debate is already going to be 8, possibly 9 on stage. Biden, Sanders, Warren, Yang, Harris, Booker, Buttigieg & Steyer have already met the criteria. Beto is still a maybe.

  11. You forget to mention Kamala as a clear winner with her vigorous plea for Trump’s twitter ouster.

    Loonybird winner that is…

  12. I agree Buttigieg is a flake. You don’t understand Yang. Warren is a closeted Hillary. Biden is status quo that will continue with nepotistic politics. Bernie is a good man mired in the past. The rest doesn’t matter.

  13. Wow this guy is a fucking shill idiot. Tulsi G won hands down. Most Google searched after the debate. Andrew yang too. You are probably a white supremist cuck. You just exposed yourself.

  14. I disagree about Tulsi, she wasn't given enough time and she had a great anti-war stance as well as skewered CNN and NYT. Also disagree about Biden winning he was horrible and stammering as usual.

  15. Ideally, I’d like to see Gabbard and Williamson (I believe she’s still in the race) dropout and back Sanders.

  16. Didn't see the whole debate but from the clips I've seen Warren definitely looked weak and nervous.
    Kamala Harris talking about that Twitter just made herself look like a 10 year old upset brat.

  17. 1st time i REALLY Disagree with you…… Saying Automation is not even an issue is a parallel example of saying Climate Change is not an issue, and in not even a Yang supporter. Your a big Influence, please educate yourself on this.

  18. Didn’t Bernie support UBI – maybe that’s why he backed down to Yang? Yang even shut down the VAT vs Wealth Tax debate against Warren (which Bernie supports). Sounds like you’re a little salty bro. It happens.

  19. Yang sounds pretty serious to me, I like his demeanor and he seems to have done a great amount of research, more than a lot of other candidates. His UBI plan is more viable than everyone thinks, and IMO better than a minimum wage increase. A Value Added tax would work hand in hand with UBI, and would impact consumers, yes, but the positive impact of $1,000 a month would greatly outweight the additional 4-5% in sales tax and it also impacts large corporations such as Amazon that don’t pay taxes, and it puts that money in the hands of the American people, as well as taxes every self checkout transaction, every robot truck mile, it turns automation into a cash cow for the American people. Keep in mind too that VAT will not apply to basic amenities such as water and food.

    If you have questions/ would like to better understand Yang’s policies so that you have a better argument against him he will be answering voter questions at for 10 hours on 10/18/19 🙂

  20. Buttigieg is loved by a lot of the gay community for the same reasons Obama was loved by the black community. Not saying that's wrong, because people have their reasons. But I think Buttigieg represents gays a far worse than Obama represented blacks. Buttigieg might or might not beat Trump.

  21. If you look through rose colored glasses, everything appears rose colored. Tulsi Gabbard was the clearest most prepared person on the stage.

  22. It's comical that you're saying Yang having over a hundred policies on his website is a bad thing. You know where those policies come from? Evaluating the data and using it to make decisions. He has a huge following because he tells the truth, answers questions directly unlike most of the other candidates on that stage. You make a valid point about the VAT tax, but he has also addressed how this would impact the wealthy more significantly than everyone else. It's also a better alternative than the wealth tax because wealth taxes require much more administrator – there is a reason other countries who tried to implement them have rolled them back. Yes I'm repeating what he has said but it's because it's true and you can fact check that.

  23. Bernie Sanders is a closet Communist FYI? He is in a video years back endorsing and fluffing up Fidel Castro!! So that's a hell No for that…do your homework!

  24. #WARren is not a progressive, bruh. Her wavering is only surprising because she's so good a telling lies to peoples faces. I certainly hope that you aren't including Biden with the "progressives on stage". #RepublicanLite

  25. The purpose of UBI is to destroy the social safety net to, falsely, improve the federal balance sheet which would then allow more tax cuts for the wealthy. Arbitrarily handing out money to almost everyone independent of circumstance is literally a federal allowance. UBI will have us calling the federal government Uncle Sugar Daddy because it provides no chance of learning skills, overcoming adversity, or re-entering the workforce. UBI hands people money without addressing the fundamental challenge: what to do with the people displaced by automation. This also ignores that it taxes the same people it claims to help for behaviors which is social engineering.

    Sleazily, Yang's UBI removes the feature that makes the social safety the third rail: we all pay for current beneficiaries, so we expect the same for when we are in need because we are invested. There is no social investment with UBI.

    Yang is contradictory. The vast benefits of increased production are captured by the wealthy as shown by stagnant wages. The benefits of increased production should fund any form of UBI, yet Yang is clearly opposed/reluctant to taxing the wealthy.

    UBI is the next opioid, soma, whatever … It creates and maintains dependency.

  26. Tom Steyer will be at the next debate. He added absolutely nothing to the debate and I notice he was referred to as the billionaire of which he didn't spend his own money to be in the debate but begged for donations. Do we really need that guy? But, yes I think Bernie Sanders did the best in the debate.

  27. "I'm getting sick of hearing about UBI. Andrew Yang needs to come up with more than that. "Yeah yeah, tell me about his website listing 100 other policies. It's just a pre-made response." Well, duh. You can't just falsely claim that the guy only has 1 policy proposal and not expect people to call you out on your bullshit.

  28. U have me up until your Warren statement which I disagree with She was the one under ATTACKS from all sides and handled it very well No one in no debate has g gotten attacked on the level she was here!!!WARREN 2020 THE FIGHTER!!!

  29. Wow this guy is an idiot Biden got one of the most talk times and the fact u say Biden was a winner of the debate and not have Kamala as a loser. Or recognize the fact that Yang has changed the national conversation about automation and UBI…yea this guys an idiot

  30. Half the jobs in retail have already gone to self checkout in my city. There's no new jobs to replace them. Driver jobs are next. Yang speaks truth

  31. @7:15 "All Joe Biden has to do is not be stupid…" To be fair, that quality alone, if he could muster it, would make him better qualified than Trump for the presidency. How far the bar has fallen.

  32. Underestimate Andrew Yang at your own peril. Impending massive job loss due to automation is real. McKinsey, Bain, economists at MIT and many others have no doubt about this; it is coming at us more rapidly than most people (including you, apparently) understand. In addition, you are all for "doing what other countries do" regarding universal healthcare, but reject that idea when it comes to a VAT tax — virtually all other developed countries have a VAT tax and it works extremely well. It cannot be 'gamed' and evaded, as virtually all rich people and corporations do with Income Taxes.. and it can be scaled so that it hits the consumption of affluent people and not the the everyday purchase items – food, diapers – of the middle class and the poor. Do some research.

  33. You’re dead on, course I say that sharing many of your opinions. Clearly, Bernie owned the debate, and you can tell how well he did by network news ignoring him… can’t endorse a guy who wants to take on big money. Mayor Pete is in way over his head, he should start by running for state gov. Warren really pisses me off, it blows my mind that she steals Bernie’s ideas, and can’t make any sense while trying to put her spin on them. I think she needs to go. Biden… let’s just say I loved it it when Bernie pointed out his “accomplishments”.
    I’ve run for office a few times as an independant, knowing I had no chance of winning, but could at least bring new ideas to the conversation. In one debate the incumbent decided to add my ideas to his opening statement,. When I got my turn, I said that I really hope he intends to keep my promises, Which obviously reminds me of Warren.
    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  34. In other words, you support permanent war that slaughters our servicemen and women and innocent children and you think any servicewoman who defends the men and women serving our country is whinny and should shut up. Not very patriotic. Attitudes like yours got Trump legitimately elected and will re-elect him.

  35. You are right. The only person on stage who told the truth should drop out as she doesn't belong up on stage with the warmongering liars you support. Tulsi won the debate hands down. Google searches don't lie. I'm commenting on this as I will not watch further of your videos. BTW, Tulsi was the only one who got Roe v Wade right and there were attorneys on stage who had never read the decision and you have not either. Shame on you.

  36. The questions on stage were the worst. CNN spent over half the debate talking about impeachment, and russia. How about any of the thousand issues that MSM fails to cover on a daily basis? Flint water? many cities have the same problem.
    Climate change: Do any of these candidates have a plan?
    I am alright with each candidate having a lane. Beto has gun control, Yang has UBI, Warren has 2% tax on the rich, Bernie has M4A, harris has crime and PUNISHMENT, Biden/butti/kloby has status quo…
    and CNN is more concerned with paying for it than the actual plan details.

  37. Farron, would you clarify why you are shitting on Tulsi?
    Are you fucking that naive and idiotic not to know that she is being smeared by corporate pro war propaganda? What is your beef with Tulsi? Are you a simple minded doof that you believe she is a Russian bot?

  38. And there I thought since Tom Steyer finally bought his way…I'm sorry…I mean qualified to enter the race, a clear up & coming winner was fianlly going to be declared.

  39. I live in the UK. We have universal healthcare called the NHS and private insurance if people want it..but there is literally no reason to.

  40. Hey, you angry little man, you no longer need to read Yang's 150 policies. He just spent 10 HOURS! Answering questions from Americans. Unscripted, unrehearsed, from the gut, and it was terrific. I don't see any other politician having the cojones to do that: No poll testing, no consultants, no handlers, no "let me check the policy." Proud to support Yang!

  41. I guess they got rid of Marianne Williamson cuz of the reparations for black people that for extinguished quickly.

  42. If there's no problem with automation taking jobs, then why are we seeing them at Walmart the 24-hour ones and nobody's there to be a cashier all you have to deal with is so stupid automatic machines

  43. Careful your job could be automated next , the reason he's liked is he's not been corrupted by being in politics. Sorry your bored, have you READ his book ? Do you have any idea how intelligent he is ? Did you see all who fumbled with their prep cards , and who doesn't ? Warren was a joke up there . Biden senile . Bernie doesn't have a chance , buttigieg stole all of Yang's idea's ?

  44. Klobuchar is a negative piece; her attack on Warren was pathetic, I really disliked her the most, along with Mayor Pete, "can't do this can't do that." Yes we can, you two fuck*n idiots ! #Bernie2020

  45. Faron I am unsubscribing from your channel. Andrew Yang is the only one using accurate facts. And from accurate facts come appropriate decisions. and the Washington post is no friends of Yang’s but he is the only one that had the right facts.

    Frankly your commentary and closed mindedness remind me of Matt Gaetz. Because Faron you say you don’t like Andrew because you don’t agree with his ideas. Sad because that does not promote healthy discourse.

    If you watch this whole thing and then say Andrew Yang does not have flushed out ideas I would argue with your IDEAS.

  46. Aww, even the Yang gang itself is flagging, they couldn't even downvote this video to oblivion like they used to. Yang is a cool guy, I disagree with Farron that automation isn't a problem at all, but Yang has never passed 4%. You MATH people should realize what that means.

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