1. Not a chance in Hell or anywhere else for that matter. Have a good day. There will be no socialist communist President of this nation ….

  2. Even though the democrats are already hard at work trying to steal 2020, I don't think they're going to be able to do it, even with their usual millions of fraudulent absentee ballots from nursing homes and adult daycare centers and all the other machinations. Were they decent and honest, we would see Trump win in an enormous landslide. Nonetheless, I think he's going to beat their cheating. Hugely. #MAGA4Ever

  3. Keep on dreaming "mijito"! You will never be president of this country especially with the shoes that you would have to fill in after Pres. Trump finishes up in 2024. You are a joke along with BETO thinking that you have a chance due your delusions of grandeur.

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