Dem Insider Backs Pelosi: AOC's 'One Priority' Is 'Ideology' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

he calls himself the grim reaper well he's got some reaping to do when it comes to his opponent first 24 hours of the new Mitch McConnell opponent challenger Amy McGrath smashing fundraising records two and a half million dollars it's the most ever raised in the first day of a Senate campaign in all of American history Homer Cartman Steve Israel ran the re-election committee for the Democrats that knows his way around this stuff you'd love to get some numbers like that oh my gosh that's what it's all records well it's a reflection of the seething resentment that Democrats have towards Mitch McConnell remember when Barack Obama was elected what does Mitch McConnell do first thing he says is our first job is to make him a one-term president then he obstructs obstruct obstruct and then he denies the Senate a vote on a Supreme Court nominee Merrick garland so there is a seething resentment here's the thing Eric Kentucky is viewed as a red monolith but it really isn't it had a very popular two-term Democratic governor steve Beshear until 2015 well Republicans would tell you when it comes to the federal races they do pretty well well right now in this federal race Mitch McConnell was polling somewhere in the mid 30s why is that do people in Kentucky do you think they don't like him they don't like the fact that he reflects everything that is wrong in Washington DC the swamp and the bureaucracy I mean he's been around for a long time and Amy McGrath has the right profile combat marine combat pilot ran for Congress lost by three points in central Kentucky so she's got the right profile to make this a race you mentioned her the money is obviously being noticed that's both about her and it's also as you say about the nationalizing of the race let's take a look at this new 2min brand-new character and politics new democratic potential star here's her hat everything that's wrong in Washington had to start someplace well it started with this man who was elected a lifetime ago and who has bit by bit year by year turned Washington into something we all despise where dysfunction and chaos are political weapons a place where ideals go to die ideals go to die before voting and he would be in her political narrative he would be the murderer that's exactly right and she's going to prosecute that case there's something else she's doing that's rather unconventional she's actually trying to appeal to trump voters she knows that Trump is going to be at the top of the ticket McConnell may be in the mid 30s but Trump actually still doing very well she kept McGrath cannot win unless she gets people to split their tickets so one of the more unconventional things she did was to actually say Mitch McConnell is blocking Donald Trump from reducing our prescription drug costs it's risky but it's actually a smart strategy I have to say she needs those ticket splitters to come to her so so far it sounds like for people who don't like Mitch McConnell a ton of good news what happens though when she has to balance this national that's a fundraising support this enthusiasm from the resistance with what you just alluded to vaguely as is your way you're a politician I was a retired politician oh you're liberated are you not about to say I'm free you know you're vaguely alluding to something that you know as having run these kind of races everyone loves to get out there and say be strong be tough be blue whatever right you had to work with people running in swing districts it's red districts right they can't just say everything that an AOC well you've got to reflect the sensibilities of your community of your district it's like when you drive cross-country and you're listening to the car radio in some areas you're getting country music and other areas you're getting NPR or you're getting Harry Melbourne on on your radio on your serious area like that and so you've got to reflect local sensibilities yeah that'll appeal to your voice and you think she can do that think she can she's got a military background that appeals to more conservative voters but she stands up for very important issues like reducing prescription drug costs and making sure people have affordable health care which is very popular in Kentucky well I got you last question shows different topic Pelosi versus AOC it's heating up you know Twitter mm-hmm who's right hello see look it's I understand it I get that you have a group of people who've come to Congress it's a group of people who have one priority and it is their ideology Nancy Pelosi has several priorities her priority is beating Donald Trump reflecting the consensus of her Democratic House caucus and making sure that she retains a Democratic majority so she's do you think the speaker is being strategic yeah or is she also personally just annoyed with some of the new men oh I think she's being strategic I mean I've seen this woman facing insurmountable annoyances cool calm and collected she's being strategic she's keeping her pay are you suggesting that being the leader the Democratic caucus involves a lot of annoying stuff you have to deal with I can't imagine I was the chief annoying person hey I'm already Melbourne from MSNBC you can see more of our videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you're here with us and we appreciate that

  1. Pelosi and Democrats like her have been the problem for fourty years now. They moved the so-called center more and more to the right, deregulated Wall Street, installed detrimental trade deals, orchestrated the widening inequality gap, and thus lost thousands of seats across the nation and paved the way for Trump. And now they are trying to make you forget that, saying Trump is the problem and unseating him is the big prize in 2020. And then there is that nincompoop AOC standing in the way of progress…

  2. Insider- He is inside what, he is an establishment hack, he is Republican in disguise,he took money from corporations so he can have a job and be an insider, Dino, Fake, he needs money, CITIZENS UNITED rules this country and bitcoin hasnt hit,yet. Insider asks Socialistas( Fake Socialists) to Demand no money in 2020.Insider remembers when he was that stupid

  3. pelosi has never done anything. she needs to get out. 100 million rich pelosi loves the status quo and is upset that someone like Aoc is actually trying to do something for real people.

  4. Those polls are manufactured by leftists. She has no chance against McConnell. She could raise 5 million and it wouldn't matter. The RNC will insure they he has whatever he needs. He will receive a presidential endorsement. He's is a lock for the conservative party, he did get us everything we wanted but… He secured: taxes cuts, 2 Supreme Court justices, and re-balanced most of the left wing district courts. All solid conservative wins, and he brings the pork for the state at budget time.

  5. Ari I wish Nancy would start the inquiry on impeachment. The reason if she doesn't, he'll out think her. While she's trying, Trump moving on with what he's going to do. Trump got street smart and Nancy trying to go by the book. I've noticed everything she is trying seem like it's not working. Everything she asked the Republicans is shut down, and if she's not careful, Trump will win again. He certainly has foreigners trying to help him in this coming election. The bots are supposedly to use satellites communication to interfer and compromise the election this time, so this need to be watched, and fixed.

  6. Pelosi Priority Is Giving Her Corporate Donor's Same As Republicans Donor's Everything They Want Like Giving Trump More Money For His Concentration Camp Then Yelling At Progressives Who Want To Do What The Americans People Want Like 1.Medicare4All, 2.DACA, 3.Free College, 4.Green New Deal, 5.Universal Background Check, 6. $15 Dollar Living Wage And 7.Ended Wars

  7. AOC is a moronic socialist who don’t even know what socialism is! She don’t understand the basics of government or how basic law works, financing or environmental knowledge, yet she spews on it and when defeated she falls, to racism! Pelosi is ridiculous in her own. However at least she stays semi straight and has knowledge of the basics. AOC should have stayed quite learned and mentored under her older democratic leaders.

  8. Impeach trump or impeach pelosi for dereliction of duty. The people gave her back the house in 2018 TO FIGHT TRUMP. Now she wont even impeach with the strongest case for impeachment in history. Pelosi is a sellout and coward.

  9. Pelosi has the money and one of the only member positions that matter but she's useless with it these people are too old too weak and don't know how to navigate this new political climate ushered in by Twitter and Trump oh and btw we're raping the planet but let's not think about that overhauling the country is unrealistic well just keep gassing up our cars so ppl can keep going to their useless bs jobs..and in 30 years our kids and grandkids will be constant refugees but hey at least we pumped the breaks and listened to Nancy pelosi who was too ignorant to comprehend anything outside of her political bubble

  10. People actually back up that bartender? Her and her “squad” are why the dems will lose. Shoot her campaign manager takes pics wearing a nazi sympathizer on his shirt. And openly is socialist. Do you guys even know what socialist is and how countries run that socialist and how long they last

  11. As much as I like and support our party I am TOTALLY disappointed with the role of our speaker in house of representative Pelosi, and her senseless attacks on our new and totally outstanding reps, like AOC. Her professional jealousy and vicious behaviour are only showing her true colors, which are not very appealing to support.

    So, me and my friends and family have decided that we are NOT supporting our own party until the speaker out and about our sight…

    Thanks again for your service…

    Jorge G Ortiz
    San Francisco, CA

  12. Kinda funny how the title is about AOC and Pelosi and that's literally just the last 30 seconds of the video

  13. Huh??? Pelosi needs to listen to the people and AOC is the voice of us. We are in a world of hurt and need to pay attention NOW. This is not business as usual. Let's make the right moves and avoid a revolution. Mc Connell is the worst of the worst, right there with Trump. We need change. Wake up Pelosi and moderate dems.

  14. I wish for a day when we can talk about a candidate's wise plans rather than the amount of money they have raised.

  15. This is what I believe: If the dems want to win the coming election they have to show young people that older members take AOC and other new young members seriously. If not, they won’t bother to vote. Young people today all over the world are mostly progressive and they want to make sure that the world in which they are going to raise their children is worth living in. There are too many old people in power and that has to change.

  16. I bet he backs Epstein to after all Epstein is a big time democrat donor but lying fascist MSNBC WILL NEVER TELL THE PUBLIC THAT

  17. there you go, AOC You made foc news all day long, making dems look like fools. Are you trying to get tRUMP elected? Stop thrashing your fellow dems!!!

  18. AOC's like a teenager who listened to a girl-power song and now she's yelling at all the grown-ups without really understanding what the problems are or what to do about them.

  19. A corporate Democrat backs a corporate Democrat against an actual Progressive Democrat?! Why that's just… um… shocking? Dump the feckless Democrats. Progressives need to take the party back from the Reagan PTSD brigade and get back to work making America better.

  20. "Nacy Pelosi is focused on beating Trump." By yielding to him every su glee second? Lmmfao. This is why the Democrat party is lost.

  21. Ari Melber and Steve Israel just provided some truly welcome feedback – succinct, candid, and ably filling in various perspectives to explain the feedback in a cogent fashion. The chemistry in this conversation was solid, and I strongly encourage MSNBC to consider a recurring segment with these specific presenters.

  22. I'm a progressive that believes that old people are useless, Nancy is too old, we need AOC to lead us. We dont need old Democrats running for president, I dont like old people at all and prefer young people

  23. I agree with AOC that Pelosi is a racist and she should be impeached. Pelosi needs to resign , no racists in the Democrat party. Well, except for the KKK Democrat governor of Virginia . Except for Jessie Jackson. Except for white nationalist Joe Biden. Except for Racist Democrat mayor Marion Berry. Except for Democrat party speaker and racist Al Sharpton. Except for racist …

  24. Senile corrupt corporate dingbat loves the donor money & she doesn't care about middle Americans, she loves, protects & votes for republican deals just as her corporate donors tell her too.

  25. The ideology that Justice IS administered equally for both the rich, AND the poor, by unbiased officers of the courts, including PROSECUTING ATTORNEYS, and JUDGES, IS the IDEOLOGY of ALL EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS REPRESENTATIVES.
    The ideology that ALL people's freedom of speech, AND freedom of religion, AND equal human rights IS protected while people's civil liberties and God-given, unalienable, equal human rights have been UNQUESTIONABLY SECURED, through a civil process, in a court of law, BEFORE VIOLENCE ERUPTS, is an ideology that EVERY TRUE AMERICAN, has on their MINDS, AT ALL TIMES. EVERY CITIZEN, IN ANY NATION, should have in their MINDS, the SAME IDEOLOGY, at ALL TIMES.

  26. Big deal most money came from California and New York. Don’t get it twisted theirs nothing more I love to se cocaine Mitch go Down but she needs to run down the Middle not has coastal progressive

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